Is Tai Lopez a scam?

tai lopez fake

Is Tai Lopez a scammer? Well… yes and no.

I feel a little late to the party with my opinion on Tai Lopez, I mean everyone’s had one of his vids pop up on Youtube, and surely heard of him by now? Unless you’ve got an ad blocker installed and Tai is reason enough to do that in and of himself.

But, ole Tai’s not gone away, and in fact has gone from strength to strength since I recall his first appearance as an “insta-guru” back in 2014.

I call him an insta-guru because who the heck had heard of this business mogul before he interrupted your link to that cat doing something funny on Youtube. And instead of that cat falling off a table, you got Tai in his garage with his Lamborghini and bookshelf, like two halves of a bad TV set spliced together.

Which isn’t a bad analogy, as Tai’s ‘garage’ was as much a stage as any TV studio’s.

Back then, Tai was only renting Lambos, these days he actually owns them, so he’s doing something right.

I still doubt whether he’s actually read all of the multitude of books he likes to freely quote from that appear in his vids, but at least the cars he’s no longer pretending to have bought. And Tai is someone that I’d only class as “well read” if you count browsing BrainyQuote or having read the back cover of classics over a coffee in Barnes & Noble.

In fact I’m pretty sure one time in some vid he said something to the effect that you don’t have to actually read a book to know what the author meant… that you could just read the content page and skim the rest.

okay face

And if you take a good look of Tai’s bookshelf, you’ll notice multiple copies of the same books… suggesting the bookshelf thing is really just a prop and he’s filled it using bulk book package buys or similar.

Tai’s been well investigated by a bunch of other sites, lampooned and ridiculed… but it’s Tai laughing all the way to the bank.

Tai appeared live and formed as the business mogul we should all listen to so we too can live a life of luxury and wealth – just like he never misses an opportunity to tell us he does. And absorb his sage-like wisdom on all the other subjects that he rambles on about, like a modern day but senile Confucius.

Unfortunately, the books, car and house, were all just props when he first started off. He was just ticking every box in the psychologist’s guide to marketing, and he was doing it pretty comprehensively, if ham fistedly.

tai lopez 67 steps


You see, Tai had no business, other than his Youtube channel and his PDF book back then. Well, he had a dating site too that he acquired, and was the subject of many a bad review and complaint (Google “Elite Global Dating LLC” to see what I mean). One of the minor ones, the kind that send out “hellos” from profiles of good looking women that disappear once you signup to message back. I don’t know if it’s still on the go, he’s never mentioned that in his tale of rags to riches story, or that he worked as an insurance salesman for the better part of his adult life. If Tai had any business at all, it was as an affiliate marketer.

One of us then!

If you checked out Tai’s vids, most included a masked link in the description to some Clickbank program or other, that most likely Tai had never even tried. A lot of the links had nothing to do with the subject of his rambling video either. You could watch Tai wax lyrical on investing in real estate (or whatever – Tai’s held every opinion on every subject and sometimes even manages not to contradict himself within the same vid) to get a slimming link in the description. Or a link to the Amazon book he’s probably not read that he’s waving around which he’s hooked up to his Amazon affiliate account.

As an aside, when you’ve nothing much to say, just pick up a book and start riffing – serves Tai well, but helps that he sure does love the sound of his own voice! It’s Olympic level rambling because a thirty minutes video is always great a video, or at least that seems to be the litmus test of quality to Tai.

Now, we can’t get on Tai’s case for doing the whole affiliate marketing thing, and he’s doing it real well if bank balance is a measure of success. He’s not a scammer in that regard. Not in the strictest sense…

But he’s not Richard Branson, so has as much credentials to be pontificating on how to be successful in business as anyone else renting a Lambo with a Youtube channel. In that respect, Tai is a guy who made a million dollars from selling people a program on how to make a million dollars.

Except he never had a million dollars when he first started selling it. He just made himself up to look like he did.

Which is great marketing. He knew how to play to the crowd he was trying to sell to, but it was a total scam image. He was presenting himself as something he wasn’t, in order to extract the money from your purse or wallet.

Tai has a course he calls his 67 Steps. It’s a monthly subscription, but if you want what’s in it for free then listen to his podcasts from around spring of 2014 if they’re still available. All his material was tested out then, and he just spliced it into his later 67 Steps monologues.

And to be honest, a lot of what Tai says isn’t harmful, but it’s nothing original. You’ll find all the same information for free or a few bucks in any book store (or clicking his Amazon affiliate link), and the 67 steps looks like a lot of it’s modelled on the 64 steps of The Success Principals by Jack Canfield. It might be an age thing, but I think the only way you’d mistake Tai as a fount of wisdom would be if all you’d ever read were Manga comics.

I have to give kudos to his performances, though. His vids may have a general topic in mind when he presses record, but I doubt he ever has a detailed script, or even a bullet point list at times, to talk through. He just sits in front of the camera and wings it, falling more and more into his Alice In Wonderland world as he talks. In those moments, he really believes what he’s saying, and you can visibly see him embracing his own awesomeness, making up even more of the person he’d really like to be, the longer he waffles on.

I don’t know about business talent but Tai has a talent for talking about absolutely nothing for hours on end. You can sit through two hours plus of this guy and get zero workable information out of it for your time.

You can get value from that if you want to work out how he made you do that though…

Tai is a guy with his hustle on. He isn’t a businessman as in someone who actually started a service or product (if you don’t count an ebook) and scaled it up into a multi-million dollar enterprise. He can’t really advise on how to begin and grow a business and navigate tax and hiring laws, leasing arrangements, health and safety etc., all the elements even just the smallest of small business owners deal with on a day-to-day basis.

He can advise you on how to create a cult of personality off social media, and I believe he does have a program he pushes that does just that – with “insane” results of course, that no one has ever disliked (according to Tai).

Does Tai’s affiliate marketing method work? Heck yes! The bottom line on the bank balance never lies.

But do you want to play make believe on Youtube to disguise your sleazy salesman pitch? Maybe if it brings you a couple million dollars too. Then folks could say whatever they like about you I suppose.

So, I reckon Tai is equal parts affiliate marketing genius and scam artist.

If Tai’s way is not quite for you, then you can tread another, perhaps slower, and certainly less high profile path to success, by doing it the Wealthy Affiliate way.

It’s the only ethical affiliate marketing program I’ve come across so far. Not saying it’s the only such program out there(!), just the only program I’ve encountered thus far that’s bereft of the get-rick-quick promises, and actually lays out a workable path to making realistic money.

You can read my review here. I joined for free, membership doesn’t cost you a dime, no credit card sign up, and I stayed – and I am one sceptical little anti-scammer to convince.

Anyway, been fun reacquainting myself with Tai Lopez in this post!

Recommended further reading:

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by Jack Canfield


  • van

    If anyone wants Tai Lopez courses maybe we can workout a deal 🙂 . Contact at , legit with proof.

    • Adam

      A man after Tai’s heart: selling on secondhand advice, chasing a buck 🙂

      But shouldn’t you be giving this away for free, now you’re a millionaire too, having followed Tai’s advice?

  • Jake

    Thanks for the advice on the Wealthy Affiliate, great resource.

  • Allan

    Ha HA HA! Adam man! You are absolutely hilarious with the way you write and put things across! Love the sincerity. I stumbled across the blog by accident (was searching out the abortion known as MOBE, but let’s not go there right now).

    But after reading your post on that, I thought to see what else you had to say and you don’t disappoint tearing the scam artists and the pretenders down. I respect that bro.

    There’s always been something about Tai that just didn’t sit right with me. It was something to do with the way he put himself across that just made me feel I shouldn’t trust the guy. Never knew why, but you outlined it fantastically here.

    It’s all visual material posturing, and he never seems to get into any real depth or substance when it comes to telling you what he supposedly knows about making money. It’s semi ignorant rambling masquerading as western wisdom. It’s fluff! You’re dead right. He skirts by, but you know when someone really knows what they’re talking about and when it’s surface depth.

    And you’ve explained why I don’t buy it. Because there is no wisdom he’s passing on to help per se’; it’s a mechanism to line his own pocket, and you can see through it if you give it attention for long enough.

    And don’t talk to me about the book reading thing! skim/speed reading? Total myth. When someone is well read, or you personally read a lot, it’s a process that takes effort to internalise, comprehend and understand the words you’re reading. And then to remember and recall it is an even bigger ask.

    It’s mentally exhausting if you do it properly, which is why so few people enjoy reading. It’s work.

    But he’s done well to make people think he’s more intelligent than they because he can read a book a day.

    But really? A book a day? Maybe if it’s a pamphlet. Otherwise, get the f*ck out of here.

    Love the blog, well done.

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