WP-Script Adult Theme & Plugins Review

Last year, I wrote a post on how to make money with an adult site. This post is going to review the infrastructure and tools I used to create it with, and offer a little help with them if need be.

The first thing you’re going to need is adult friendly hosting. As I said in my original post, I went with Hostgator.

I chose Hostgator as it’s a big name and I wanted the reassurance that my host was going to stick around.

If I create another adult site, I might look at other options, just to save a bit of money.

I say, that as the package I chose from Hostgator was Optimized WordPress (Starter), which does receive very good reviews (though I’m not entirely sure if they’re not paid for or affiliate influenced), and I picked it hoping it would deal with the fine tuning needed to achieve and maintain a fast running website.

For your money you supposedly get a cloud based WordPress solution complete with caching and CDN to enable fast page load times no matter from what country your site’s visitors hail.

All that is setup for you, you don’t need faff around trying to configure of any it or tweak and try caching plugins (in fact they’re disallowed on this plan as they may interfere with Hostgator’s optimisations) or deal with any of the headaches of trying to manage your site’s speed.

That’s the advertising blurb, anyway. And as I said, the package does (apparently) get good reviews.

But… I’ve had issues with Hostgator support.

First was getting my SSL certificate applied. If you’re technically innocent you may purchase this package and think everything’s fine right from the get-go, but you’d be mistaken.

That SSL certificate wasn’t applied and took a couple of (painful) sessions with Hostgator support to get it correctly configured on my site.

Not something I could readily do as this optimized plan doesn’t come with the standard issue cPanel so beloved of other hosts, but a greatly cut down bespoke admin panel specific to this product and Hostgator.

Meaning you have next to no control over anything.

Because you’re paying for all that to be taken care of behind the scenes.

But if you’re not paying attention, or don’t know what it is you should be looking for, you can easily pay for something that never gets installed.

Like that SSL certificate I mentioned.

My site sat on HTTP (unsecured) while I waited the requisite number of days for it to filter through my brand new site…. and waited, and waited.

Hostgator just hadn’t “flipped the switch” to apply it. It was bought, it was advertised as part of my package and service, it was certainly required, but it was just never configured for the site.

And still wouldn’t be to this day if I hadn’t brought that fact to their attention and kept pressing on it.

Sure, it got sorted out, but this was my intro to Hostgator and it didn’t bode well.

I’m just not convinced that the agents manning the live support system know what in hell they’re doing.

Or even care that much. I’ll tell you about that later, though.

But I stuck with them and renewed the following year.

Why? Because no host is perfect or not open to some of the same charges as Hostgator, and for me, their main selling point is still that they’re not liable to suddenly disappear.

In fairness, if you are a total newbie to creating a website, I would still recommend this plan I’m on. I may get frustrated at the lack of a cPanel, but if you’re not technical then Hostgator’s “My first admin” child’s play panel will be a heck of lot a less daunting than what you’ll be confronted with by many other hosts.

But it’s still not as smooth and easy as SiteRubix is… but they strictly forbid adult sites so that’s not an option (as do SiteGround).

Thus I recommend Hostgator Optimized WordPress. If you’re adept at WordPress installs and management then I wouldn’t argue with you if chose to go elsewhere or have another recommendation. If you’re not, then you might want to take a look at it.

That aside, as I said, the package does get good reviews for speed and price: go Google it. So even if you do know what you’re doing you may want to consider it.

WP-Script Adult Theme & Plugins

Now to the main event.

I built my site using WP-Script’s products. I started off with their now superceded original WP-Script theme, and moved my site to RetroTube when they released it.

RetroTube looks much the same as the original theme but has been redesigned more internally, and along with the new theme there was also changes in the WP-Script control panel re managing your theme options and products. So I thought it best to bite the bullet and upgrade to ensure I had the latest versions of everything I’d paid for.

It wasn’t that bad a transition as 90% of my custom CSS changes could be applied directly to the new theme, and the introduction of a new class I’d made in a theme template remained.

Anyway, if you buy RetroTube or KingTube new, you’re not going to have any of that concern.

There are other adult themes available out there, but I thought many of them looked dated: like web circa 2005 dated. I just didn’t like them, and WP-Script’s theme, especially its latest version, offered a whole lot more features from what I could see.

That was from browsing the features list… because there’s next to no documentation with any of WP-script’s products.

Nor is there much to be found on their website. That is a big omission and one they don’t seem to be in any hurry to rectify (UPDATE: they are addressing that now and I recently found more screen shots on the site of their admin theme section, if not written instructions or YouTube tutorials).

So if you get yourself this theme, you may be at a bit of loss as to how it hangs together between your Customise Options in your WP-Script WordPress admin area, and the Custom area of your WordPress Appearance section.

You’ll need to purchase the Pro option to get access to the Video Blocks widget, because without that you’re going to be missing a core feature. That’s something that it isn’t made clear from what’s to be read on the site, and myself and others (from what I’ve read on forums), have been caught out on that.

Likewise you’re going to need either the URL To Post plugin or the Mass Embedder to make getting and loading the videos you want from other sites easy and painless. I have both, and I’d recommend you get both.

Otherwise you’re going to have to create feature pics and movie thumbnails yourself to go with every video you want to list on your site. Not impossible, but a time consuming task… especially when you consider most tube sites have video offerings in the thousands and you need to think that sort of size (eventually) for your site too.

So if you’re doing all that manually, by hand, then it makes sense to get the products that automate it all.

Again, there other plugins available for purchase from other (adult) theme suppliers, but I elected to stick with the products designed by my theme’s developers as that would remove any defence of “incompatibility” should anything go amiss, and I could call on WP-Script’s support service.

Speaking of which…

WP-Script Support

This is where WP-Script come in for a bit of stick in some quarters.

I understand why too, but I have to say I’ve never been flat out ignored by them, but I have had to push for a resolution on occasion when I shouldn’t have to.

Most times, my niggles have been resolved or they’ve provided the answer that wasn’t to be found in their non-existent documentation.


Sometimes they’re quick to respond. Other times I’ve felt a bit neglected. They really could improve in that department and it would go a long way to engendering a warm, fuzzy feeling as a valued customer.

I’ve never experienced rudeness or a lack of civility as I’ve seen some claim, however.

My biggest issue occurred twice, and both times I think WP-Script did little… though in fairness it wasn’t a coding issue or bug with their theme, it was a server .htaccess issue, but an issue I thought they might have been aware of.

That said, it was definitely an issue I thought Hostgator should’ve been aware of and I considered their support service far below that of WP-Script’s. Given that WP-Script is vastly smaller than Hostgator, and hardly has the same resources, I give WP-script more leeway.

The issue concerned a mass of errors that were being written all over the theme from top to bottom:

: Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in
on line 40

That covered the entire site and it looked terrible.

I thought it a theme issue, perhaps brought on by an update, and contacted WP-Script. They promised a resolution but we sat with the site in an unreadable mess for a month while I believed WP-Script were working on a fix.

I failed to get updates on my call, and at the time there was still an open WP-Script Facebook page, wherein myself and several other irate customers were posting on this issue… and being ignored.

My last communication with WP-Script was to inform me that they hadn’t been able to replicate the issue on their servers… and then the issue suddenly cleared up, and I thought it was down to WP-Script finally getting to the bottom of it.

They may have been late, they may have taken weeks, but the issue was at last resolved.

Or so I thought, as it came back again a few months later.

Now I suspect WP-Script didn’t do anything, or at least didn’t provide the fix.

When the problem reappeared again in March they advised I contact my host, and I did, and I was just fobbed off by Hostgator. Like really obviously fobbed off.

The person I was dealing with didn’t seem to understand me, and English obviously wasn’t his first language. The guy was just reading a script and I knew what he was suggesting as the problem was nonsense.

I repeatedly tried to get him to escalate the call to his manager but he just ignored that request. Didn’t even acknowledge it.

He finally made a story up about the engineers having been made aware of the problem and that it would be resolved as soon as possible. Then he just closed the call on me.

Needless to say, I was never contacted by a Hostgator engineer and the call was marked as resolved.

So feeling let down, I spent the next couple of nights trying to Google up a solution and finally found one. Just the one mind, on the whole of the net.

It was an issue of server side debugging mode not being switched off in my .htaccess file. When I made the updates to that file as documented, hey-presto, the errors immediately disappeared and have never returned.

Between Hostgator and WP-Script, I’d have thought one or other of the support desks would’ve recognised the problem and been aware of the solution.

But I’ve been left down by other support desks too, and read similar stories of all merchants – but in this case I was able to use my own technical background to fill in the blanks or as above, and by luck and persistence, found a solution elsewhere.

As a newb or non-techie to WordPress and hosting, I think you’re going to be lost, totally out of your depth in being faced with these issues, and fully reliant on these third parties to assist you.

In which case you’d have been left with a f@*ked-up site as neither Hostgator or WP-Script correctly identified the problem.

But that is going to be same for any host or theme you purchase, in my opinion (except SiteOrigin – their help desk is superb). I don’t mean to be unduly alarmist, just putting the technical issues I experienced in perspective.

I mentioned earlier the language issue with the Hostgator agent, well WP-Script suffers from this too, as they’re based in France this company, and while their English is better than my French, oftentimes they misunderstand due to simply not being native English speakers. Get there in the end, but it is evident.

And that Facebook of WP-Script’s disappeared, I think, simply because of the number of unhappy comments on it, such as I left.

But you know what, despite all that, I still recommend them.

Because I was reading an adult affiliate forum the other week and seen numerous similar rumblings about another adult supplier of themes and plugins… you can’t escape it, and I like my WP-Script site, I genuinely reckon RetroTube is the best looking adult theme out there, so I’m sticking with it.

And better the devil you know and all that.

And also because I put so much work into customising my site. I kept the main pinky-red theme colour because I liked it, but I’ve altered much else via custom CSS, some JavaScript and even a little PHP code change as I mentioned.

Outwardly, my site is anything but the stock theme offered by WP-Script and tailored to how I want it to look.

Which if you don’t want a site that looks just like everyone else’s, you need to invest in.

I don’t want to give a run through of the features available in RetroTube or how to set it up, I’ve seen a post like that on another forum, so I wouldn’t really be saying anything you couldn’t find elsewhere on the net.

It’s WordPress, and help abounds as to how to install it and themes, I don’t want to go reinventing the wheel.

Also WP-Script do provide a little vid on how to install their products, too – the rest is familiarity and experience and you have to accumulate that yourself – at least the basics, anyway.

What I will list, is the products my site hangs together on:

  • Hostgator Optimised WordPress
  • WP-Script Retrotube theme Pro.
  • WP-script plugins:
    • URL To Post
    • Mass Video Embedder
    • Cleantube

Other plugins

  • All In One SEO (essential SEO settings)
  • Ad Block Detector (recognise ad blocking software and take action – required re site advertising and revenue)
  • Anti-Spam Bee (Detect and remove spam comments on all posts – I allow comments on vids for the extra SEO juice)
  • Custom Sidebars
  • Foobox Image Lightbox (RetroTube contains one for its own defined photo galleries now)
  • Foo Gallery
  • Imagify Pro (to compress images for faster page loading)
  • Meks Time Ago (to format post times not as dates but time period i.e. “2hrs ago”, “2 days ago” etc.)
  • Maui (automatically attribute ALT text to all pics – to maximise SEO juice)
  • Pretty Links (Mask my affiliate links)
  • Recent Posts Widget Extended (used to be needed for old theme but I keep it because it’s a nicer presentation style)
  • Redirection (handle redirects for removed pages etc)
  • Tiny MCE Advanced (extend formatting re posts)
  • WP Forms Lite (contact form)

And a couple others that will mean nothing to you if you’re not cutomising your site.

Now for the plug… given the issues I’ve had, and read others having, I’ve decided to offer a couple of services.

Customise Your Adult Website

As I’ve most experience of WP-Script, I can offer you custom updates to your site. This will be in the form of CSS styling rather than PHP changes so as not to invalidate support or any guarantees re your theme.

And CSS is easier to undo.

If you want your site to look different to the stock theme, and everyone else’s, and don’t know how to achieve the look you’re after, I’m confident I can do that for that you.

I’m also confident that I can clear up any site errors you may have too 😉

Full Install or Site Audit & Customise

I’ll fully install your WordPress installation, WP-Script, and essential plugins, and if you’re not registered with the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yandex), we’ll get that done for you and setup your accounts and consoles – you want your site to be found.

I’ll also get you registered with Pornhub and Xhamster and their tracking files loaded on your server so you can start earning from views on your site.

I’ll advise which affiliate accounts to register with and which payment methods you’re going to need to create in addition (PayPal, Paxum, epayments).

All you’ll have to do thereafter, is add the videos and blog posts. And I’ll even advise on how to find someone cheap who can do that for you, too.

That service is also available on an existing site, wherein an audit will take the place of the install.

If you’re interested, then contact me for more info & price using the form on the side bar (may not see it if you’re using an ad blocker).

But if you’re more interested in learning the tricks of affiliate marketing, be that adult or whatever offering, then you’ll get no better education than at Wealthy Affiliate (WA).

In fact it’s more than an education as it includes the complete suite of tools you’ll need to get into the business. Unlike all those Clickbank products and some other sites I could mention.

You can read my review here.

It’s the place I started out and am still to be found at.


  • RAj


    • Adam

      I feel your pain. I’ve had mixed experiences with them, good and bad.

      I got an email last week saying they’ve added another member of staff to address support, so we’ll see how that goes.

  • Rob

    I would like to point out, that HostGator Optimized Cloud Hosting Package come with Cpanel… It is literally sent to you inside an e-mail on how to access (ex: it is not http://example.com/cpanel but rather https://cloud####.hostgator.com:####/ – #’s being their designation of your cloud site). As far as support goes for HostGator, literally anything I have asked or needed support with they were able to resolve 1st time ( I use live chat on the internet, not the phone. This may help you especially if they don’t speak good english).

    I have also just created an Adult Tube Site. I of course used a different service (wp-tube-plugin) as the reviews for wp-script are absolutely terrifying ( I will say I do like the interface, theme, and some of the functions, but I also like being able to import through CSV as hubtraffic will let you download their entire video collection through CSV or XML and it really reduces time on getting videos). Also wp-script states their CRON module doesn’t work unless the site is being visited. I don’t like that idea, I personally prefer my CRON to run as scheduled (I set them to the lowest traffic times to preserve resources and provide better user experience).

    Personally, wp-script has peaked my interest, but in all honesty to pay well over $150 for only tube player, video and URL grabbers seems a little high. I paid 90$ for mine, get 7 more base themes (all completely customizable), CSV importer, great customer service, free lifetime updates, CRON module that works when scheduled, 100+ feeds to import from (far more than wp-script), porn stars page, image gallery and more all included. I still think the theme is clean, and like how the import works when doing manually though, and if they had better reviews by people who obviously are not their affiliates I would honestly think of giving them a try.

  • k4llen9

    I’ve had very bad experiences with wp-script

    I got an email last week saying they’ve added another member of staff to address support, so we’ll see how that goes.

    after 15 days there is no reply from wp-script team. very bad support. there have many bugs and they are sitting there for earning money and rip off the peoples. there are hundreds of people have such type of complaint that they don’t reply your emails and they don’t care about buyers. one of their team member write fake review in different forums. they are cheating peoples.

    • Adam

      I’ve been honest about my experiences with WP-Script. I’ve found their support service adequate, and never been outright ignored. Had to prompt them a few times, but always eventually been acknowledged, and had the problem solved.

      Other than the server debugging issue I wrote of that was messing up my site; they did f@*k all there, and I was left to find a solution myself.

      For all that, I still recommend WP as I reckon their products are the best on market re the adult site niche. I’ve seen on Blackhatworld that it seems to be the theme of recommendation these days, with better things said about them.

      If I’d been totally technical ignorant of WordPress and IT in general, I might have struggled with WP…. but I could say that of many themes and plugins as well. Re bugs, I’ve not experienced that, I’ve found the products solid, and just purchased the broken links checker.

      I’d keep at them. Message them, post on their Twitter etc. If you’ve bought anything from them then you’re a premium customer and entitled to a fix/advice.

  • gareth thomas

    I have been with them since around 2005

    They used to be awesome – fantastic support & would bend over backwards

    Then they got sold to a hosting conglomerate that owns about 30-40 hosting firms

    From there it was a swift deterioration in support

    I am still with them however

  • Aaron


    I have downloaded this retrotube them and installed it in my site. However, I can’t activate the submit a video button.below is the error. I only know how to code HTML. Can you share how can I activate this? as i want my subscriber to submit their video or content as well?

    This is the error:
    The requested URL was not found on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

  • Justin

    I am having trouble with wp script and been waiting days for solution. I am trying to make my first website and have had no problem so far figuring out everything but one aspect of creating my site. I am stuck on how I get my ad to appear in the preset ad zones on the wp script retro tube theme. I figured out how to drag the text widget over under sidebar and how to add the image I want and have it linked to my affiliate page so its clickable but when i go to view site my ad goes underneath the ad here box.m So ad is on my sidebar but tried everything and cannot get it to go in ad here box and end up with the unfinished looking site that has empty ad zone boxes that still say ad here. I did same with footer and ad appears to the left of the box. Then dont even see where to put in my text to add a banner to top banner area. Very frustrating and cant find any help anywhere. I would be willing to even pay something if someone could just tell me how to do this. I dont know why there is not a widget that says ad zone 1,2,3 and so on and you just put in the image and link and it automatically gets added to the box. Anyways Im new to all this and maybe just missing something but if somehow anyone could help me I would be super grateful. By the way thanks for the review on wpscript and hostgator. Not many out there and appreciate the effort in putting soimething out there to help others getting started out.

    • Adam

      You can find your sidebar “ad here” box at WP-Script Dashboard -> Theme Options -> Advertising -> Sidebar ad zone. Place code you put in the text box you added to the sidebar there. Then delete that text box, you don’t need it unless you want to put two ads in that area.

  • Great advice in your blog and especially the plugins list helped me a lot thank you. I have been with them for around about a year with wp script. So far I have had a good experience but not just from there themes and plugins but their blog also gives tips on-site improvement for SEO.

    Even though I am struggling as I ain’t no SEO expert I have been implementing their tips like instead of a full adult site like Xhamster. I have just made a new site back in December and focused on a smaller niche. I am hoping things will pick up, but I want to add not sure if you know but there new theme like the porn hub theme, famouse tube it is called if you use that you can’t use the photo plugin. I do hope they fix this as I own the unlimited sites version.

    But anyway thanks again for your advice and again the plugin mentions

    • Adam

      Hello, glad you got something from it.

      Yes, I saw the new theme in their email update. Still a fan of RetroTube as the most mature theme they do. ‘Mature’ in terms of oldest and thus most bug fixed. You can pretty much style it as near as damn it to any of the others with a bit of CSS.

  • Stephanie

    What is Cleantube for and where can I find it? What do you mean by URL To Post (is this the Single Embedder)? Do you recommend the +18 WPS Disclaimer or is there a free plugin for this that is compatible with the RetroTube theme?
    What plugin fo you use to remove the ads from the site the video is embedded from and add your own ads? The Kenplayer transformer?
    thank you

    • Adam

      Cleantube was re-branded as WPS Player.

      Yes, URL To Post is Single Embedder.

      I didn’t buy the WPS Disclaimer. It used to be included on the old theme, and I didn’t think it was worth the money. You can get free ones.

      Cleantube, as it was called, used to clear the ads from the embedded videos, but the big tube sites changed how they could be accessed and all that was thrown out. Now you have to sit through any ads they want to show and can’t strip out their branding either. It’s the same for all the players at the moment.

      Which sucks (no pun intended).

  • wpscript are dicks

    I purchased their “cam script” package, and now i can’t even find it on their website, but now seen their new offering, another 300$ fking dollar.

  • Mitch

    Hey Adam,

    I usually never comment on blogs or tutorials but I have to give you a compliment on this one! I mean. The time and effort you took to explain a lot of things is very, generous haha.

    I’m playing with my own adult site/scripts and webcam platforms for quite a while. It’s extremely fun to do. But when it comes to CSS and stuff. I’m not that good, and don’t want to get into tutorials that take a lot of time. So if you can offer help that would be great.

    Just contact me if you like.

    Thanks again 😉

  • Baba yorgun be güzelim

    I will buy, is it reliable? Porn-script.com is the site reliable

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