Secret Society Mastermind Smashing Trustpilot Reviews!

Timothy Marc’s Secret Society Mastermind is smashing the reviews of Trustpilot: 231 listed at time of writing with 217 (94%) as ‘Excellent’ and 14 (6%) as ‘Great’!

Except when you look closer you realise that the majority of them, nearly two hundred, were made in the single month of August, with dozens flooding in on 8th August 2019 alone.

All made by guys, and with near as damn it all of them listed with “1 Review” under their name.


Looks to me like ole Timmy is gaming something else these days. Looks like Trustpilot is the “set”.

Actually, I think it’s more accurate to say the guys in SSM are the set, to use RSD parlance. Or the mark to use the carny term.

Would’ve been a good read on the old “Natural Tim” blog, though, how to do a 231-set and pickup everyone in it!

Looks like a call got put out to the faithful on August 8th and they duly answered. Wonder how many of them have actually made a cent out of it? Other than Tim.

About as many who’ve picked-up a Russian gangster’s beautiful moll from the VIP lounge of the club… and then had sex with her on the floor of their shared hostel room, I reckon (reference to story Tim liked to tell in his pickup instructor days).

Jeez. Looks worse when you type it rather than hearing Tim say it. I’m getting third party embarrassment.

Just as embarrassing, would be a glut of “one post wonder” reviewers like that, all around same time, on your program. To anyone with a sense of embarrassment, that is. That looks suspect in itself.

Oh, well. Never mind 🙂

Secret Society Mastermind excellent reviews

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