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Ripl review

A little gizmo I’ve been using to help create animated sales/feature videos for my Facebook sites, is Ripl.

Sales reports show that animation and video gets more interaction, so it’s worth using an app that’ll create that sort of ad for you, without too much fuss or muss, and Ripl is free to use. Where I’ve found Ripl useful is for my drop-shipping ads. It just helps spice up what would otherwise be a stock image accompanied by some ad text, into something a bit more visually appealing – and professional looking.

I don’t create an animation for every Facebook post, I tend to just use it for my paid ads. I’m spending money on those, so I want them to be as attractive as possible, thus I put a bit more time into producing them.

Because Ripl can be fiddly and it’s never a five minute job to create the animation (or even static graphic) you want.

You’ve got to upload the photos to your phone – a maximum of eight – and then select your template design, set your colours and text, and choose your music. None of that is a chore or difficult, but if you’re anything like me, it’s in selecting just the right template and music that you lose yourself and chew your time up.

And as there are a lot of templates and music tracks to choose from, it’s easy to spend time ‘playing’ with the app to get your vid ‘just so.’

A lot of choice, that is, if you upgrade to the the pro version, which is currently $9.99 a month.

I decided to upgrade because I wanted to get rid of the “Ripl” watermark on my vids, which I didn’t think exactly said “professional” to have gracing my site images and animations, and the upgrade also gave me the option to use my own logo.

Plus, as you’d imagine, the Pro version gives you full access to the entire library of options Ripl has to offer.

I’ve seen some folks complain about the price, but I don’t think it’s extortionate… though a couple bucks less to bring it into line with other app prices wouldn’t do it any harm.

I’d like, too, the option to work from my desktop, but it’s purely a phone app at the moment. I’m old school, I work more off my laptop than my phone, so I like a PC option… but I’ll just have to ‘like’ as there isn’t one.

The animations produced are about thirty seconds long, so they’re Instagram and Facebook friendly, and speaking of Facebook, Ripl provides a lot more variation and choices than you get from a Facebook slideshow.

The nice thing about Ripl is that it can take your stock Aliexpress or Pixabay photos, and turn them into something that looks a lot classier – and thus more deserving of the price ticket and margin hike you’ve bestowed upon your product or service.

Take a look at this for example:


Those are the Alixepress vendor images. Not bad, professionally shot, and certainly good enough to post on Facebook with essentially “Buy me” under them.

Or you could “Ripl” a few of those images, to create an advert that resembles something more like might be seen on TV:

That’s the product video I created for the item on my Woocommerce store, linked to from a paid Facebook ad playing it.

As I said, I think it just spices the standard imagery up bit, and it’s easy to use and produce these little video vignettes.

The files are smaller and more compressed than what I can create off Moviemaker as well – and are already properly sized to mobile screens etc, something I found that Moviemaker didn’t do, leaving black border edges when displayed on Facebook/Instagram.

This is Ripl’s own ad for their product:

Gives you some idea of what’s possible.

It’s not a full blown movie studio and doesn’t pretend to be, but it is still a good, cheap(ish), fast way of creating good looking, professional ads for your sites.

Check it out.

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  • Jeremiah

    Are you still using the app? I saw an add during gameplay and it looked cool. I read a review that it the app doesn’t log off or disconnect from your social media. It’s 2019, is it worth it? Thanks.

  • It’s now 2020 and about three years since you wrote this post, is Ripl still an app that you are using? Would you recommend it for a blogger to use this app to create more engaging post for their social media audience?

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