Drop-Shipping Journal – Pt. I

Does drop-shipping work

Does Drop-Shipping Work? The perennial question. I’ve spoken in prior posts about my escapades in drop-shipping but I’ve never written in detail on the experience. In truth, it’s still a work in progress, and in further honesty, I’m still something of a dabbler (honesty, now there’s a novel concept in discussing making money online). But I’m a dabbler who’s documented […]

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What About Drop Shipping?

I could do that

If you’re wondering what drop shipping is, I’m not surprised as it’s been kinda fashionable for a while now. What it is, is middleman supplier economics. You don’t actually produce or stock anything, rather you source it, and then sell it on for a profit. Sounds good, how do I get started? Getting started has never been easier since the […]

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