Empower Network – Scam or Legit?

Empower Network review

Ah… Empower Network (EM). Empower reminds me a lot of my old friend MOBE, except Empower is MOBE’s even more evil twin sibling. At this point it’s almost hard to say anything new about this MLM company. Anything that adds to the already existing plethora of negative reviews to be found on the web that is.

However, given EM is something of a special case I wouldn’t feel my blog was complete without including an entry for this company. It really does set the ne plus ultra standard of companies to avoid when it comes to making money online.

I have these naive ideas that making money online should actually involve a value exchange of some kind; that you should actually get something tangible for your purchase. I know, I know, that sort of mindset doesn’t sell cars off the lot of Dodgey Dave’s forecourt, but I couldn’t sleep nights selling people a deathtrap. Some people have no qualms, but me, I just have this overriding sense of decency that holds me back. Stops me robbing people. If you’ve a similar “off-switch” called morals and ethics, then this review comes with a trigger warning that you’re about to torture them with what you’re going to read…

Kalatu Blogging System

This is EM’s super-duper own blogging system, the one made by marketers for marketers! And never mind that most marketers use WordPress.

EM’s own blogging system is bigged-up to the point of being ridiculous, that as if by using it you need only press “Publish” and the system will take care of all the rest: SEO and ranking. Your Kalatu blog is the secret to circumventing Google, Bing and Yahoo and your “Publish” button is a magic wand – except no one’s told Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Ridiculous claims

If Kalatu made breakfast cereals

In reality, it’s a fairly standard, not very modern, quite limited, blogging system that offers a lot less than other blogging platforms. The marketing blurb claims that people pay thousands of dollars to get a set-up like Kalatu is going to give you, but that is just pure nonsense! No one’s paying those sort of sums to set-up from home and start a viable affiliate marketing business. The last five years in website development is just something that happened to “other people” as far as EM’s concerned

Of course you’re not going to get informed of that, because this is your entry point to EM, and the entry point to your life of riches. Or at least the entry point for further riches for EM anyway.

The blog is the hook to get you in. At time of writing when you sign-up for that you get taken to a page that offers a week’s trial for $7. The marketing copy to the left suggests you get the entire run of EM for that sum… but that’s not quite the case.

Hidden costs

You’re only signed-up to the “viral” blogging system, and the usual price of membership is $25 p/m. Okay, well that doesn’t sound so bad for membership, not for all the wealth of training that comes with it.

Except it doesn’t. If you want some training on how to actually create and run an online business then you have to sign-up for the Inner Circle Audio Library – $100/month. And to really get cooking you’ll need the Viral Blogging Academy program too – $295/one-time fee.

Now you’re ready to make some money.

Hidden costsAfter you’ve spent a bit more money because if you’re hoping to get paid off of promoting and receiving commissions from EM then you need to sign-up to their e-wallet payment system which is another $19.99 a month. Yup, you have to pay EM, to get your money! Street corner card sharks would blush with embarrassment.

But if you don’t take the plunge with the final “optional” courses, then you’re just a dabbler who’s wasted their previous investment according to their high pressure sales guys. To get the big ticket commissions, the big money rolling in, you need to round things off with Costa Rica Intensive ($500/one-time), $15K Formula Series ($1000/one-time) and the Masters Video Course ($3500/one-time).

Most of that training is, like our old friend MOBE, focused on nothing other than promoting EM and getting other people to dig the same hole you’ve found yourself in.

And like MOBE, you need to purchase this additional training in order to get the commissions from selling it.

What you can expect to earn

But okay, now you’re all in, you can start earning back that investment. Well… you do have some chance to, but it’s less than 1%. You’re much more likely to be in the 92% who make less than $10 a month (if that). That’s straight from the horse’s mouth, referencing Empower Network’s disclosure of earnings.

what you can expect to earn with Empower Network

You & the other 91%

Okay, you could be using the training provided to promote something other than EM, and that table wouldn’t reflect that, which is true. However, if you’ve spent several thousand dollars buying in, then it wouldn’t make much sense not to be promoting EM and its products. You could find all of the training elsewhere for a lot, lot less. It’s only worth in buying it, is being able to sell it on again. Which going by the table above, you’ve little chance of doing.

Something else to be aware of is that EM’s blogging system is banned from all the major social platforms due to past users spamming the heck out of those systems. That’s a pretty big piece of your marketing strategy immediately removed for a blogging system with “viral” in the name. Also, what you create on EM’s blog is owned by them, not you! Not the person who paid to use the system and put the effort into creating the content.

I could go on. Many others have before, and I dare say will, after me. EM is notorious and complaints abound.


Don’t get ripped-off

You don’t need to spend the sort of money EM’s grubbing for to make money online. You need some solid training, solid advice, and a solid follow-up community of experts to support you thereafter. That and a website/blog. Don’t get ripped off and sucked into scams like Empower Network that keep the surprises and requests for money coming.

The way schemes like EM and MOBE cynically and ruthlessly exploit people gets me heated-up.

Read my review here of Wealthy Affiliate, to find out why it’s my No.1 recommendation to learn the process of making money online, with no surprises, no “extras” and no promises that can’t be delivered – with hard work and time.

Nothing is “instant” riches, don’t fall for it.

UPDATE: On 1st August 2017 Empower Network announced bankruptcy.

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