Luca De Stefani – My Revolution – Review

Luca De Stefani review

I’ve got a soft spot for Big Luca. I first discovered him when I was looking to market my first Kindle book, and I liked that his advice went against a lot of the mainstream, or at least best practice, and he was forthright and forceful in his views.

Shamelessly self-promoting too, but he’s an internet marketer so you’ve got to cut him some slack there; he’s not the only one guilty of that.

Except whereas the other guys try to maybe do it a little more subtly, Big Luca is the proverbial brick through the plate glass window, bull in the china shop. I don’t think “subtle” (or “modest” for that matter) is in Luca’s vocabulary.

Big Luca

A lot of folks won’t have heard of Luca. His individual Youtube viewing numbers and subscriber list would suggest that, so he’s kind of maybe a niche marketer in his own tiny niche of himself.

He’s definitely trying to break out of that, though. Get up there with the “big boys” as he’s fond of referring to the biggest (and some of the most dubious) names in internet marketing.

Thing is, unlike our friend Tai Lopez, who likes to splash the cash, at least for a few hours rental time anyway, to create the image of the successful entrepreneur, Luca is decidedly more bargain basement.

For instance, I recall a video he recorded from a room in a Hilton or Four Seasons or somewhere, and he was obviously all buoyed up with himself at being in a hotel that actually provided room service and was courteous to its customers. Luca seemed to think this was all down to his room type – which from the background looked fairly standard – and his youth. Meaning he was a young guy with the juice to book a room in that hotel for a whole weekend… and that just impressed the heck out of the staff and Luca most of all!

Well, in Luca’s world anyway. It said to me this guy isn’t as used to five star treatment as he’d like you to believe.

But, you know, I don’t mean to knock him for that. He’s still a young guy and it was kind of endearing. Like Luca’s landing pages for his my<whatever> he’s promoting. Luca likes to save a buck, so I get the impression he does everything on the DIY if he can. Design and aesthetics are for men not so large as Big Luca.

The landing pages remind me of the early years of the twenty-first century. They’re simple, keep every colour but red to a minimum, and have “buy now” buttons of a size P. T. Barnum would’ve approved of.

As a lesson in marketing in and of themselves, they’re not exactly avant garde and in keeping with today’s best advice on SEO and the subtle skill of buyer persuasion psychology. They’re not even using SSL yet, a ranking factor Google announced three years ago, and sort of a must for any site selling anything! It’s still all http in Luca Land.

They’re not even grammatically correct a lot of the time, so as I say, you can feel Big Luca’s hand in the copywriting.

If Luca was going to reach out for any help, it would be to There’s a whiteboard vid on one of the sites that has that stock image animation feel to it so beloved of the work of Fiverrs. And that blue logo.

Again, not that I mean to ridicule Luca because I’ve partaken of more than a few of these myself, and to be honest, you sometimes get little better, but for more money, out of upwork or freelancer. In fact sometimes I think many of those guys just immediately outsource the work themselves to Fiverr, but that’s another post.

But I try to mask such Fiverr savings amidst better surroundings on my web pages, but as I say, Luca doesn’t seem to care too much for such unmanly decoration.

Everything just has that “my-first-website” feel off a web page or landing site builder. But, you know, I’ve seen some worse pages apparently doing better – the stuff that comes with your average Clickbank offering for instance (and is guaranteed to be potent customer converting sales copy – last updated 2008), and that seems to be where Luca draws his artistic inspiration.

Now, like I say, I do tune into Luca’s channel. I like his no nonsense, almost threatening presentation style – “go on, tell me I’m wrong!” The guy claims to have done a little door work as a bouncer back in his student days, and he takes that “we’ll have no trouble here” attitude to his work as an internet marketing guru too.

big luca

Big Luca
“You ain’t getting in ‘ere”

I say “guru” but perhaps more “internet relay” might be a better word.

Parrot would be unkind… not entirely without justification… but still unkind. He does Luca-ise whatever latest course he’s just taken on whatever, before repackaging it as some variant of my<new thing>


Luca started off in the Kindle trenches and did well by his own account. That’s all we have for everything though, his account, because he doesn’t share all his pen names that he made so much money with on Kindle publishing.

the secret to learn chinese

Only title I can find with Luca’s real name on it

If Luca’s to be believed, he did well out of it too with his system. Which seemed to be bash a five thousand word or so “book” out on Kindle every month, based on whatever trend and keywords were selling well. To get these books out on a conveyor line, you outsourced the writing, added a Fiverr cover, and Bob’s your living auntie’s lover: done job.

The books might have a selling shelf life of all of a month, but so long as they hit the fashion for whatever was trending in reader niches, and at least got back their production costs, then all was well.

I don’t think it particularly mattered if the book itself was any good, or plain terrible for that matter, so long as it got the sale. It’d sink to the bottom in a few weeks anyway, but meantime the title would be “scientifically” optimised to hit the keyword trend, and who knows, maybe even the content might have some relevance to it as well?

Kindle have removed a lot of the loop holes that made Luca money from his business model, but there’s still $0.99 books aplenty released daily on Kindle, and any serious author knows the “book business entrepreneur” touting this model has created a race to the bottom in e-publishing that no one’s benefiting from.

Luca’s still promoting his Kindle Autopilot program but I think even he’s backing away from it as he seems to be more into his affiliate marketing advice now.

And, in typical Luca fashion, one big piece of advice he gives is that you won’t make any money at this game by owning or using (or really even spending any time researching) the actual products and services you review and promote.

I think Luca takes that ethos to his programs too. In that you don’t actually have to be a successful internet marketer yourself, to sell someone else’s advice on how to be one.

So, I know Luca won’t mind if I take his advice and give a quasi-review of his products, based not on actually buying them, but what I’ve seen on his Youtube channel.

My Revolution

Maybe there’s something held back for the programs, probably filmed on the same home camcorder in the same home office, but unless there’s some super secret advice that only Luca’s students are privy to, I think I can safely say there’s nothing there you can’t get for free, and better presented, on the web right now.

That doesn’t mean I think Luca sits and waffles a load of useless info à la Tai Lopez, and as an aside, Luca’s published a video praising Tai’s marketing style, because Big Luca gets to the point. He’s often said what’s on my mind, that the prescribed advice doesn’t follow my own experience… and it won’t in the early days. You just won’t have the traffic for it have any effect.

Big Luca has the solution, though. I note that a lot of his eureka solutions immediately seem to follow on from whatever seminar he’s just attended, but I’m sure that’s entirely coincidental. These solutions, at least of late, have been illustrated on a real whiteboard, such is the importance of the information that has to be imparted.

Except that info is usually rank basic stuff and writing it in a red pen doesn’t mask that. Also contradicting yourself doesn’t suggest full mastery of your own subject matter yet either, but Luca’s winging all this: preparation is time you could be spending on researching your keywords. And maybe there wasn’t a Fiverr gig available to write a bullet point list out.

The Big Boys

Like I’ve said though, I’ve a soft spot for Big Luca. He looks up to the “Big boys” and he’s trying to get there too. I don’t hold that against him.

But I reckon given his approach to making money on Kindle, and the business practices of some of these big boys he clearly admires, I’m left thinking that Luca cares more about making money than he does about providing any real value.

I mean, I think he probably tries to provide value, that he’s not totally oblivious to the impact of bad reviews or a bad rep, but then again he does advocate pursuing affiliate marketing under a name other than your own… Not his own “my-revolution” output, he’s there front and centre, so he’s got to be putting some more effort into that. Those are his own products after all.

I don’t think he’ll have ventured far from the chair in his office, or Microsoft MovieMaker, to put that effort in, but maybe the advice is gold and all that can be overlooked. The less than Big Boy presentation style that is. It is a comfortingly homely presentation style (amateur in other words), so I reckon that’s why I still tune into Big Luca.

I don’t want to say the guy’s advice is terrible, because it isn’t, and I haven’t tried any of his paying programs to say that definitively – but here’s a test: anything worth watching is worth copying and selling for a fraction of the price, and Luca’s yet to be plagued by Torrent or other knock-off site copies.

I won’t be buying but he’s not too expensive (at the moment – but I  think that’ll change if he gets any traction) and I think you’d get all the advice floating around out there on the web packaged into one product if you don’t want to spend a few months digging into it all yourself.

I think Luca’s making some coin for himself off all this. Not from affiliate marketing as much as selling advice on how to do it. I think he’s as ruthless as Shaqir Hussyin or John Chow, that he’ll do whatever it takes to get your buck and won’t care if that leaves you hungry, just like his internet marketing heroes, but I don’t think he’s as slick. Luca’s got the work ethic and the hunger, but he doesn’t have the polish of these used car salesmen hucksters par excellence.

I’d say “yet” but I don’t see the same charisma. He’s a niche personality, but he has no personality. He’s not your instant friend like those other guys are. There’s something missing.

Well, we’ll see. I’m sure Luca’s not going anywhere for a while. Not while his sites are still getting hits.

Ultimately, the guy’s just getting his hustle on, getting off his ass and working on his thing, and I respect that. He’s BSing a lot less than a lot of others floating around the web.

Just hope he doesn’t change his tune too much for the bigger buck he’s chasing.

Updated 26th Oct 2017

I hadn’t really looked in on Luca since writing this, and have since discovered he’s now pushing MOBE, and arguing it’s not a ‘pyramid’ scheme… in third grade logic.

The video blog has almost descended to self-parody. No one’s as fantastic as Luca is (according to Luca) and if you disagree, you’re obviously broke.

But he just sounds insecure as hell, and like a hater himself, when he goes onto explain how many other marketers aren’t making as much as they claim, and certainly not as much as him. Luca’s got a massive chip on his shoulder that the front, the bravado, he puts up, doesn’t mask.

He sure feels he’s got to make up for something.

I watched one vid earlier this year wherein he was decrying organic traffic, and another just recently wherein he’s claiming he’s got all that tied down on his written blog – which the lack of comments, keywords and traffic stats on Semrush would disagree with.

Just like physics would disagree that big Luca is “big.”

Unless those women are Amazons and John Chow is 8ft tall, Luca might want to come up with another tagline for himself.

Luca was amusing at first, had some nuggets, but a few dollars have went to his head harder than a row of tequila shooters, and it seems he’s greatly upped his bullshit quotient.

He’s certainly always been 100% full of his own shit, anyway. I’ve met guys like that in the past, anything you’ve ever done, they’ve done with bells on (according to them). Luca was never charismatic but he wasn’t totally obnoxious, either. He’s sailing toward to it now, though, as he’s smug and condescending in his vids: other mortals may express mere (incorrect) opinions, but Luca channels the universal truth of the cosmos.

And if Luca ever gets into meditation, expect a vid in which he explains how he’s more enlightened than Buddha.

That said, I well believe he’s making money at something. Quite what, how, and the amount I don’t know, but I wouldn’t trust Luca to tell me. If Luca told me the sky is blue and the grass is green, I’d walk over to a window and look out and check.

As noted above in my original review, one character trait remains true and is shining brighter than ever – Luca is hungry and will do, and say, whatever it takes to extract your buck from your wallet.

Wealthy Affiliate

If you want to checkout another route to take re affiliate marketing, one that Luca would disapprove of (until he gets a similar site) then take a look at Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s not a get-rich-quick-scheme, it’s for those with patience and fortitude – and don’t necessarily want to spend more than their time, rather than their money (on paid traffic), on their sites.

There’s no credit card for “verification purposes” to join, it doesn’t cost you a dime to come in and look around, and decide if you’re staying.

I did, and I have a large “scammer” warning siren in my head. Have a read of my review of the place here.

But don’t take my word for it, have a look-see for yourself.

Recommended further reading:

Luca may not approve, but I think the info in this book is excellent (for a fraction of the cost of his program).

Write. Publish. repeat.Write. Publish. Repeat.

The No-Luck-Required Guide to Self-Publishing Success

by Sean Platt

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