How Do I Use Social Media for My Business?

social media is hard work

The short answer as to how I use social media for my affiliate business, is that I don’t.

So this is going to be a short post.

I use it for other businesses but not this page. I just don’t think, as I said in a previous post re Facebook business pages, that it maps well to what this particular website is all about.

If I’m doing Facebook or Instagram then it’s all about getting engagement to be worthwhile, so it’s got to be good visuals. When it comes to affiliate marketing, folks rarely get excited at the sight of another sponsored post, illustrated with the same bland, free Pixabay image they’ve seen a thousand times, come scrolling into view on their news feed.

Looks familiar

They already know what’s coming, and it’s nothing that they want to see coming.

Your snappy headline about the life changing opportunity that lies ahead, if only they click on the “Learn More” button and follow through, goes unheeded.

I see these ads a lot because I’m frequently researching websites in the niche. Those websites will have a Facebook Pixel installed, they’ll recognise me as I have Facebook running in the background, note what I’m looking at, and so next time I load Facebook it’ll serve me up more of the same in my news feed.

Which I then click on, continuing the vicious cycle.

But that’s me. I write a blog about this stuff and have a keen interest in it.

And so might other folks have that same interest, but even so, the click through rate on spreading the joyous news of affiliate marketing to the masses, is low.

Real low.

And a good proportion of the folks getting served up the ad will be just like me: already converts but searching for the Holy Grail of a true get-rich-quick scheme and pot of gold, and because Facebook sees us chasing these rainbows, it’ll show us the full spectrum of ads it has in its pouch (which is a lot). It’s an “interest” we match and never mind if it’s an interest (offer) we already know all about, and thanks for wasting the ad spend.

Only a small percentage interested in the “interest” being shoehorned into their news feed, will actually be interested. No matter what it is you’re selling.

And an even smaller percentage will sign-up and buy.

There’s just no real way to make affiliate marketing sound or look that sexy really. Or like a real bona fide, never-to-be-missed, opportunity.

Unless you’re open to one AND actively seeking it.

Passive Vs Active Web Use

Looking in other words: that there is the difference, if you’re shopping for it.

On Facebook, you’re not looking. You’re looking for info on what your friends are up to, and some amusingly captioned memes of cats.

When that affiliate ad comes into view, it’s an intrusion.

So it’s got to catch you at just the right moment in your life to click it.

And be different enough from all the other “make money at home” adverts people have seen so they’d want to do that.

But if you go looking for it, then that’s different.

Now you’ve come into the shop to browse, not had a flyer thrust into your hand in the high street.

Thus when people come naturally to your site, via a search engine, that’s best: they’re in the market for buying what you’re selling.

Get a Following Before Facebook

I’ve got a few other sites and I’ve found that while marketing dogma says to get on social media and build a following, post to groups etc., the reality is that unless folks know who you are, then they’re not going to follow you.

I mean, do marketing pages by anyone but the gurus really get a lot of subscribers? And you’ve got to update them, find the pictures and graphics, create the captioned illustrations, join groups and comment on other posts – and find those groups that will let you in and cultivate them – and it all takes up a lot of time for not very much, if any return.

Many of the groups you’re recommended to join are just full of other marketers, too, playing exactly the same game, and no one likely to want anything you’re advocating for.

Instagram doesn’t lend itself particularly well to marketing marketing (yes, I actually wrote that, it’s not a typo). It’s great for products and personalities, but services not so much. I’ve found you’re just beating your head off a brick wall.

But once you’ve got a sizeable amount of traffic to your website, and people returning to tune in to what you’ve got to say, then you can open a Facebook page and bring your SEO created following over it.

In my experience, it doesn’t really work the other way.

When You Need Facebook

You really need Facebook for paid advertising; pushing your posts into strangers news feeds.

And that has it’s place, despite what I’ve said about being intrusive.

It can work too; get you a few sales that is.

But I’ve always found it is just that – a few. And what Facebook is best at is eating your money, and not spitting anything back out.

Certainly concerning marketing offers from unknown marketers.

So I say, no, let folks come to you of their own accord, like they do here, and then present them with any offers you may have.

At which point dear visitor can decide to take it or leave it, or follow up on it.

Wealthy Affiliate

And my offer is Wealthy Affiliate (WA); made if folks have come here by way of researching how to make money online. Which is, after all, the raison d’etre of this blog, so I make the offer unashamedly.

And if that, dear reader, is your quest also – to make money online – then read on.

There’s of plenty talk in the WA community – along with training – on how to best use social media for your marketing business, it’s free to join and you don’t need to supply a credit card to “verify” your age or identity or any other nonsense. You get a week’s worth of full membership, which is more than enough time to check the place out and see if it’s for you, after which your membership simply reverts to the free level.

You can read my review here.

Have a look and make your own mind up. Maybe it’ll suit you, like it did me: how to make some money online without pushing upsells, MLM, junk or spending $$$$$.

Wealthy Affiliate university


  • Claudia H. Blanton

    you are absolutely right, that unless you cultivate your website, via SEO and other actions, social media will not get you much traffic. I have never had much luck with Facebook ads, and yes, they can get expensive – so there are in my case a waste of time and money. I look at it like this – I would not click on the facebook ads, so why would anyone else? Great post, thanks. Blessings!

  • You know you your reasons for using social media and not using makes a lot of sense. There are specific ways to use it but don’t use it just broadcast for the sake of broadcastings.

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