Wifi Millionaire – Matt Lloyd – Review

False book

I’m writing this review because Wifi Millionaire is a MOBE funnel, and MOBE is a MLM dear to my heart.

And it has to be said, Wealthy Affiliate is dear to MOBE’s too.

Love is always complicated 🙂

Matt Lloyd

Matt Lloyd is certainly a wifi millionaire, you’re not getting fed any bullshit there.

You only start getting into the bullshittery if you believe that buying Matt’s book and subscribing to his MOBE system will make you one, too.

In fairness, it could… like buying a lottery ticket ‘could’ make you a millionaire… but it’s very unlikely.

How unlikely? Take a look at MOBE’s own income disclosure statement to find out.

All sorts of reasons get bandied about for why that is; why you’ll fail. And it’s all your own fault if you listen to a MOBE rep (trying to get you to click on their affiliate ID to signup).

It’s never anything to do with how difficult it is to sell high ticket, overpriced items, and overcome people’s suspicion and aversion to pyramid schemes – and if you have to expend a great deal of effort explaining why you’re not a pyramid scheme, even though you resemble one, then maybe you should stop and listen to yourself.

Wifi Millionaire ebook

Does Matt’s book hold the key to unlocking online riches?


What did you expect for three bucks?

Not that I paid three bucks for it, I just Googled “free download” and found a copy. There – just saved you three bucks, too.

It’s as piss-poor as you’d expect a cheap ebook that’s main purpose is to funnel you to the larger program, would be. Everything else is just dressing and waffle, and nice big fonts and license-free pictures to help pad the whole thing out.

It’s the sort of thing you could write in a day, and without really stretching yourself. And when I say “day” I mean a half-assed working day of regular office hours, with time off to check Facebook too.

It reminds me of the sort of school reports I used to write when I hadn’t read the background material or done any research, and was just making it up on the fly with what sounds plausible.

As such, there’s no great revelations to had in this literary effort.

Original information may be smaller than depicted image

The first section is dedicated to a bunch of people anyone could Google up on a success story search. I’m surprised Matt didn’t include Colonel Saunders in there as the example of “age is not a barrier.”

Matt modestly includes himself, and internet stalwart and autism/Asperger’s pinup boy, John Chow.

John Chow has done well with MOBE undoubtedly, but it’s not so much to do with the golden properties of MOBE, more that he’s somehow built up a blog over ten years-plus that reputably gets 200,000 hits a day, and he pushes MOBE to those visitors.

Who if they have similar traffic stats would benefit too – but not so much on 20 hits a day – which is why they read John Chow looking for tips on how to turn that 20 into 30.

The real secret of which is post everyday for ten years straight, on any and all bullshit in your life, and who knows, Google may smile on you too – even if you’re not sure exactly why, and if your blog’s exact premise wasn’t even clear to yourself for the first two years of writing it – a la John Chow.

The premise sure is clear now, though: take a look at this. And marvel at the bullshit of trying to pretend he just started in on MOBE in the last seven days, and even bigger bullshit implication that the platitudes in Wifi Millionaire are capable of producing such results!

This is why I’ve said in the past I think “Uncle John” is ruthless. Or at least ruthless in the way that a seagull swooping down to steal the ice cream cone out of your hand is. I don’t think John’s deliberately ‘cruel,’ I don’t think that computes with him. It’s just “see money, grab money” and you can’t be any more annoyed with him than you could an infant trying to grab the cookie out of your hand. In that way, John Chow’s less of a MLM war criminal than some.

Which also makes him more dangerous by the same token.

Anyway, to help Matt Lloyd avoid writing fresh material for his ebook, and doing all that actual literary stuff which is work, Matt repeats swathes of what you’ll hear in his video pitch for the book (and MOBE).

I won’t do any screen shots, MOBE has a hard-on going for selected nay-sayers of the program, and certainly Wealthy Affiliate for calling them out on their BS. That means that they can try and slap you with DMCA notices to get your pages removed from Google, or if they’re feeling vindictive enough, and think you have enough money to make it worth their while, try and sue you for all sorts of concocted charges… which basically amount to having the temerity to express your free speech right, but they’ll dress it up suitably in a defamation charge.

MOBE and Matt Lloyd, and his MOBE mafia, are a piece of work. In my opinion.

The Meat of Wifi Millionaire

This is the Productivity and Equipment sections. Like, you need told that in order to be productive in an online venture, you need to focus and work on a computer that has access to the internet of some kind.

This is fluff padding of a revelatory nature so profound, that it must’ve been penned by a $10 Fiverr content writer, not a $5 gig.

Matt Lloyd not pictured

Holy shit… after reading those sections, I felt like I imagine I would if I’d just spoke with Buddha!

Except you can get all those business and productivity platitudes in a thousand free articles courtesy of Google.

But like I said, this is all thin content as a vehicle to funnel you to MOBE: who cares how tired and cliched it is, so long as you click on Matt Lloyd’s affiliate link.

It’s the next section anyway, that’s the killer… the section where Matt gives you some motivation and advice about how and where to get the money to invest in your (MOBE) business: “Common Options for Raising Money.”

I read that section and got the same feeling of unease as I’d get on reading an article entitled, “10 Best Ways to Commit Suicide.”

This is where Matt Lloyd gives ‘advice’ such as remortgaging your home and taking out credit cards and maxing them out.

I shit you not.

Like I noted in my MOBE review, they actually had a testimonial suggesting that dropping out of college and spending your tuition fees on MOBE was a better idea. There’s comments to be found in MOBE reviews of people seriously being advised to take out loans, sell their car, whatever it takes, to go to the next step up in MOBE… and kick up those tasty “big ticket” commissions.

Given MOBE’s own stats on success rates for their members, or at least earnings as an indicator of success, then that’s advice akin to telling you smoking’s the cure to breathlessness, or take hemlock for indigestion.

That’s the advice of the loan shark, not someone who cares about anyone’s financial well-being other than their own.

Take a look at a report hosted on the FTC’s own site by Jon Taylor PhD re the success rate of MLMs: The Case (for and) against Multi-level Marketing – Chapter 7: MLM’s ABYSMAL NUMBERS.

Based on that report, and MOBE’s own numbers, advising anyone to remortgage or put themselves in debt by maxing out a swathe of credit cards to buy-in to MOBE, is practically criminal! The best that can be said of it is that it’s absolutely stupidly reckless.


The round off is advice on incorporating a business so you don’t unnecessarily spend hundreds of thousands on tax dollars that you didn’t need to…

But you’re a long ways off that, if you’ll ever get there, and Matt Lloyd knows it.

The rest is MOBE success stories, the same old faces and pics that always get trotted out, and pitching a ‘coach’ for your ‘business.’

By this stage I was sick disgusted of this piece of promotional trash masquerading as general marketing and business information.

Fifty-six pages that could’ve been chopped down to half and not lost anything.

Mind you, on that basis, it could be chopped down to zero and not lose anything in my opinion.

*Sigh* Is there anyone who’s yet to read the motivational quotes that these things always pad themselves out with?

Or a self-made MLM huckster who didn’t have the forethought to take a picture of himself in his sad little humble beginnings office – before he set up a multi-million dollar business in a country that doesn’t look too hard at things that resemble pyramid schemes.

If there isn’t, then to quote Rooster Cogburn, I’ll shake his hand and buy him a Daniel Webster cigar!

Final Thoughts

If you thought I’m not going to recommend this, then you thought right.

Not even for three cents, never mind three bucks.

Most marketers give out thin content, promotional material of this standard for free. The cost is normally just your (fake) email.

But Matt Lloyd never passes up the chance to grab a buck so you get charged for this freshman standard report.

I grade it an “F.”

UPDATE: As of June 2018, MOBE has been shut down by FTC.

If you’re interested in making wifi money, then check out Matt Lloyd’s nemesis Wealthy Affiliate.

In a business model that’s an anathema to Matt, Wealthy Affiliate teach general affiliate marketing, and in a niche that’s more than just promoting themselves.

They don’t charge four figures to join or have five figure upsells, they have one level of two-figure membership, and included in that is all the tools and training you need to start making some money online.

You can read my review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

It’s a lot less detrimental to your financial health: no one’s suggesting you put your home at risk *rolls eyes.*

Wealthy Affiliate university

Recommended further reading:

I wouldn’t promise it’ll make you a millionaire, but you don’t have to max out all your credit cards to get a copy.

The Laptop Millionaire

How Anyone Can Escape the 9 to 5 and Make Money Online

By Mark Anastasi


  • james

    Hi Adam,
    Thanks for your post on this. I’d never heard of the wifi millionaire book and sounds like I saved myself 3 bucks and a lot of time and effort trying to replicate his method. It does seem that for every legitimate person/company out there trying to help you, there are at least 10 scammers to fill in the mix. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!


    • Adam

      Uh-oh, the MOBE mafia really don’t like the “s” word associated with them! Lucky you’re just making a general observation, instead of a specific one, then.

      If only 3 bucks were all it took to realise you’re not going to replicate this method… and that’s not undue criticism, that’s a reference to where you’re most likely to place in MOBE’s earning stats table.

  • Vlad

    I always found these sort of scams to be a tad silly.

    I mean, if I held the secrets to great riches and success (not that there are such secrets, for the most part – It’s all about hard and smart work, as well as some luck), then I wouldn’t part with them so easily.

    Three bucks? Yeah, that’s just silly.

    I haven’t heard of Matt Lloyd, but I will be sure to avoid him from this point on.


  • myko

    im just here to say in my 10 years in the affiliate space you sir have THE BEST WITTING. ITS INTELLIGENT FUNNY AND SERIOUS AT THE SAME TIME. Very good quality thinking.

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