Matt Lloyd Pitching New “Opportunity”

You’d think Matt Lloyd might want to keep his head down, along with keeping it in hiding.

But no. No such luck – Mssr Lloyd is back at it.

Not with another MLM, but touting advertising services with something he’s calling ‘Scale Fast Secrets’ as a closed group on Facebook, and on the web with a site called ‘Scale Fast Advertising’.

The website is a “coming soon” effort just now, but checking out the Google cache for the site reveals a bit more info:

About Matt Lloyd: Matt Lloyd is the founder of Scale Fast Advertising. After a decade of overseeing millions of dollars worth of online advertising, resulting in tens of millions of dollars in revenue, Matt is now using his knowledge to help other businesses scale fast.

That’s kind of like Al Capone offering his services as wine & spirits marketing consultant, but omitting to mention Prohibition.

But that’s fine, Lloyd can do that, so long as he abides by the FTC’s preliminary injunction which requires Lloyd to reveal to the FTC and MOBE Receiver whatever it is he’s scheming:

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that Stipulating Defendants, their officers, agents, employees, and attorneys, and all other persons in active concert or participation with them … are hereby preliminarily restrained and enjoined from creating, operating, or exercising any control over any business entity, whether newly formed or previously inactive … without first providing (the FTC’s) counsel and the Receiver with a written statement disclosing:
(1) the name of the business entity;
(2) the address and telephone number of the business entity;
(3) the names of the business entity’s officers, directors, principals, managers, and employees; and
(4) a detailed description of the business entity’s intended activities.

And as long as it has nothing to do with the MOBE affiliate and customer database, which he’s prohibited from utilising.

I’ve read this closed group of Lloyd’s has something like 600 members already, maybe more now.

Which is interesting.

Interesting in where he’s rustled up 600 potential customers from so fast, when he’s pitching his services at $5,000 a pop, and only looking for already successful business owners:

At this time, I’m only looking for a handful of clients who I will personally work with.
My sweet spot is helping clients who already have some level of success – with annual turnover between $100,000 to $500,000 – and helping them scale to an entirely new level.

Ideally you’re already investing $10,000 (or more) in your online advertising each month.

There’s a setup fee of $5,000 to assess your current business structure, marketing activities and sales processes so we can pinpoint your biggest leverage points.

Your business will have the attention of my entire team. That includes copywriters, designers and traffic experts on all the main platforms we run ads on.

You’ve got to ask, who in hell, would sign-up with this huckster given a quick Google of his name will reveal what an absolute piece of shit he is.

What other conclusion could you come to, after reading what the FTC and Receiver has to say about MOBE and how it defrauded and deceived its customers, plus the wealth of complaints to be found online.

John Chow & Matt Lloyd sitting on their get-away cars, which you bought them

I wouldn’t trust this guy to tell me the time of day.

But yet here he is, with a closed group of prospective customers, created just three weeks after the FTC’s order banning him from conducting any further ventures connected to MOBE.

Prospective customers that could only materialise in such numbers, and so fast, from his former MOBE customer base.

What a guy. He just does not give a f@*k, and he doesn’t care who knows.

Because who else would do business with this guy, except the remaining “faithful” who still haven’t shed the brainwashing and cult of MOBE.

Who still believe this guy is the Messiah come to relieve them of their financial woes, instead of inflict still more, feeding off them like a cash sucking vampire, and only relieving them of yet more money.

If your business is really doing as well as Lloyd as requires you to be – in that $100k to $500k “sweet spot” of his – why would you want this guy’s services?

What the hell does he know, except how to con and scam people? Is that what the “next level” is?

And I’m pretty sure that the six hundred or so folks in that group of his, aren’t making the kind of revenue he’s looking for, and don’t qualify.

I’m also sure that if they can get that fee of Lloyd’s paid for on a credit card, Lloyd won’t care.

Then you’ll get whatever “one hat fits all” his overseas team of Fiverr Filipino “experts” can fart up for minimal cut of that $5k Lloyd’s grasping for.

Look at the quality of the paid traffic leads he charged $$$$ for with MOBE – my hopes wouldn’t be high.

But if you’re dumb enough to come back to get scammed again by Lloyd, then he probably feels safe in continuing to overcharge for not very much, that consists of very little quality.

Of course the FTC will be interested, and I dare say someone will inform them of what Lloyd’s up to even if he doesn’t.

Maybe he’ll manage to get two business closed in the same year.

Now, that would be a real achievement.

If you want to try and honestly make some money online, keep your life savings, and be able to sleep at night by not depriving anyone else of theirs, then take a look at Wealthy Affiliate (WA).

You can read my review here.

Wealthy Affiliate is the place that first called Matt Lloyd out on being a scammer, and he tried to sue them over it.

Except he got shutdown by the FTC that produced a report calling his MOBE business a “scam”.

So that’s a badge of trust right there.

Update Feb 2020: Where Is Matt Lloyd Now?

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The Wolf Of Wall Street

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