Shaqir Hussyin – Millionaires Challenge System – Review

This review relates to my previous post on My Own Business Eductaion (MOBE).

As I said in that review, Mr. Hussyin’s pop-up page was the introduction that led me to start researching affiliate marketing, and embark on my own ventures – though at considerably less expense than Shaqir Hussyin was pitching… So I should give him due acknowledgement for that at least.

I want to be fair here, and that means almost a split review, on the advice and worth of Shaqir Hussyin, and the program – Millionaires Challenge System – that he promotes.

I’ve watched some of Hussyin’s stuff, his recorded webinars etc., and thought they were valuable, that he knew his stuff, and worth spending the time to go through. I also signed up to his newsletter (which is what directed me to a lot of his information), and as far as newsletters go, it’s one of the better ones in my inbox.

Some of what he says can sound arrogant, he admits as much himself, but I guess he has a right having made the sort of money he has. I’d say he’s more forthright, he’s not obnoxious with it, more refreshingly blunt in my opinion. He certainly knows how to sell himself anyway. One piece I came across made me chuckle when he was deriding other marketers for all doing the same thing, claiming poverty till they cracked the “system,” but he uses exactly the same promotional material himself.

He said something similar re the types of landing pages currently in use, which of course he has a better system for, and from his own info he says this is bad:


But this is an example from one of his own sites:

Quite what the difference is there, I don’t know. If you read any of the blurb for Hussyin’s stuff it’s pretty standard. The same sort of copy and colours, testimonials, pics or ‘potential’ earnings, that scrolls on forever, and you got the idea 2,000 words back.

But that aside, like I said, I do like Hussyin’s general advice.

I don’t doubt Hussyin himself is as successful as he claims, because if you look at the MOBE site you can see photos of him with the owner Matt Lloyd receiving cheques for several millions. Matt Lloyd is also on Hussyin’s site providing a testimonial, as is that other MOBE success story John Chow.

MOBE and the Pharaohs

Hussyin’s success is founded in pushing Matt Lloyd’s MOBE and MTTB products. He knows on which side his bread’s buttered, and he’s not stopping the spreading and buttering just yet! And why should he? It obviously works for him.

So Millionaire’s Challenge System leads you to nothing more than a My Top Tier Business (MTTB) squeeze page, which is a program for promoting Matt Lloyd’s main earner MOBE.

MTTB is basically affiliate marketing, nothing wrong in that, except here you’re paying to have the privilege of marketing the product. That is not usually how it works…

I had a look at some other of Hussyin’s products/services, and most led to the same sign-up page. A page on which you’ll get asked how much you’re willing to invest in Hussyin’s “products.” These products, are nothing more than licenses for further sales of the MOBE program, and for which the first commission will be Hussyin’s.

Like I said in my review of MOBE, you will be selling nothing more than the training to sell the training courses. And you can only receive commissions for those courses you’ve purchased a license to sell i.e. bought into first yourself. You can sell the higher level courses, just you won’t get anything for it; the next guy higher up in the chain, your “mentor” will.

Pyramid schemeIt’s pyramid selling and you’re only going to make money from selling something to people who are very unlikely to make any money themselves from it. It’s pass the parcel, except you’ve got to purchase that parcel first. You’re not selling anything substantive or with intrinsic worth, you’re basically selling the get-rich-scheme itself. You’re simply promoting and selling air.

It’s like a program that shows you how to sell a program for how to wash your car the best, most sparkling way. You don’t ever wash any cars (or even need one) or get the products to do it, you just get told how to sell the program on how to do it. That’s where you make the money, from the commission on passing the receipt on to the next poor sod.

How you sleeping at night?

If you can do that and sleep at night, then by all means gamble your own money first, and it’s a big gamble of thousands of dollars – and that’s just to get started. And the person above you, just like you, their only concern is getting you to buy the next level.

The vast of majority of people who buy into this are not going to make anything: they’re going to lose money. You’re about to become part of a huge sales team, and if you haven’t got that “used car salesman” aspect to your personality, or really do believe you can sit back after buying in, and your riches will be taken care of behind the scenes by MOBE, then you’re going to be in for the first loss in the chain.

Pyramid scheme red flags

But maybe your mentor and the high pressure sales – sorry – support team will be able to convince you that’s due to your training not being advanced enough, and you need to put some more $$$$ into the scheme, in order not to lose your money, and start making some.

And maybe you will. Some evidently have. But you are taking one almighty gamble, with no guarantees and without giving any value for your customers; and it’s not customers so much as suckers you’re seeking.

I said above that there’s no guarantees, and that’s true despite the “refund” assurances. The conditions are so loaded on that so-called promise as to be worthless. You’re not getting your money back once you’ve plugged in your credit card details and sent them to MOBE or any affiliate like Shaqir Hussyin.

Tulip Mania

The training itself is not worth the asking price. I mean, come on… in the age of the internet, do you really think there’s some secret formula that’s being hidden in MOBE’s digital products that you couldn’t learn for free elsewhere or receive actual, honest, training in for a fraction of the price?

Tulip Mania

What are you really buying? Is the product worth the price?

The worth is in the commission to be had from the inflated license price, not the “product” or knowledge. All these pitches are of a sameness too; some twenty-something kid with no knowledge of selling and flat broke two years ago, is now the latest millionaire business guru, and already helped scores of people make it in that short time as well! Pictures of exclusive resorts and luxury cars are the standard hooks, as are the bank account pictures.

And those toys may be all true for the guy pitching it, but you’d be as well signing up to some poker player’s always-win, guaranteed system. That’s how the poker player made his money, selling his system, not from it.

I’m not saying to treat all internet entrepreneurs advice as suspect, there are very definitely some people to sit down, shut up and listen to! But they were selling more than air, and don’t need you to buy their advice to stay where they are. In fact, most legit players give a lot of great advice away for free.


UPDATE: As of June 2018, MOBE has been shut down by FTC.

Find out more about Shaqir Hussyin in my review of Wealth Academy.

Don’t get scammed

So, where can you find a legit system or source to go to? The only place I’ve found so far that passes that test is Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s free to join, no credit card for “verification purposes,” and you get a week of full access to the site for nothing as part of that, which is more than enough time to see if you want to stick around. And if you do, and want to sign-up, you’re not getting just “air” and you’re not paying $$$$ or even $$$ for the privilege.

Find out what making money online really entails. Check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate here and make your own mind up thereafter: it won’t cost you a dime.

Share your experiences re MOBE and its affiliates in Comments.

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  • Hi Adam,

    This is a great post. I had the chance to experience myself this Pyramid scheme, but luckily I found WA before spending 1000’s of dollars on Shaqir Hussyin “products” or as I would like to call them imaginary services!

    What I have to say is that they have quite well set up their funnels so there is no doubt that they know about online marketing, but as you mention, people with ethics will indefinitely avoid this type of program which only teaches you how to lure others into the scheme and make them spend more and more money. I absolutely despise the sneaky up-selling and find it very dishonest.

    Great review that doesn’t beat around the bush and tells people to avoid it. Thumbs UP!

    • Adam

      Thanks, Bojana. As I said, I’ve seen these people seriously suggest selling your car to buy their products, drop out of college and “invest” the money in this rubbish. You’re not being sold anything for your benefit and they know it, the benefit is all theirs in the commission, that’s all they care about. It’s skating right up to the edge of swindle. Then once you’ve bought in, you’re forced down to the same level out of desperation to try and recover your money. These people are as shameless as the scammers that rob people out of their life savings with those fake emails looking for investors in foreign gold mines!

  • HI,

    I made the mistake of paying Shaqir Hussyin $10,000 ($5,000 for a sales funnel with me aligned to him, and another $5,000 for his ‘highly targeted’ traffic.

    After just 1,000 visitors I have a ROI of ZERO!!

    I have asked for a refund but Shaqir and his team refuse to even return my emails.
    Shaqir MCS scam is definitely a search term that should be on Google.

    Also, in case I needed more help, and to give this another attempt, I signed up to Shaqir’s monthly Dotc Com Academy. I paid annual to save some money and after just 1 month on (the platform where the training would be located), the product was cancelled and despite more than 5 emails I am still waiting for a refund again.

    All I would like to say is stay well away from Shaqir Hussyin, and his scams. Yes, he’s made money from people like me but I’d much rather make money from helping other people make money.

    • Adam

      Thanks for sharing your story. I’ve read similar things re Shaqir Hussyin’s solo ads business: money in, nothing out, and once he has your money, bye-bye. Whenever I see Hussyin pop up in my Facebook news feed with his big grin, I’m reminded of that line from ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ – “Their money was better off in my pocket – I knew how to spend it better.”

    • Malcolm Muller

      I went through a similar thing – $15K for the associated funnel, $3.7K for traffic – 1500 sign-ups but only one buyer – absolute waste of money and contrary to the advertising literature …..

  • Scammed

    ECOM Program (USD25K)

    The program started off with a 2 days workshop in 2016 Dec. His main trainers “were” Pavel Vasilik and Hank Klinger. Gotta say that the 2-day workshop was pretty good. Held your hands through Online Store setup, payment gateways, and FB ads. Most attendees manage to start getting sales within the first week.

    Pavel also put up a very extensive ECOM success online tutorials. However, it was only available in April 2017. Kinda crappy to collect so much $$$ and not have their training materials properly and readily presented.

    Well, bottomline Pavel and Hank are definitely successful ECOM masters in their own rights.

    Above positives were pretty much it. Definitely not worth USD25K. You can get somebody from Fiver to set up a shopify store for a couple of 100 bucks. As for FB ads strategy, I believe other ECOM trainers like Adrain Morrison, Chris Record, Dan Desilva, Ben Mahol and Fred Lam and many more could provide the same content for much less.

    I believe a very small handful of trainees eventually became massively profitable (only 2 publicly declared their earnings). Most are either losing or break-even. Weekly webinars were irregularly held, can’t help having the feeling that the trainers were not committed and somewhat lazy.

    The sale pitch or rather misrepresentations from Shaqir Hussyin was that by paying a premium, you will learn from the successful trainers and also be massively successful faster. Whoever have tried their hands on ECOM will agree that product research, FB ads targeting and scaling strategy are the biggest challenges. At 25K premium, I would expect to receive secret sauce formulas to quickly decode these 3 topics. That was never the case, the end result, we were still told to test test and test. Again 25K Premium is overpriced and offered nothing out of the ordinary.

    It all went downhill in May 2017
    For reasons unknown, Pavel and Hank bailed from Shaqir’s team and now they have NO TRAINER/MENTOR for possibly over 80 persons who have signed up/paid up the PREMIUM fees. You can imagine many of the students were pissed. When confronted by unhappy students, Shaqir had the audacity to reply “My team and I are supporting the best we can. I don’t appreciate negativity in my life and won’t tolerate it”

    Shaqir is not interested in your success. His focus is to misrepresent what he can or rather what he could not offer. For those reading, if you are doing any form of affiliate marketing for Shaqir >> SHAME ON YOU!!!!

    • Adam

      25k to get info freely available on the net or you could’ve got for the cost of an email sign-up for a webinar or PDF download… ouch!

      Hussyin’s real talent is in convincing you he’s got talent. Amazing how fast the mask slips when’s he actually expected to behave like a professional and follow through on the promised goods of a sale. No one would want that kind of ‘negativity’: dissatisfied customers complaining on a failure to deliver…

      It’s a novel term of sale though, reserving the right to shutdown a program without refund in the event of being asked to honour your own sales promises.

  • John

    OH LORD! You almost had me… until you pitched your wealthy affiliate referral link. LMAO!!! Bogus.. lost all credibilty!!!

    • Adam

      Err…yeah, the credibility would be in the other non-WA programs I recommend, albeit with the same sign-off WA link, which you can take or leave. Thanks for stopping by to give me SEO points, though.

  • Лривет! Я из Беларуси, у меня была попытка что-либо заработать “с нуля “на партнерках Millionaires Challenge System/2.0/from:ShaqirHussyin, но мои поптки не венчались успехом Далее я понадеялась на какую-то снисходительную благотворительность со стороны успешного миллионера, но- увы!.Поняла, что ошибаласья в Шакире, открываясь ему в личных подробностях!
    Выходит, сто срабатывает приопропорциональная зависимость у богачсей: “”чем больше у них денег, тем больше им их не хватает!”
    С наступающим Новым годом! Пусть вас всех минуют всевозможные вирусы! Здоровья вам всем и удачи!

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