Darren Salkeld and MOBE

Baloney game

I won’t link up to any pics or marketing of Darren Salkeld – members of the MOBE mafia are notorious for trying to quash a pesky thing called “free speech” being used against them.

So, earlier this week I was having a look through my “sign up” email account – you know, the one you should use to check out webinars and get free PDFs so your main email account doesn’t get spammed to heck and back once you give it over to receive the disappointing stock advice that’s being dressed up like the wisdom of Solomon – and I came upon this headline from “Uncle” John Chow: “Zero to $1 million in 4 months.”

That looked such an obvious crock of shit that I just had to click on that inbox offering, if only for shits & giggles.

Basically, it was an email rehash of an earlier John Chow blog post entitled “How Darren Salkeld Went From Zero to $1 Million in 4 Months.”

Like a lot of what Chow posts, don’t expect much in the way of detail or even any information beyond what you can glean from the headline.

If John Chow even wrote this one, as it’s MOBE marketing and contains a link to a MOBE video wherein (to be kind) a robotic voiced (to be unkind, a Forrest Gump sounding) Darren Salked gives his story, the rags to riches yarn that all internet marketers love to recount (and usually embellish over the years).

The pics that accompany Darren’s particular Dick Whittington tale are obviously not quite from “not so long ago” as per the marketing copy, and I’d put an estimate of fifteen years ago on them if anything.

For one, since Darren’s been living high on the marketing hog, it’s evident he’s not been missing any meals…

What attracted me to look deeper into the legend of Darren Salkeld was the marketing copy: this bullshit fairy tale that’s being alluded to, that Darren is just like you (but worse of course!) and within four months of joining MOBE as a marketing neophyte, made a million bucks.

Except Darren was no stranger to internet marketing in 2015 when that post was made by John Chow or MOBE started pushing this misleading bit of sales copy.

The first traces of Darren can be found from early 2008 when he started his own internet info product called ‘Instant Income Plan’ (I’ve also seen this referred to as ‘Infinite Income Plan’).

As you can see from this archived sales page that he used to supply purchasers of said system with, the barrier to entry wasn’t all that high ten years ago… At least in terms of technical Web know-how.

That sales copy reminds me of the stuff I used to read in the back of comics thirty years ago, about ‘how to get girls’ or become a ‘martial arts master’ – send off $10 for details.

And Darren Salked’s copy is just as convincing.

He convinced some people anyway, because here’s a Youtube vid for a long defunct website promoting the system: The Secret of Infinite income plan by Darren Salkeld.

The “secret” no less. Perhaps no small wonder this secret has remained so well kept with advertising like that guarding it.

But maybe it’s not surprising some people were convinced to try the program, as even as far back as 2008, Darren was claiming his system had netted him $250,000 in less than ninety days!

The board game for internet marketers

I don’t know how long Darren pushed this thing, or really what it was all about – if it was “big ticket” i.e. expensive, or a one-off payment of $49.95 – or if Darren got any financial traction with it at all.

He did attract one tinsy-weensy detractor, though, who wasn’t too happy, as this Rip-Off report attests.

That was in 2009. I don’t really know what Darren was up to between then and MOBE in 2014… but I’d suspect going by his web page that it was internet marketing as Darren is both on the MOBE and Digital Altitude bandwagon, and milking those network marketing teats as hard as he can.

Prior to 2008, Darren’s backstory makes reference to a failed home based business consultancy called Rocan International Inc. A business I’ve not been able to find any trace of on the net.

So I don’t know what he was ‘consulting’ in, but do wonder if it wasn’t one of those Timothy Marc things, wherein you’re bullshitted up that you can just throw a website up and open your doors as a ‘consultant’ (outsourcing it all) and the money will just flow in. Was that idea getting pushed even as far back as pre-2007…? Wouldn’t surprise me. I mean, no offence to factory labourer workers such as Darren says he was… but what did his experience in that role qualify him to consult on?

I wouldn’t be surprised if he was wasting money on all sorts of get-rich-quick scams and being ripped-off and disappointed, just like his backstory proclaims. I can well believe that once upon a time he was chasing a dollar with schemes full of false promises; probably reading very similar to the sort of promises his very own scheme ‘Instant Income Plan’ was to claim.

In that regard, I think the major discovery Darren made was not in that oft used MOBE adage of “systems and relationships,” but in coming to the conclusion that the real money to be had in the internet marketing game was not in going prospecting yourself, but by selling the picks and shovels to the prospectors.

A conclusion that I’d wager was responsible for the birth of ‘Instant Income Plan,’ not any desire to share his wealth generating ideas to free the proletariat from their chains of wage slavery, like some modern day cross between Robin Hood, Lenin and Rockefeller.

I think that other johnny-come-lately to MOBE, Chris Cobb, reached the same conclusion around the same time, some ten years ago, too.

Since his entry into internet marketing, Cobb’s been pumping out courses on Clickbank like it’s going to shut tomorrow… but that vehicle to hoped-for riches seems to have been abandoned in answer to the siren song those images of MOBE make: those pictures of Matt Lloyd handing over big, fat cheques to affiliates. As soon as every marketer with a decent sized list could afford a Platinum membership (Shaqir Hussyin, Luca De Stephani etc), they all jostled to get their snouts in that trough.

Because the bigger the list, the bigger the potential pay cheque: just ask Uncle John Chow.

But Darren didn’t join MOBE as an individual, but as a corporate entity calling itself Redshift Digital Marketing.

It consists of himself and three others: David Nayavich, Mike Antoni and Jashin Howell. I don’t know what their background is (beyond the marketing blurb MOBE supplies) and haven’t looked to see what Google can unearth.

Thing is though, that I can’t find mention of Darren’s Redshift Digital Marketing outwith MOBE marketing.

The marketing that proclaims Darren & co. have surpassed $10 million in MOBE earnings.

Or “volume” as Matt Lloyd says, like they’re actually selling something beyond recruitment… if you don’t count the vastly overpriced training, which it has to be, in order to allow figures like $10m in commissions.

And that sure took a lot of high-pressure sales phone calls, bullshit and false verbal promises, to produce the wake of financially disappointed people needed to get to that figure.

Which is not something that your average factory worker is going to achieve, even after remortgaging his home or maxing out a dozen credit cards, in order to join the ranks of MOBE as Matt Lloyd advises.

Heck, no denying that it is an impressive figure that Darren & co have earned, and achieved in a relatively short period, and it is corporate sized money… all from flogging the air-&-fog product pyramid scheme that is MOBE.

Little wonder then the likes of Chris Cobb and Luca De Stefani are bouncing up and down singing “Hallelujah” in praise of MOBE, hoping some of that cash Darren’s tapping, flows their way before MOBE goes teats-up like Empower.

So, do I think there’s a lesson to be learned from Darren Salkeld? Damn right! If he released an honest autobiography I’d buy it… but I’ve never read one of them yet from an internet marketer. I suspect one may be forthcoming, but it’ll be a Jordan Belfort type autobiography i.e. published once coming out of prison having lost everything… maybe a future project for Matt Lloyd, then.

But Darren Salkeld didn’t down tools on the factory floor four months ago, join MOBE on its income promises, and make a million bucks in the interim all by just following the training.

Get f@*king real.

That is only true in the land of MOBE marketing, and John Chow’s email sales funnels.

UPDATE: As of June 2018, MOBE has been shut down by FTC.

However, as we’re all interested in making a buck online (and nothing wrong with that, providing you don’t put anyone else in financial hurt to do it) then you may want to take a look at Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s not “big ticket” and hence doesn’t involve you spending $$$$$$ to get on board! Like the name suggests, it’s affiliate marketing, and it’s a lot lower risk and expense, but can – over time – generate a genuine quit-the-day-job level of income.

But therein lies the rub: “over time.” Everyone wants it now, or the million bucks in four months like Darren Salkeld.

But truth is, despite the marketing promises, life doesn’t work like that. You can rail against it, or go with the flow, realise the time will pass anyway, and do something more productive than post on Instagram and Twitter with it.

To find out you can make better use of that time, you can read my review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

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  • Sam

    I am with you 100% regarding the get rich quick scams out there in the internet. They are all luring for the desperate individuals wanting to make a reasonable and honest life but ending up with nothing in return but lost money. I have been through those MLM, pyramid scheme marketing where they promise you $1000 a week income by selling products, getting referrals, reading their ebooks but all a waste of time. Now if I ever get any emails or see websites of making money in a short time, I think twice about it as it is totally delusional and just predators trying to get hard earned money from the innocent. Wealthy Affiliate is true to its word as I have read reviews, signed up for a free account and became premium as it takes hard work, dedication, learning and time. The founders say that and there is no such thing as getting rich quick. Good things come to those who wait; write great, believable content and trust. This is how the real world works. Great article Adam and wishing you success.

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