MOBE Review

MOBE is Snake Oil

My Own Business Education (MOBE) Review

Formerly known as My Online Business Empire.

MOBE has a special place in my heart, because it was a landing page to this company that first made me think seriously of affiliate marketing.

It was one of those landing pages that pops-up in the background too, uninvited, like a gatecrasher to a party. And having gained entry, it announced itself on my PC, letting me know it snuck right under the pop-up blocking software.

It was triggered by another page I was on, one I was researching re ways to increase web traffic, when I was so rudely introduced to Shaqir Hussyin, and then MOBE…

Establishing trust is important

It’s never the most trust inducing way to discover a new site; pop-up webpages feel a bit like a mugging, but perhaps that’s an apt analogy for MOBE.

Normally, I wouldn’t have entertained such an introduction to a product, and the response to the offending page would’ve usually been to immediately zap it from my screen.

However, probably like many other people before me, I was caught at just the right moment in my life that day, and as my mouse-pointer hovered over the close window button, my eye caught sight of the fabulous riches on offer that one could obtain, if only one read on…

And so began my short but disappointing relationship with MOBE.

Here be dragons

I consider myself intelligent, no fool, and no doubt you hold much the same opinion of yourself: we ain’t interested in buying no beach front property in Nebraska, thanks.

So the summary of my review can be summed up thus: when it comes to MOBE, I would advise you shut down your computer, and run far, far away.

MOBE’s landing page contains all the siren songs of snake oil salesmanship. It’s got pictures of current waving affiliates and a sliding bar of testimonials, replete with luxury cars – that their association with MOBE has brought them. At time of writing this, one of those testimonials proclaims “Diamond Member Steven Bransfield Drops Out of College, Chooses Entrepreneurship and it Pays Off!” Isn’t that great and responsible advice?! Drop out of college and put that tuition money to MOBE!

The only person that’s going to pay off to is the guy who runs MOBE: A Mr. Matt Lloyd. From his office in Malaysia.

What is MOBE providing?

MOBE is providing you with training to sell the MOBE training courses.

MOBE training

Taken from the MOBE website. I’d say reprinted under the provisions of Fair Use for the purposes of criticism and review, but when it comes to a negative opinion piece, companies like MOBE (and its reps like Chris Cobb) aren’t interested in that, only the flip side of the same coin, which is copyright protection. That, they’ll happily wield like an Orwellian club to try and suppress any opinion they’d rather you not read, through legal threats and intimidation.

You see these core training programs listed on the site’s front page? That’s what you’re buying. You pay up $$$$ to get access to the course, which is a training course on how to sell the course you just bought into! And you can’t sell that course until you’ve bought it yourself.

And do those courses cost! Check out the figures:

Silver (entry level!) $2,497
Gold $4,999
Titanium $9,999
Platinum $15,999
Diamond $29,999

And there’s more products and up sells to be had. You can signup for the ‘Inner Circle’ newsletter which will contain super secret tips and advice from the pros of MOBE – for anything from $99 – $299 a month(!), depending on what program you’re in.

But why would you want to buy these courses? Because the hook is in the commissions:

Titanium $3,300
Platinum $5,500
Diamond $10,000

That’s per sale. But you have to buy-in to the above upgrades, which MOBE pile on the pressure for you to do, in order to get those “big money” commissions.

You get pressured, as once you sign-up, you’re assigned a mentor, who will helpfully mail and call to see how you’re getting on – and tell you that you’re wasting your time unless you get on board with the up-sells; show you’ve got real commitment to the program and to making money.

If you don’t, your mentor will lose interest in you and your training, and disappear. Because your mentor is just another member of the scheme trying to make a commission out of selling you MOBE training. You’ll get to be a “mentor” too, pitching at whatever level you’ve bought into. Seriously, these people will try and convince you to take out bank loans, credit cards, sell your car, anything, to move up to the next level – promising all the riches of the world.

But you’re not selling a product! You’re not selling anything but how to sell the scheme itself! And there is a term for that – and it is product pyramid selling.

MOBE claims you can use their training to sell any product, and probably you can, but once you’ve bought into the upper echelons of it, the most expedient way to try and get a return on your investment is to try and resell it. I mean, you bought it, so why not someone else?

Does anyone take the training, purchase the products, and then go off and apply it to something other than recruiting members into MOBE, and then upselling them on MOBE offerings? If so, I’d like to know what percentage.

To get the full benefit of the program you’re going to be throwing down $30,000. That’s if you’re serious, as MOBE puts it, about online business and making money.

Personally, I reckon if you’ve got $30k spare to put into this, then you don’t need MOBE to be making you money. If you don’t have that sort of money spare, then you shouldn’t even be thinking about getting involved with this.

That’s not all your expenses either because there’s required courses you have to attend in person and that’s coming out of your pocket to finance too.

What sort of support does MOBE provide?

For the sort of money Matt Lloyd’s charging, you’d think you’d be getting 24/7 support from a dedicated team.

Unfortunately not.

You get access to a Facebook group and as for a support desk… it’s one person answering any tickets raised. Don’t take my word for it, in the words of Matt Lloyd: “I’m well aware our support desk is not responding to tickets as fast as the they should. Basically, I have had one lady in support taking care of the whole thing, and, a few months ago things got to a point where it was just too much for one person to handle.” Official response to the deluge of complaints made against support.

However, that was q quote from a few years ago, so maybe things have improved. I have a comment below from a highly educated individual saying otherwise, and if you need several university degrees to get a job in a Matt Lloyd call centre, then I’d imagine support has improved…

It should’ve if the company’s raked in $150 million like it says it has.

Can you make money from MOBE?

Yes, you can.

If you have no scruples and don’t mind becoming a carnie yourself, pressure selling a product pyramid scheme to gullible people who probably can’t afford it, and you can talk them into the sort of debt required to earn your commissions, then you could make money from this.

Of course you’re going to have a spend (gamble) one heck of a lot of it yourself first, to try and get there – but some people apparently have done very well from this scheme.

If you’re fine with all that, then hey, it’s your money.

Me, I advise staying well clear.

How much it costs to make money online

Look at the costs outlined above with MOBE. It literally runs into the tens of thousands.

All you need to make money online is some hosting and a domain name. For all the bells & whistles that’ll set you back around $50 p/m. For that, you can set up an affiliate business and be receiving commissions off real products, that you have genuinely used and believe in.

You don’t need to spend thousands in training either. Check out Wealthy Affiliate (WA) – it’s free to join (no credit card sign-up) and cancel anytime. If you like what you see, sign-up and decide to stick around. And that sign-up is nothing like several thousand dollars, it is less than $50 a month! And with that comes everything you need to begin making money online.

WA is not selling itself. It is selling the training, and providing the tools, to sell any niche product that can be bought online. That’s why you’ll see success stories in dieting, muscle building, kids toys, electronic products… everything across the board at WA because it’s a completely different model.

It’s an honest model that gives you the costs upfront. MOBE doesn’t do that. Not till you’ve bought into it, do you realise how much the costs will be, and the like a gambler, start throwing more money in, trying to chase a return.

That’s not my idea of how to do business.

UPDATE: As of June 2018, MOBE has been shut down by FTC.

Read my review of Wealthy Affiliate to learn how you can get going in this business the correct way, without getting scammed, for FREE.

You don’t need to spend the sort of money MOBE demands, and claims its training is worth.


  • JayB

    Adam, you talking rubbish about Mobe and Matt, or Shaqir or John Chow or Steven or any of the affiliates or mentor within the Mobe family. Do you really physically been to Matt KL office or any of Mobe event? Have you really call the 24/7 centre and its not 1 person as you said Matt said. Sept 2016….there was already more than 20 people just in KL office, all race and religion and expat as well, then there are other 24/7 staff across USA, UK, Asia and Australia that support and run all the back office at Mobe. Now mobe has at least 200 staff if not more that are running, managing all the different sections of the business globally. I am not an affiliates nor a wanna be. I was one of those people that gives the backend support tirelessly to all those affiliates and members. One of those people who happen to have the opportunity to know Matt and his company Mobe. One of those people can see beyond that scam and pyramid you write about. One that saw the truth. Yes, you need to invest your money, just as a university education that cost tens of thousands and some a few hundreds of dollars for a paper qualification. If you think you can sit back and not work and put effort in the system, and just recruit like you said it, then everything does sound like a scam. If you think the mobe mentor only purpose to get you to part more money and then gave up on the affiliates, you wrong again. You think that the seminars conducted are a waste of time n churning out money for Matt and ‘his’ top teir affiliates, you wrong again. Each of the seminars and events has top renowed speakers and add value. They teaches and guide the affiliates how to do business, how to market, how to manage wealth, taxation, retirement, how to invest in properties or stocks or gems etc…on-line, how to really succeed as an online marketer. How to work and balance life with a nice lifestyle too. It definetly not just Mobe education products. Unless you been to Mobe HQ and be a part of Mobe and view the business model with a fair and open mind, see the forest, the trees and brances as part of a whole, you are sadly lost. Almost verything now are marketed online, you will never ever see anything knows anything beyond your narrow mind except to continue your slandering and negativity. Btw, i have 3 degrees and an MBA, with over 3 decades of work experience, been to 60 countries, worked and lived in 3 continent….a global citizen. If those are your opinion of Mobe and mobe affiliates, this my opinion of you, a sore looser becoz you failed in your investment and now can only write with a poison pen to discredit Mobe while promoting….Wealty Affilates.

    • Adam

      Three degrees and an MBA… yet grammar and spelling don’t appear to have been included in that extensive education. Speaking of which, you put it to good use in a call centre job in the Philippines for Matt Lloyd.

      Thanks for taking the time to add to my SEO with your comment. I stand by my words.

      • Lucy

        ha ha Adam you lost in the court case with Mobe and pay a big sum what do you say? You slander others and the lawyers have proof so you lost why resort to this put your capabilities to better use be a gentleman you can go far no need to be jealous of anybody as tomorrow there will be many appearing how can you cope with all the jealousy it will burn you out.

    • Adam

      As of June 2018, MOBE has been shut down by FTC:

      JayB is out of a job. Those three degrees and that MBA will hopefully be put to better use now.

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