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Diogenes of Sinope

Steve Chou and his blog MyWifeQuitHerJob and ecommerce course Profitable Online Store have been around for some years now. Quite how many years I’m not too sure as none of the blog posts are date stamped, but within Steve’s income reports page he makes reference to 2012 being the year that his blog broke six figures for the first time, but that also it was year three of blogging before he gained serious traction. So unwinding backward those comments would suggest that the blog at least, was started sometime in 2010 or 2009.

With not much happening for the first two years.

Which is honest, and I think Steve is honest about things.

Thus the Diogenes Ref

I like that about him: his honesty.

Steve’s background is in electrical engineering, not used car or insurance sales, so he doesn’t have that overly polished salesman shtick in his presentations, whereby he’s buddying up to you all the way through, stacking psychological sales tactics like a stage magician.

Steve strikes me as pretty straight and forthright, and he is what he is: an engineer, an intelligent guy, who got involved in ecommerce, applied his intelligence to the problem, and learned the trade.

Steve Chou

And now he’s willing to teach from that experience, and his continuing ongoing experience, as he and his wife still run an ecommerce store in Bumblebee Linens.

That there is more honesty: Steve has no qualms about linking his e-store up and saying, “Here it is. Check it out.” Most ecommerce gurus don’t do that, citing protecting their business from theft i.e their Aliexpress products and sales descriptions, that are so unique and original, they need cloistered away and protected…

Which is bullshit. They just don’t want you checking out traffic stats on their free Shopify template, housing their half a dozen lacklustre products replete with stock images and vendor descriptions that haven’t been updated since 2015.

I like that Steve is different and puts his shop out there; gives him real credibility in my opinion. I like too that he’s blogged on improving it, linked up images of its first incarnations, warts and all, and been willing to backup everything he says via documented experience.

So, like I say, I think he’s being honest. He’s not just regurgitating other people’s wisdom, hawking another ecommerce course based on the same tired, old stock advice everyone else is giving, he’s actually done and graduated on what he’s teaching.

Now, that doesn’t mean I think what Steve’s teaching is mind blowing or uniquely original – in an ocean of marketeers who’ve never succeeded in the repackaged advice they sell themselves, that’s uniquely original in itself for Steve – because I think great swathes of his course are open to the charge of being information that can be found readily, and for free, elsewhere.

Looking at the content of the fifteen modules the course is composed of, and the advice given in his free six day video course, I didn’t see (or hear anything) especially original or any material that anyone else isn’t saying.

Except maybe for eschewing drop-shipping in favour of your own branding. Steve’s been a proponent of that for years, he’s not just jumped up on the idea in order to try and get a leg-up in the ecommerce market by hyping something different to the Aliexpress drop-shipping model everyone’s currently touting.

This is the angel Vick Strizheus and Singh Shubham are pushing with their Ecom Entrepreneur course as if it’s something new: what Steve Chou’s been doing for years.

It just seems new amidst the deluge of drop-shipping courses hyping the internet riches to be made as the middleman for Chinese suppliers.

Not that I’m criticising Chinese suppliers, and Steve Chou certainly isn’t as he uses them, citing bulk buying from Alibaba and attending the Hong Kong trade fairs.

In fairness, he also references homegrown suppliers in the USA too, and lists the pros and cons of both.

Now, I’ll follow Steve’s example and be honest: I haven’t joined his course. Not at a fee at time of writing at $1,397.

Payment plans available

I have read his blog and watched his free youtube material over the years, and like I’ve said, I have to come down on the side of Steve as the real-deal, and he strikes me as one of the good-guys in the ecommerce course marketing space.

I haven’t seen anything negative said about him, and I get the impression he is concerned with giving you value for money if you join his program.

Of course he can’t guarantee success but he is teaching you from the honest position of having gone through the steps he is advocating, and he can point to a successful example of his advice in practise in the form of his own e-store.

His course has risen in price over the years, but in fairness it’s a onetime lifetime fee, and no upsells. And there’s such a thing as inflation and he does need recompense for his time re webinars and critiquing student sites/niches and answering questions on all manner of his business.

There’s a lot of material available as well, some 300 videos, a dedicated user forum and Facebook group. I can’t comment on the quality of the material, but I’d be inclined to believe it’s good, workable advice, spoken from experience: I’ve not heard Steve utter any other kind in his free stuff.

Now, like I said, Steve is open to the charge that you can find his info for free elsewhere, but you can say that of everyone, including your gym trainer and dietitian. What you get here is all the information collated in a single place, plus the expertise of Steve as a person who’s test driven it all. With the inclusion of Steve’s own successful ecommerce store, and links to his students’, there’s the confidence that he’s taken his own advice, and isn’t the overweight, out of shape gym trainer: Steve can walk the talk.

Something else Steve owns up to is student success:

If Steve Chou can collate and present this sort of info why can’t people like Timothy Marc or James Beattie?

Rounding Up

This is a shorter post for me than many I’ve published. I don’t want to get into a breakdown of each video Steve’s ever produced, or review every post on his blog (and there’s hundreds), I say go explore and check the guy out for yourself.

I’m notoriously cheap when it comes to buying these sorts of online courses, most I don’t think (especially off Clickbank) are worth a damn, but if I was going to join any of them, it’d probably be Steve Chou’s Profitable Online Store. He’s not the cheapest, but he’s nowhere near the most expensive either, and he’s got verifiable proof of his credentials to teach – unlike guys like James Beattie who strikes me as more of a general hustler, than a genuine ecommerce player.

So, yeah, take a look at Steve Chou, there’s plenty of honest and valuable nuggets to be found on the free offerings on his blog and Youtube channel.

I like the guy. I don’t get the sense he’s bullshitting or flannelling me, or more importantly, fleecing me by pretending he’s something he’s not in order to get the buck from my pocket.

If you’re checking out reviews on Steve Chou and Profitable Online Store, odds are you’re interested in learning the various ways to make money online. I have an ecommerce store but I also make money from affiliate marketing.

It’s not drop-shipping/ecommerce, and maybe isn’t for everyone, but it suits me as I enjoy writing. The platform I’m on is Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s free to join, there’s no credit card required for any “verification” BS, and you get a week’s worth of full membership to give you a chance to check the place out. After that, your membership reverts to the free level. What’s of most interest and applicable to ecommerce is that membership of Wealthy Affiliate comes with access to WordPress website building software, and it’s on WordPress (using Woocommerce) that my own ecommerce store sits – at no extra charge to my affiliate endeavours and business costs.

You can read my review here. Have a look, see if it’s for you as well. No reason you can’t have both businesses: an ecommerce store and be an affiliate marketer.

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  • Antonis Christonasis

    I’ve never heard of Steve Chou before I must say. One thing that throws me a bit off is that the price tag of his course is quite high and sometimes this leads me to various scams. I would be sure to check out his free stuff in order to get a sense of what he is offering. However, if his course really delivers I would be happy to pay.

  • Elaine

    Ive been following him for over a year, he definitely knows what hes talking about. Im however still deciding whether to join due to the cost of his course. If I do it I see it as an investment.

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