Jason Taylor – Brit Method – Review

Brit Method Jason Taylor Review

If you’ve been researching how to make money online you may have had the misfortune to be introduced to one of the many ‘methods’ fronted by this character:

Jason Taylor The Brit Method

In the “Brit Method” this character is presented as “Jason Taylor.” He is supposedly the mastermind behind a binary options system guaranteed to make you money. He’s achieved millions, all without being a mathematician and without further education… or having worked in the stock market.

This boy-genius now wants to share the method that made his riches, and to do so has produced a software program to assist in this selfless, humanitarian effort; he wants you to be rich like he is.

You may wonder why he just doesn’t use the foolproof method he’s devised to amass the sort of wealth that allows him to simply give you a slice on application, him being such a Robin Hood character and all.

But ‘Jason’ wants you to take action, take responsibility for your future… and plug your credit card details into his signup form.


Who is Jason Taylor?

That’s a good question because Jason Taylor is a man of many aliases, with just as many methods.

Jason Taylor Scam

That’s just a few. There’s also an ‘Irish Method’ and an ‘Oxford Method.’ Likely others too, but that’s just the few that I’m aware of.

‘Jason Taylor’ doesn’t exist any more than Jake Pertu or Jake Mason do. The image is a stock photo, sourced most likely from Shutterstock.

Here’s other (legitimate) pages I’ve found the same image being used on:

Jason Taylor Shutterstock

As I say, it’s just a stock photo of a male model for use in fronting whatever advertisement or company literature you care to employ it.

So, the guy giving the voice-over in the many methods that this image is used, purporting to be many aliases, is not the guy he introduces himself as!

Straight from the off you’re being duped; conned.

The show must go on

Now to the video itself. Our ‘Jason’ starts as he means to go on: the testimonials that appear at the start of the twenty minute video pitch for the Brit Method are characters every bit as real as ‘Jason Taylor.’

These are not the genuine testimonials of satisfied and enriched customers, but fictional characters created by actors selling their services on Fiverr. Take a look on the site, search under “video testimonial” and you’ll find the individuals extolling the size of their bank accounts.

On the left, there’s the guy from the start. The Brit Method fake testimonial

He’s actually one of the better actors in the skit that is the Brit Method testimonial. The others tend to obviously ham it up a little more, but if you’re only paying five bucks, you’re going to get a five dollar actor. The acting is so bad in these testimonials that should be an alarm bell all of its own.

Brir Method Fiverr testimonialAnd here he is again on the right, in his Fiverr advertisement. I think that could even be the same shirt, just minus the tie. Note as well, that in all these video clips, that despite having made hundreds of thousands of pounds, all these success stories still seem to be living in somewhat ‘reduced circumstances’ shall we say? Certainly nothing like the home office backdrops I’d be expecting of wealthy binary options traders.

Take your time going through Fiverr and playing Brit Method Bingo – you’ll find all these individuals on there offering a testimonial on anything you’re willing to pay them $5 to gush on. They’ll even write the script for a few bucks more. I’m not knocking them, it’s a gig (as they say on Fiverr), and they’re not to know how it’s going to be used. They probably don’t care for that matter, but again, I don’t really blame them.

How you lose your money

By now you’ll have worked out I won’t be recommending this particular ‘method.’

The word “scam” sometimes gets overused. There are some systems out there that you do have some minuscule chance of making money on (Empower, Mobe) but the chances are so low (less than 5% by their own data) as to almost be negligible. However, with the Brit Method, you’ve got NO chance of making anything! It is 100% SCAM!

So, how do you get your pocket picked in this con? You signup to the method and download their software system, which once you’ve registered it, will lead to you being subjected to such an avalanche of emails and phone calls (and all your details being sold on) that you’ll consider moving home!

This is all to get you to make a deposit in their ‘method.’ This can be anything from £250 to £10,000. Naturally they want you to make as large a deposit as they can pressure you into making.

Then you sit back, and from the comfort of your front room and computer screen, you watch that deposit grow…

Maybe you might see that money grow – depending on your initial investment – but then see it dwindle again, necessitating a further deposit. Or if you made a larger deposit, you may just see your £5,000 become £25,000, and continue growing.

Except it’s not growing anywhere except in interest in the scammer’s bank account. The figures you will see on screen, whether growing or shrinking, are just computer generated fantasy. They have no basis in reality because your investment was never invested in binary options, and there is no team of traders managing your money.

As soon as you try to withdraw any of that money you’ve supposedly made, the whole thing goes ‘pop!’

And your original money? You’ll never see that again.

I don’t know who is behind the Brit Method and others, but whoever it is, they’ve made sure that information is hard for anyone without the warrants and financial detectives to find out.

Verdict: Scam

Needless to say, the written testimonials are as fake and scripted as the video testimonials. The offer to refund you £10,000 if you don’t make tens of thousands of your own within thirty days, is a total nonsense. What system could really make that claim? Only one that tells you just what you want to hear, hoping you’re either gullible enough or desperate enough, to get pulled into the con.

Binary options trading can make great sums of money for you, and it can ruin you too if you don’t know what you’re doing. It is a risky business for the expert, let alone the guy with no qualifications and zero industry experience as ‘Jason Taylor’ claims; the guy who just happened into the winning casino system.

Like those ‘beat the casino’ systems, this one is just as bankrupt. Even more so, because at least some of those systems are based on mathematics (just maths you’d need a super computer with you to calculate the odds to give you a ‘best guess’), whereas this system just steals your money; you’ve got zero chance of a win.

Get real with making money online

There’s no quick wins in life. Unless you maybe beat the odds and hit a winning lottery ticket. Otherwise, you’re going to have to knuckle down and put some effort in. It’s just how it is. Like the gym or that diet. You can get the result but you’re not going to get it by the end of the month. You’ve got to look longer term.

The best resource I’ve found so far that teaches the reality of making money online is Wealthy Affiliate. You can checkout my review here.

Don’t waste your money on the get-rich-quick-scammers, if something’s too good to be true, then it is.

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  • Wow, those binary options scams are getting out of control. I had no idea that they keep asking you for more and more money after initial investment. One thing is for sure. I won’t be going anywhere near those after reading your article.

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