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Most Interesting Man In The World

The Entrepreneur Starter Kit is a fairly new offering from Tai Lopez, appearing around summer of this year. It’s closed at the moment re intake, and you have to put your name on a waiting list in order to get alerted as to when Tai’s taking on new students. A lot of programs pull this scarcity stunt to try and increase perceived value, it’s the same sort of shit Timothy Marc’s at in his Secret Society Mastermind, and if it’s not that then it’s an “application” you have to make to be accepted, see if you’re the right sort of person, like the bullshit The Foundation and MOBE pull.

Needless to say, no one ever fails the application process and is denied the chance to give these people the four figure sums they want for some pre-recorded videos and access to a Facebook group.

Honestly, how cheap is it to just use a free Facebook group? Not even pay for some web space for a forum, something that’d make it easier for users to browse and keep a handle on different categories and topics. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I still like the forum layout. Things get lost in Facebook group news feeds, and you can’t neatly library posts and contributions. If you don’t see it more or less at time of posting, you’re not likely to see it again. Not everyone is glued to FB 24/7, and I don’t think it’s the best medium to use as a repository of information.

It’s cheap and free though, so I guess that’s why it’s used and much loved by these hucksters: they claim the riches of Solomon but are too cheap to spring the fifty bucks for some web hosting.

And speaking of their “loves,” if there’s one thing these self-admitted school dropouts adore to have, it’s “students.”

Students in class

They could just gush on that all day: “I had this student one time who…” Or “I’ve got students making seven figures…”

Of course you never see it on the Facebook groups, these must be secret students; one-on-one coached students, and you have to take people like Tai’s word on it.

Because you can totally trust them of course. They’d never rent a Lamborghini and mansion and then pretend they live in it.

Tai’s Video Pitch

Anyway, in writing this review I did what I think no other reviewer has done – I actually sat through the full THREE hour sales pitch that comes with this course.

It’s daylight through those slats when the Most Interesting Man In The World starts, darkness when he ends

Yup, you read that right: Tai rambled on like Fidel Castro in his prime. One of them four hour ‘speeches’ Castro used to do, back when he really got into his groove.

Of course the crowd kinda had to sit through his bullshit or they’d maybe get shot for leaving early, but I voluntarily stayed and listened to Tai to the bitter end.

I had to do it in two sittings, though, or I would’ve needed a bullet.

Because Tai Lopez could talk for ten hours on just how to take a shit.

Without stopping to take a breath.

It took him to the 1hr 37min mark to get to the actual course and its content.

Most guys pitching these sorts of sales videos make it short and snappy, realising your average viewer has the attention span of a gnat, but Tai thinks he’s delivering the wisdom of God, the meaning of life at the very least, so expects you’ll stay and sit enthralled, cross-legged and gazing up in awe at him as he changes your life with the laying on of his words, as surely as Jesus did with the laying on of his hands to the sick.

And if you’re poor i.e. making under $75k a year, you are ‘sick’ in Tai’s world.

But Tai is here to help.

Just not in this video because at no point in this one hundred and eighty minute marathon, do you get as much as one workable piece of information.

You do get to hear all about how many mentors Tai has had, all about how he’s studied the rich and famous, how much he reads, his fabulous lifestyle, and how he’s always been much sought after for his advice – even when it appears he was a green kid just out of school and with no experience or discernible talent (or ‘strength’ as is the motif of one of this program’s pillars) – and, as ever, Tai name drops incessantly…

He is friends to the rich and famous.

Even if he just happened to be at the same table as them one time, or even just in the same building.

After a point, because he never reigns it in, it just starts to sound like bullshit.

He talks about people at a whole other level of evolution, who’ve built real, tangible, bricks&mortars businesses into global phenomenons, like he’s some sort of contemporary or role model to.

These people didn’t get rich huckstering on Youtube with a rented Lambo, they could buy and sell this dude till his head was spinning. Sure, Tai’s managed to use his ability to bullshit to earn him a few bucks, but he’s no Steve Jobs or Elon Musk.

Take a look at this interview Tai did with Grant Cardone. You can tell in short order that Cardone knows he’s made a mistake inviting this dude onto his show, thinks he’s full of shit, and feels like throwing him out of his car.

Man, Tai loves to hear to himself talk.

The Course

A course only for those lucky enough to get access.

Tai’s so confident of his method, he promises a 100% money back guarantee and $50 on top for wasted time

But what do you get?

An eight week course comprising of a series of five modules of fifteen minutes vids (or audios), to be watched one per day.

What’s in these videos is the super secret formula that Tai’s used to launch all his businesses. And of course “in fact” he launched one just recently with it that made a hundred thousand dollars within a week.

I’d be disappointed if he hadn’t.

So, Tai will tell you:

How to pick a business based on your strengths.
His quick launch formula.
How to listen and learn from customers.
How to modify your business.
How to grow your business.

Plus his bonuses.

Don’t try this at home – and Tai is a random marketer on the internet – and he can shove his…

Which is his Fast Track Guide. He was going to charge more for this but decided to include it for free. Because that’s the type of guy Tai Lopez is.

This guide includes pre-created business plans from Tai’s friends – of which he seems to have an endless amount – who are all excelling in their respective fields and doing it effortlessly, and making at least $100k a year, if not a month.

So they’re going to share their expertise with you and tell you how to get going in areas such as real estate, apps, e-commerce, content writing, SEO, consulting, and even how to get paid travelling the world (like the “amazing guy” he knows who makes 100k-200k a year for staying in free hotel rooms the world over). If that sounds too much like work, then you can be a social media influencer, and Tai assures you don’t even need that many people following you to do it.

No detail, but plenty of assurances and wild claims of guys he knows making big sums doing just these things.

The Price

At the 2hr 10min mark we finally get to the price.

But like a market stall salesman, he can’t just tell us, he has to run through a list of prices he thought of selling it at first; let us know just how valuable this material is, and what a good deal the final reveal of the price heralds.

He tells us he held a Twitter poll, asking the public how much they’d pay for a course like this from him. He’s told folks would love to give him $25k to learn from him – if they had it.

And then he relates how he opened his house up to fifty people desperate to learn from him and they gladly paid between $25k – $50k for a course of six sessions and maybe two or three hours of his time per session.

With a 3%-5% money refund rate. And one of the guys who dropped out only did that because he had brain cancer and Tai wasn’t going to take the money of a terminally ill guy who’d never get the chance to put his life-changing advice into practice.

By this stage, all these ‘aside’ stories, after well over two hours of listening to them, just sound like made up on the spot bullshit now.

I mean, where’s the evidence for all this? Does anyone ever come forward to say, “Yeah, I was the guy” or “I remember that, I was there.”

But anyway, Tai continues, and next price point he considered was $10k, based on how much a college education would cost. And since his course will equip you a lot better for life, it’s worth spending your college fund on Tai, rather than on a degree or other recognised qualification (according to Tai).

Except no one will much care if you produce a receipt at a job interview to prove you’re Tail Lopez trained instead of a college degree, whatever you feel they’re worth.

This is what Tai calls “failing back to a cubicle,” the office job. Which minus the education he denigrates, will be a lot harder to do.

Finally, Tai gets to the chase, and gives us a figure: “A little under a thousand dollars.” The sales page confirms $997. This is based on a quarter term’s cost for community college. And because Tai isn’t greedy.

Genuine Cartier – $5

So, like I said, you get the market stall/used car salesman build up: “I’m not going to ask you for twenty dollars. I’m not going to ask you for fifteen dollars. I’m not even going to ask you for ten dollars. *slaps hands* You’re getting all this, today, for five dollars!”

You get two further bonuses as well.

First is access to a private Facebook group he normally charges $997 a quarter for – $4,000 a year – and you can phone his support and request access separately, but why would you when you can get the whole thing cheaper… and at this point, I’m rolling my eyes. You seriously want us to believe you charge $4k a year for access to FB group?! What do you discuss in there? Alchemy? The elixir of life?

Second bonus is a ticket to meet Tai at an upcoming event, worth anywhere from $97 – $497.

Oh, and there’s a payment option, too, in case you can’t pay all at once. And again Tai stresses this is an investment in yourself. If you watched the whole thing, he laboured that point at the beginning.

Final Thoughts

Where does Tai get all the time he claims for launching and running all these successful businesses of his, advising the rich and famous, travelling the world, recording endless hours of footage of himself (in the same locations), and healing the sick and walking on water.

As Tai is not exactly camera shy or modest, I’m amazed we’ve never seen documented footage for much of these claims or that they’ve never been mentioned before.

Unless, as I said earlier, it’s all just bullshit made up on the spot.

Like the story of staying over in Australia (or was it New Zealand he said?) and shearing sheep for two months to save up the money to travel back to the US after tracking down and visiting a mentor in Tasmania, but being too broke to have the return air fare..

Tai rambles on, I don’t know if he has notes or some sort of auto-cue but I noticed his eyes darting to the side a lot, so maybe he does, or maybe he was just tracking which camera he was on. I don’t know. I don’t think Tai would need notes, he can just brain fart continuously for several hours without let up or even a pause to gather his thoughts.

He’s smarmy, though. He’s self-assured that he’s greatest thing ever… and I don’t trust him one bit.

As I say, for three hours he produced a stream of disjointed consciousness in that video, and not ONCE did he utter one practical, workable, piece of advice.

Maybe he thought people wouldn’t notice? Maybe a lot didn’t. But the only advice I’d take from this guy is on self-promotion, because he has his own self-marketing perfected.

Tai Lopez is a guru in the form of any cult leader. Paper thin but charismatic, and what he doesn’t know, or hasn’t done, he’ll just make up.

I think you could put him under interrogation by the Gestapo and he’d walk free with an apology and a promise to attend his next lecture.

And boy, does he lecture.

My recommendation here is to save your money. Don’t give it to this dude who got rich by telling other people how to get rich.

He bangs on about ‘business’ but never built anything offline, away from a Clickfunnels page: what does he know about employment law, taxes, building costs, all the things that even the smallest corner store entrepreneur/businessman would be better equipped to advise you on.

Business remains business, with rules of the game. Guys like Tai Lopez, Dane Maxwell and Timothy Marc try and sell you on this idea that you can just throw a website up, open store, and turn a tap on to money – without any idea of what you’re doing, cold, with no contacts.

It can be done, after a great deal of frustration, failure, persistence and pain, but these clowns wouldn’t know because they’ve never done it. They’ve only ever sold the theory.

You can learn from Tai Lopez by analysing how he gets people to listen to him and give him money, but don’t actually give him money to get his advice on how to be successful outwith that, because he’s never done it.

Tai advises not to take advice on how to become a millionaire from someone who isn’t a millionaire. Which is ironic as Tai never would’ve become a millionaire without doing just that.

Update 10th November 2017

Two weeks after joining up I got an email saying Tai’s mentor program was now open – for a limited time.

From the email:

To incentivize you to get started TODAY, I’m adding in over $3,000 in bonuses. These upgrades to the program include:
– Access to my new Private Tribe Group where you can get your questions answered in between live mentorship calls ($497 Value)
– Consulting with an expert from my team to help you figure out (and solve) your biggest challenge during a 1-on-1 Strategy Session ($297 Value)
– Guidance on how to get your business off the ground with lifetime access to my Entrepreneur Starter Kit Program ($497 Value)
– Accelerating your success once you get started with lifetime access to Level 1 of my Business Accelerator “Money” Program ($997 Value)
I’m also adding 4 Business Fast Track programs that’ll give you actionable training you can use immediately. These straight-to-the-point trainings include:
– How To Print T-Shirts On-Demand ($97 Value)
– How To Start A Social Media Marketing Agency ($97 Value)
– How To Build An App From Scratch ($97 Value)
– How To Write And Sell Books ($97 Value)
This is only the third time in history I’ve opened this program…

The email contained a link to this video posted on August 4th 2017, which at time of writing has had nearly 22,300 views.

That video is 2hrs 20mins long… and says nothing, largely completely repeating, what was said in the previous 3hr promo video for this course.

Which you could argue said nothing either.

Tai is at pains to explain how important mentoring is, and how important his mentors were, and name drops like the worst sort of try-hard wannabe socialite, trying desperately not to sound try-hard and like “this is all so everyday to me!”

Not everyday to you of course; only to Tai. And you should be suitably impressed.

Because you don’t mingle in the same circles as Tai, plebeian that you are.

Tai is at pains to stress again that he doesn’t need your money, and he’s doing all this for altruistic reasons to improve the world and your life… yet spends five and a half hours on screen trying to convince you how much you need to spend your thousand bucks on his mentoring, and chases you up with a sales funnel after registering that includes bonuses to “incentivize” you.

Even though all the way through his video he keeps telling you to switch off his video if you’re not motivated and the sort of person he wants to work with… or someone who doesn’t believe every word he says.

Click here (0:34) for what Gary Vaynerchuk, who could buy and sell Tai Lopez, had to say about mentors.

Tai would love you to believe he doesn’t need your money, but these courses of his is where he gets his income from, not any of these other bullshit businesses he alludes to, but never shows any proof of.

He’s not an Elon Musk or Warren Buffet, no matter how much he’d love you to think he’s in their entrepreneurial league.

He spent over two hours in that in follow-up video, with again, not ONE piece of practical advice or any hint as to the substance of his ‘mentoring.’

During the video, Tai says he’s taking it down in a couple days, but the comments section suggests that’s never happened, and it sits there, waiting to be played on Tai’s follow-up sales funnel to anyone who punches in their email address and shows an interest in the Entrepreneurial Starter Kit and his mentoring.

I came away from it fully convinced the guy is full of shit at best, a conman at worst.

And the guy who’s so busy making hundreds of thousands of dollars elsewhere, away from internet marketing, is now selling another course on how to invest your money.

A good start might be to keep it and not give it to Tai Lopez. When I can steel myself to watch the 2hr 20min video he pitches that ‘opportunity’ with, I’ll report back.

Right now, I’m all Tai’d out.

We all want to make a little extra, or a lot more, online.

If you’re researching this program of Tai’s, it stands to reason you’re interested in the whole subject of making money on the Web. In which case, I recommend you take a look at Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s a lot different to what Tai’s pitching, cheaper for a start, and less risk. However, because it’s less risk, it’s slower. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, it’s a make-money-increasingly program.

It’s free to join and you get a week of full membership to test the place out, see if it suits you like it suits me. You can read my review here.

If you’ve the right temperament, it might just be for you.

Recommended further reading:

Cheaper and a more succinct than Mr. Lopez. Faster to read than sitting through one of his videos.

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by M. J. DeMarco


  • Chris

    I’ve seen a lot of Tai on YouTube (because his ads won’t leave me alone) and have often wondered about his course and whether he actually provides true actionable techniques unlike the vast majority of his videos. After reading this article I now know for an absolute fact that I shouldn’t be buying this product so thanks for potentially saving me a lot of money.

    From the sounds of things, it is essentially paying to have the same ‘information’ from his YouTube channel regurgitated over and over again.

    You also gave me some deep laughs throughout the article which I definitely appreciate, ‘Tai Lopez could talk for 10 hours on how to take a shit’ was a personal favourite.

    Thanks for posting and I’ll make sure to stay up to date with your future posts.

  • Adam

    Thanks, Chris, glad you enjoyed. Tail Lopez is one of my favourite marketers to review, as he’s just so easy to lampoon. But same guy is currently laughing all the way to the bank, so I doubt he cares; his act is working for him and a lot of people buy his swami gig.

    Tai Lopez is definitely well read… if you consider browsing the back cover of a lot of books in Barnes & Noble as being “well read.”

  • isaac

    Nicely written buddy! I’ve heard about Tai Lopez before but stopped short from joining his program due to the high cost. Your detailed review (and very sarcastically fun) made me realize that not all that glitter is gold. He can be very believable to listen to but some of them not really make sense. Thanks for the review!

  • Sherman Tanker

    Thanks for taking the time and doing a review on Tai. My gut told me he was another internet bull$hit artist but I wasn’t certain until reading your article…. You saved me alot of time and energy, and MONEY!

  • You saved me alot of time and energy, and MONEY!

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