Empower Network Declares Bankruptcy

On 1st August, David Wood, the guy behind Empower Network, took to Facebook to announce the company is no more, and the doors were closing due to bankruptcy.

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Posted by David Wood on Tuesday, August 1, 2017

I can’t say I’m sorry to see it go, because as I said in my prior review of the scheme, I thought it hurt way more people than it ever benefited. In fact to benefit, you had to hurt people.

That said, I’m sorry for the people who were still part of this, as they’ve now lost all hope of ever getting their ‘stake’ money back.

I wasn’t too sure what to make of Dave Wood’s announcement. It was a rambling stream of consciousness that frequently strayed into the deranged.

He admits to many mistakes, and admits alcohol and drug addition, speaking about being whacked-out on ADD drugs, and then a combo of amphetamines and plant medicine, which he claims he was spiked with (the amphetamines) over a period of time by person(s) who shall not be named. He blames this for all the bad decisions he made and turning away all his friends.

He also gives a heads-up on a fight he got into recently at a hospital which he paints as an admission for heat exhaustion, but for why three security guards would randomly attack and taser him when he attempted to leave, there’s no real explanation provided – except to say, “It’s not what it looks like.”

Well, given he was arrested and detained in jail following this ruckus, and he has a court appearance to attend in regard to the matter, I guess we’ll find out what it “looks like” in due course.

There was no real explanation given either for why Empower Network tanked. Sure, there were bad decisions but we’re never told what they were, and numbers dwindled in new sign-ups but we’re never told for why or given any detail on how any of these issues were tackled.

Dave Wood plays himself off as his own worst enemy, the naive and trusting businessman whose good heart led to him being taken advantage of on many occasions… but I don’t really buy that.

For one, the guy and the company promotion always lauded him as a business guru, and now we’re getting told he didn’t even have the first clue about responsible accounting or couldn’t see why it was a bad idea to basically be a junky at the helm of so many people’s money and investments.

Dave wanders around his house in a circle just letting it all come out, as it comes into his head, and he talks in a circle too. He claims he’s “clean” and straightened out now, that he’s healthier in mind and body than he has been in years, but he still sounds – to be frank – like he’s out of his head on something.

He apologises many times to many people, none of it was his fault, it was the stress and drugs, and asks for everyone’s forgiveness at the end of the video, leading everyone in a “I forgive you, Dave” speech to camera that he implores you to join him in saying.

You’ve just got to forgive Dave, forget about your lost money, and move on.

Maybe move on to the next venture he’s planning as he talks about kicking off something new in the near future.

Right after he gets through with the bankruptcy proceedings presumably.

And after the statutory several years that a bankrupt company director is barred from holding a directorship in. Or at least that’s the way it is in the UK. Maybe not such an issue if you register your business in Costa Rica, though, like Dave Wood did. Maybe next time he can register in the Philippines – can get the office next to MOBE. Or at least the mailing box.

See, here’s the problem with companies like Empower, Mobe and 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle – if the recruiting suddenly ceases, the company collapses. It can’t survive without a conveyor belt of new signups buying the products. And would anyone buy the overpriced products without being part of the commission program? The products and training are vastly overpriced and are set that way as that’s the only way to get high ticket commissions: by selling high ticket items.

Except they’re not high value items, they’re over inflated crap priced and promoted as high value products – because how else would you get the high commission?

If you wouldn’t buy the product just for the value of the product itself, but just for the commission of recruiting a new member, then it’s MLM, pyramid selling.

So, there endeth Empower Network, as dead as the pharaohs.

And not a day too soon.

If you want to make money online without risking your life savings, or relying on off-loading overpriced crap via inflated income claims you don’t enjoy yourself, just to try and get yourself out of the financial hole you put yourself in by joining up, then try something a bit more ethical.

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You can read my review here.

Then have a look around at Wealthy Affiliate, and make your own mind up.

Dave Wood would’ve advised Bernie to register his business in Cuba.

I watched the movie of this with Robert DeNiro as Madoff, and followed up with the book – because how did he get away with it?

A Ponzi scheme to make even Dave envious of.

Bernie Madoff, The Wizard of Lies
by Diana B. Henriques

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  • Wow was it just me that thought this guy looked like a drug addict before jumping into the program?

    He was always sweating a bunch and looked like a punk and kind of gross all the time.

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