Chris Cobb – Review

Chris Cobb Review

NB There will be no Chris Cobb images used in this review to prevent a DMCA copyright infringement being submitted in the attempt to have this page removed.


Duvet Dollars
CPA Arbitrage
Clickbank Cash
1K Commission System
No Experience Necessary
1K Per Day & UK Millionaire Mentor
AIS 2.0
Internet Millionaire?
Who is Chris Cobb?


There’s a lot to review with Chris Cobb because there’s been a lot of products over the last ten years.

Possibly more than I cover in this article, but these are the ones I’m aware of.

In fact it’s hard to know where to begin, because that requires some unravelling of what Chris has publicly said, along with the attempt to then match that up with what can be found on the Web; both archived and live.

Perhaps the best place to begin is with Chris himself, giving a talk on his history and involvement with internet marketing at this seminar.

During that lecture, Chris makes the point that he too, just like the audience, was sat at a very similar seminar as an internet marketing novice back in 2006. He says it was the impetus he needed to kick start him in the business.

That and the encouragement of his then fiance Victoria.

Duvet Dollars

Chris proceeds to show various slides as evidence for his claims of success and credentials, but without verifiable bank statements or a live login to affiliate accounts, this sort of ‘evidence’ has to be largely taken on faith.

Why do I say that? Because here are screenshots of the same Clickbank account report, one real, one forged, to show you just how easy it is to fake:

Hey look, I’m a guru! Buy my product!

Oh wait, no I’m not…

I can do that with Facebook ads stats too… You just save off the webpage whole, then edit the relevant HTML sections in WordPad or similar – and hey bingo, you’re suddenly making four or five figures a day!

Unless your guru is logging on live, in front of you, and showing their actual account, then take their ‘screenshots’ with a pinch of salt.

Or a large mountain of it.

What’s of most note to me though, during Chris’s talk, is the slide that he shows that proclaims, “In 2007 something happened. I discovered something called Clickbank.”

And he certainly did, as he created Duvet Dollars in early 2007.

How do I know this is a Chris Cobb product? Because on the launch page it’s stated that, “The Duvet Dollars team consists of myself (Victoria), Chris and Nick” and on the DMCA page the following information is provided, “Automated Income Stream Ltd: Suite 127, Communications House, 9 St Johns Street, Colchester, Essex CO2 7NN United Kingdom Registered Number: 6307027. Data Protection Registration: Z1030471”

A now dissolved company that Chris Cobb was a director of, the address and company number matching that listed above.

But I can’t help but wonder if that DMCA isn’t included because Chris didn’t have permission to use the backing track from Kill Bill that’s featured on the product video?

Accounting return. Click to enlarge

Whatever, I think perhaps the biggest clue (circumstantial admittedly) is in the name of the product: the young man in love who created this, chose to christen his first product launch with the name of his future wife.

Whether the woman featured in the photos in the advertising copy is Chris Cobb’s wife Victoria or a stock model image, I don’t know.

What’s interesting about Duvet Dollars, is that it first appears in the Web archive on 6th February 2007. That means Chris doesn’t seem to have spent too much time on his apprenticeship learning the ropes of promoting Clickbank affiliate products, before deciding it would be more lucrative to launch his own, and focus less on competing to earn a commission from anyone else’s offering.

Such as he would later teach others to do in AIS.

Note too that one of the graphics used in Chris’s talk re evidence of his income claims, is recycled from the advertising copy of Duvet Dollars: the email listing with blow-up inserts.

Except as far as ‘proof’ of income goes, this is none, as all we can really ascertain is proof of emails. And it would not be hard to send an email with a spoof “from” address, even if you didn’t possess the technical know-how, as there’s plenty of free ‘joke’ sites on the Web offering this prank.

The limited ‘proof’ of income we’re asked to believe is implied in the number of emails pictured above. Whilst the public accounting returns I’ve inserted above don’t tell the whole story, and don’t indicate salary or dividend deductions, I think it’s fair to say that at least superficially, it would seem the company didn’t enjoy a very lucrative period in its final year of trading.

Cash in hand £134; Current liabilities £7,900; Current Assets £134; Net Assets -£6,228

I don’t know how purchasers rated the product, as I couldn’t find any reviews for Duvet Dollars: $77 for today only.

CPA Arbitrage

In April 2009 CPA Arbitrage is launched.

This is curious, because as per the talk, Chris states he first discovered CPA networks in May 2008.

I don’t believe Chris Cobb owns copyright of this recording and this is shown under terms of Fair Use (UK Fair Dealing)

The reason I say “curious” is because he launched a product purporting to teach CPA arbitrage less than a year later.

Is that really enough time to gather sufficient experience – requisite knowledge enough – to begin mentoring others? Minus the time it would take to produce the program.

I have to admit, I consider that a short time span, and that raises concerns for me.

So, I wonder if Chris didn’t happen more onto the idea of CPA networks, and their income generating potential, than become adept in the system he was selling, and fronting himself as a guru of.

According to this review, Chris also says he made $191k from Clickbank within the CPA Arbitrage literature or video, but is no longer promoting Clickbank products for commissions as the CPA networks are more profitable… but yet is selling his CPA product ON Clickbank(!).

Many of the positive reviews are obviously affiliate sites promoting the product rather than reviewing it, such as this website which seems to have no purpose other than to announce CPA Arbitrage and give it a glowing recommendation – before the webmaster and author of the article vanish, abandoning the website forever.

As you’ll see later, this is not uncommon for devotees of Chris’s work to do this when he launches a product… and I’m sure it is independent reviewers and not Chris creating these sites…

But as with every product, not everyone is happy with it; there are negative reviews.

And it seems Chris has done his best to have these removed from Web search results.

If you search for a CPA Arbitrage review you should note the advisory that appears at the footer of searches:

That request link reveals the following:

It’s a simple case of replacing the twin instances of [REDACTED] with chris-cobb, to lead to the relevant pages: they haven’t been removed from the Web, just Google’s search results.

Which is much the same thing: if it’s censored from dissemination, then it may as well not exist.

Or at least that’s what Chris Cobb is hoping to achieve, I imagine.

One of those URLs makes a reference to CPA Arbitrage. The review can be read here

This is clearly a reviewer with a low opinion of Chris Cobb and his product.

An opinion that Chris obviously feels he is not entitled to, nor to share.

Clickbank Cash

In (July?) 2009 Clickbank Cash appears.

Having launched a Clickbank product in Duvet Dollars, Chris now sells a program that instructs on how to create and sell a Clickbank product.

Again, I have to wonder if he’s sufficiently experienced?

The product takes the form of ebooks and video and covers the following:

Clickbank-Cash Videos

Getting Started:

1: Finding a Niche market and high converting ClickBank product to promote
2: How to find recurring products to promote as a ClickBank Affiliate
3: How to sign-up and create an affiliate “hoplink” with ClickBank
** Highly recommended ** CPA Arbitrage – great front-end and recurring element


4: How to set-up an autoresponder sequence in GetResponse
5: How to send out and schedule Broadcasts in GetResponse
6: How to use Autoresponders and Broadcasts in 1shoppingcart

Recurring Billing As The Product Owner:

7: Watch the Clickbank recurring billing set-up video
8: What a ClickBank Upsell/Rebill link looks like
9: Watch the 1shoppingcart recurring billing set-up video
10: What a one-click upsell/recurring button looks like

This isn’t an image belonging to Chis Cobb nor does it depict Clickbank Cash. But if it did so, I’d argue it could be shown under terms of Fair Use (UK Fair Dealing [provisions for criticism and review]) and acknowledge that the image belongs to Chris Cobb, previously made publicly available as part of his product advertising. But it doesn’t, so I don’t have to do that should anyone act like a little bitch and file a DMCA with Google.

The product was reviewed on this Warrior marketing forum thread in 2010 by an unhappy customer who was quite scathing in his opinion of Chris and the value of Clickbank Cash. From the comments, it would appear that Chris is no stranger to similar Web criticism as the author writes, “…despite all the negatives said about him online paid for 2 months of “coaching” with him at $500 per month. It was AWFUL.”

Subsequent remarks would lead me to believe that descriptor doesn’t mean he considered the program to be ‘full of awe.’

An earlier Youtube review in 2009 was less harsh, but noted the information was basic, and not suitable for experienced affiliate marketers.

There is a glowing review provided on a WordPress page that seems to have been created solely for that function: to capture people looking for a review of Clickbank Cash, and provide them with a gushing reassurance: “why Chris Cobb latest product is raging the internet.”

According to the previous unhappy Warrior reviewer I quoted, Chris did indeed have some people raging on the internet, but perhaps not in the manner this reviewer alludes to.

I think.

Because there’s a lot of bad grammar in that ‘review’ to say the least, so interpret that headline as you will.

While positive, this review reiterates that the information is aimed at beginners, and diplomatically says that it’s perhaps not for everyone.

What I find suspect is, why has someone gone to the trouble of setting this page up, dedicated solely to Clickbank Cash, posted once, and then abandoned it? And the author writes more like a fan-boy than an impartial reviewer.

I’m sceptical of this page, and suspect it may be part of Chris Cobb’s promotion of his product at the time; it’s posted less than a fortnight after launch and on the “about” page apparently Chris’s products get his “heart pumping.” If so, I’d advise this chap get out more…

Likewise I’m sceptical of this ezine article for the product. The author has written more than just the one piece praising Chris Cobb and I believe them genuine… but the piece was submitted on June 25th 2009, and according to the previous reviewer, Clickbank cash wasn’t launched at that time.

Someone has made an error here.

Just like Chris has made an error on these websites: and These sites were created in 2011, the reason I suspect for doing so, in order to try and hoover up the “scam” allegations his name was evidently being associated with and appearing in search listings for: I can’t think of any other reason he’d create TWO websites (and there could be more) for the purpose of keyword stuffing the word “scam” into the titles and posts in which he promotes his products, and also attempts to refute those allegations.

It’s sort of shooting yourself in the foot in my opinion, as it’s luring visitors based on article headers that don’t match the subject matter i.e. ‘scamming’ the reader in other words. Given these sites were created with a handful of exactly the same articles, and then never updated again, this looks more like a disingenuous marketing tactic, rather than an honest attempt to correctly inform or defend his reputation.

The error I was referring to earlier is within the articles entitled “Chris Cobb Scammer.” Within these articles which discuss Clickbank Cash, there is a link to a “full and independent review of Clickbank Cash System here.”

But it’s a dead link.

However, (luckily enough!) the same article can be found on another abandoned blog, calling itself Spyware1 for some reason, with a collection of posts all made on the same day on February 17th 2011.

Which does raise my eyebrows I have to admit, and make me wonder who’s behind the blog?

I wonder, I wonder, I wonder…

AIS – Automated Income Stream

2010 is the year I first think AIS appeared in its 1.0 incarnation… but it could go back further. I’ve got a feeling it may have even been around in 2008?

Whenever, it’s AIS that Chris seems to adopt as his signature product, and the one I think his name is mostly closely associated with.

This isn’t an image belonging to Chis Cobb nor does it depict AIS. But if it did so, I’d argue it could be shown under terms of Fair Use (UK Fair Dealing [provisions for criticism and review]) and acknowledge that the image belongs to Chris Cobb, previously made publicly available as part of his product advertising. But it doesn’t, so I don’t have to do that should anyone act like a little bitch and file a DMCA with Google.

I believe it’s with AIS that Chris paints his backstory in detail for the first time, and reveals he was in debt to the sum of £43,000 (~ $60,000), a figure that’s been repeated in various articles and interviews.

Except on this now deleted/hidden profile of Chris’s on Hubpages, the figure suddenly jumps to $80,000? And I’ve also seen a figure of $63,000 claimed.

Whereas evidence is readily touted for the claims of internet earnings, I’ve yet to see any evidence produced for the debt claimed.

And it concerns me, the significant variations in the sums stated: in terms of honesty.

AIS seems to have started life as a straight up affiliate marketing program, teaching how to make money from promoting and selling Clickbank products for commissions.

The same Clickbank and method that according to this reviewer, Chris says he no longer uses.

Again, (if the reviewer above is correct) there’s an obvious inconsistency in what Chris states in one program, but then executes in another.

My fear then, is if the inconsistency is born of opportunism and cynicism, rather than an evolving and continued learning curve.

To my knowledge, this discrepancy is never addressed.

The syllabus of AIS is clearly established in this post-seminar interview piece with these attendees: “spin it,” find a niche and a product.

And it has to be said, these people are all clearly very happy with the content of the event.

Which is in stark contrast to the author of this review, and its contributors in the comments section – which Chris Cobb has had censored and removed from Google search results, too.

One commentator believes there were far more negative reviews of Chris Cobb to be found on the Web at one time, but he’s had these web pages de-listed or otherwise removed. This charge is repeated with screenshots in another review that I link to later in this post.

I don’t know if that claim is true or not, I can only reference what’s available and allow you to decide for yourself.

Like this discussion thread on AIS on internet marketing forum Warrior, and this thread at Make Money Forum.

Presumably it proved more difficult to get these forums to comply with requests for censure (if such requests were made) and the criticism of Chris Cobb and AIS is preserved.

1k Commission System

For some reason, I thought it was toward the end of 2010 or the start of 2011 that the short-lived 1k Commission System appeared, but the first entry for it in the Web archive is 19th Jan 2013. Given the time lag to be archived it may be 2012 when this was launched… but Ben Hulme has a vid where he reviews his own product back in 2010 and speaks as though it’s live… but then in the archived sales copy Chris Cobb says he first learnt about this system in 2011… anyway, whatever the story is, it’s no longer available on Clickbank.

This system was akin to Max Danewell’s The Foundation concept, and pretty much exactly the same as Timothy Marc’s program.

So it’s all about outsourcing and playing the consultant/project manager on such activities as web design etc.

Don’t take my word for it though, this guy spells it out in his Youtube review of the program.

One reason I link to that review is the interesting request in comments from Ben Hulme to remove his name from the piece. Particularly as he’s still named in the products section of Chris Cobb’s High Profits Ltd umbrella company for his programs.

But anyway, whatever that’s all about, this scathing review of the program makes a good point about the cost of setting up a website.

Speaking of websites, Chris has also tried his hand at domain name/hosting with the now defunct I’m not sure what that was all about but you can get an idea from this entry on Rip Off Report and this complaint… and this one.

But of most interest re 1k Commission System, is that in order to take the information contained in the program seriously, we have to believe that Chris Cobb is now an experienced business consultant/systems designer – in addition to being an expert affiliate marketer, CPA network marketer and Clickbank guru.

Or was this program just the result of another marketing bandwagon to catch in 2010?

It’s interesting as Timothy Marc launched his Secret Society Mastermind in 2012, and prior to that Chris Cobb was in contact with Marc re his Samurai Sales Videos service – we can see an email enquiry from Chris during this training video for Marc’s assistant.

I wonder if it was 1k Commission System that inspired Timothy Marc?

Or depending on when this program was launched, Timothy Marc that inspired Chris?

There’s so many programs, so many names, and so much of it now unavailable, it’s hard to keep track of Chris Cobb’s output. I really don’t know which chicken or egg came first here vis-a-vis Chris Cobb and Timothy Marc.

However, Ben Hulme says it’s his course, and he’s the one with the experience of running a business model such as 1k Commission System touts… but as above he later distances himself, saying he has nothing to do with it… and Chris Cobb fronts the sales copy and product.

Nowhere in the talk I reference at the start of this piece does Chris mention an apprenticeship in this sort of business, nor can I find mention of it in any subsequent bios Chris gives of himself. So minus Ben Hulme, does Chris actually possess the wherewithal to mentor and provide support for such a course?

Without Ben Hulme’s involvement, the person whose experience the course draws on, does that then make Chris guilty of misrepresenting himself in the subsequent advertising copy for the 1k Commission System? This reviewer doesn’t mince his words on his thoughts re Chris’s reputation.

No Experience Necessary

Given drop-shipping is currently popular… I wonder if we’re going to be treated to a Clickbank Shopify/ecommerce course by Chris on that too in future?! If as per 1k Commission System, an actual background in the subject matter of your Clickbank product is optional.

However, joking aside, if the latest videos on Chris’s Vimeo account are anything to go by, it looks like the next area of expertise (affiliate commissions from getting his list to buy-in in other words) for Chris Cobb is trading and Forex via Velox 10. Chris claims expertise in this presentation anyway.

This poster on Bitcoin Forum disagrees.

However, for fairness, it should be noted that within Chris’s Vimeo library there does exist several recorded testimonials from happy clients of AIS.

At this point, my opinion of Chris Cobb is that he’s a collector and distributor of other people’s knowledge/expertise, not necessarily an adept himself. I’m also not so sure that the few positive testimonials to be found above do much to stem the increasing flood of complaints to be read in a multitude of various comment sections around the Web.

Which are about to get a whole lot worse…

1K Per Day & UK Millionaire Mentor

I’m starting get a little lost myself now in Chris’s timeline. I think 1k Per Day was around 2011… or maybe later.

This image definitely doesn’t belong to Chis Cobb and it definitely is not a product image of either 1k Per Day or UK Millionaire Mentor, nor should it be interpreted as being illustrative of the quality of these products. But if it were a product image, I’d argue it could be shown under terms of Fair Use (UK Fair Dealing [provisions for criticism and review]) and acknowledge that the image belongs to Chris Cobb, previously made publicly available as part of his product advertising. But it doesn’t, so I don’t have to do that should anyone act like a little bitch and file a DMCA with Google.

It seems to be a return to Clickbank affiliate marketing… it’s one monster sales page to get through anyway, and still up.

This reviewer couldn’t work out quite what the method being pitched is, but the commentators contributing to the discussion are in no doubt as to their opinion of Chris Cobb.


And there’s a reference in there to UK Millionaire Mentor by Chris, too…

Which if you go looking for reviews on, you’ll find this very illuminating thread reiterating Chris Cobb’s attempts to censure his bad reviews, and also contains links calling into question the property he features in his video logs/promos calling “home” i.e. does Chris really live there? The thread also alleges some very serious infractions of business practices…

A thread ^worth reading then!

But perhaps the worst charge I’ve read against Chris Cobb is to be found on this archived thread from, within which a contributor claiming to be a vulnerable woman suffering from breast cancer, alleges Chris took advantage of her condition in order to extract a sale.

There’s also an allegation of exaggerated income claims at the bottom of that thread, citing company returns.

This information emanates from anonymous aliases on an open Web forum though, not court affidavits, so bear that in mind, and they’re not referenced here as fact, but simply as additional pieces possibly germane to consideration.

And on that note, a final word from the folks at Make Money Forum re Mr. Cobb for this section.

A somewhat unequivocal statement of opinion made there.

AIS 2.0 (& Other Variants Thereof)

Click and Hit, AIS Platinum Club – there may be more…

From what I can see, somewhere around 2013/14, AIS morphed from being a Clickbank affiliate program, into a MTTB/MOBE funnel for Chris Cobb.

Then the pitch starts to become all about “done for you systems” and “plugging into systems”: the language of MOBE.

The interesting comments section of this review would seem to support that.

To be frank, if Chris Cobb has a decent sized email list, it’d make sense for him to join MOBE.

MOBE states he’s a Diamond Member. That comes at just a snip under $30,000. Plus there’s all the additional MOBE upsells to add on if you want to make money off them, too.

So, if as above, that it’s true that Chris Cobb’s business has a loan of £75,000 taken out against it, then it may have went to ‘investing’ in MOBE.

Internet Millionaire?

This Charge Registration made against High Profits Limited and lodged at Companies House would suggest High Profits Limited is indeed in receipt of a loan. You can read details of the charge here. It’s a loan agreement between Chris Cobb’s company and Just Cash Flow PLC to make available a loan facility of up to £75,000 to High Profits Limited. How much banking credit has been extended to date, I’m obviously not privy to.

This abbreviated accounting balance sheet for High Profits Limited doesn’t give a detailed breakdown of creditors, but does show a figure of £96,381 as of 31st July 2016, up almost £50,000 from 2015.

However, and I may be reading the accounts incorrectly, the information for Chris Cobb’s company publicly made available on Duedil and via Free Company Accounts doesn’t read like the balance sheet of a company capable of making one an internet millionaire – at least to my reading of the finances.

And Chris states that he’s made “millions” (half a million in MOBE commissions alone).

Speaking of MOBE, Chris has been rewarded with two cars for his efforts in promoting the business, and also been featured in a $10k commission interview,

So, it looks like Chris has finally found his golden goose.

And now AIS is all about getting more golden eggs from the geese, by promoting MOBE as the method of generating income – primarily for Chris Cobb.

Which like I’ve always said of MOBE, is very possible with a big list… and no conscience.

Who is Chris Cobb?

I don’t know. You’ll have to read all the threads I’ve referenced, good and bad, and make your own mind up.

I have an opinion on MOBE though, so I know what I think.

There’s these two vintage threads from, one contributor opining that Chris is a “fake it till you make it” character, the other giving the impression that Chris left upon him as a onetime work colleague.

I don’t honestly know if Chris Cobb is still faking it or has made it? Or a bit of both now?

His company High Profits Limited registered address is the very grand sounding Suite 127 Communication House 9 St. Johns Street, Colchester, CO2 7NN.

Except that’s a mailbox address. Here’s what High Profits Limited’s premises look like:

Not exactly the HQ of Grey Enterprise Holdings.

As for Chris Cobb’s programs, those that have came and went, and those still with us… as I’ve said in previous posts I could release a weight training book that sounds like I know what I’m talking about but I’m no Mr. Olympia.

I could also release a Clickbank program selling consultancy training similar to 1k Commission System and Secret Society Mastermind.

And certainly a course in affiliate marketing.

I could say I’m a millionaire too – doesn’t make any of it true, though.

Chris Cobb could be all that he says, but still comes off as try-hard in his materialistic autobiographical sketches in my opinion.

Not Chris Cobb’s car but it could be if he was standing beside it

Thing is, he’s not charismatic like Timothy Marc or a great salesman like Vick Strizheus, he comes over as fairly banal and uninspiring to me; there’s not that “I’d like to hang out and have a beer with this guy” factor as far as I’m concerned.

From what I can discern from looking at his story, and his output, I don’t think he’s achieved a fraction of what he’s claiming; I just don’t see him as having had the time if nothing else! Also, if he’s as big as he says, made as many millions as he claims, why does he give a damn about a few bad reviews on the Web? Chris obviously searches his name, but it’s beyond me why he’d care what’s written on a few obscure sites. Vick Strizheus and Tai Lopez etc., are lambasted across the net and don’t give a hoot. Either you’re in the Big Boys club or you’re not.

Chris strikes me as the guy chasing the internet buck by being the one to supply the picks and shovels, not by going digging himself.

Which is probably the faster track to making money online and why he’s doing it.

If the property he poses in front of isn’t his as alleged, well, Tai Lopez is probably the biggest offender at that: honesty. Vick Strizheus was caught out riding around in a rented Ferrari claiming it was his, too. It’s an unscrupulous marketing tactic that a few names have been accused of – and is done to deliberately mislead.

I think Chris cares more about getting your dollar than he does about really, genuinely, helping anyone – and as I say, I’m not entirely convinced he’s helped himself to the extent he claims!

Is he a scammer? Some have called him that, as you may have already read, but you will actually get something for your money, so it’s in the expectation of how much. He won’t just disappear with your cash altogether and leave you with nothing… though there seems to have been disputes over guarantees and the value of his offerings, and I think a chap called Mark Lyford may disagree with me on the scam issue re leaving you with nothing… but as Francis Urqhart would say, I couldn’t possibly comment.

Just as I couldn’t comment on the content of this Twitter search.

Is Chris Cobb a huckster? Yes. If you abide by the dictionary definition of an aggressive and showy salesman, he certainly fits the bill.

But so do a lot of other internet marketers.

In Conclusion

Personally, I wouldn’t trust him or work with him; everything else aside he looks a smarmy git to me, and I trust my gut when it comes to judging character. But that’s just my opinion, and I’m entitled to it.

Lord Percy, not Chris Cobb, yesterday

Which I reckon when Chris Cobb reads it, he’s going to want to try and shutdown like he has every other webpage he doesn’t want anyone to read.

So I’ve been careful to keep all the content – and there seems to be a significant amount of it – that Chris Cobb has objected to, off-page and linked to, rather than hosted or copied here. If I’m reading this complaint right, Chris has even tried to have material removed on the basis that just linking to it infringes copyright(!).

Assuming there’s still some protection for free speech on the internet and in the UK, I can at least discuss and reference contentious issues without penalty – I hope.

So to reiterate, this is all presented as personal opinion, not fact, and I welcome corrections where dates of product launches and other details are incorrect. The links to other sites are provided for reference and context; to aid dear reader in reaching their own conclusion. I make no claims re their veracity.

Nor Chris Cobb’s.

And if I’ve violated any copyrights (Lord Percy aside perhaps), let me know and I’ll remove them if that’s indeed the case.

That said, let the chips fall where they may, then 🙂

And feel free to add any experience you may have in dealing with Mr. Cobb in the comments section.

UPDATE: As of June 2018, MOBE has been shut down by FTC.

Wealthy Affiliate

If after reading all that, and you’re not put off affiliate marketing, but would prefer it without the drama, then take a look at Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s a bit more pedestrian than Chris Cobb perhaps, but slowly and surely, wins the race.

And doesn’t cost you $$$$ both on the program and getting the traffic.

It’s totally free to join, you get a week’s worth of free membership, and no last second “credit card required” for verification BS. A week is all you need to look around the place, and decide if it’s for you. After that your membership simply reverts to the free level

You can read my review here.

Wealthy Affiliate university

Recommended further reading:

I wouldn’t promise it’ll make you a millionaire, but it contains more workable information than a lot of programs, for a lot less $$$$.

The Laptop Millionaire

How Anyone Can Escape the 9 to 5 and Make Money Online

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  • Antonis Christonasis

    Been in internet marketing for quite some time now, I have come across Chris Cobb and my opinion is exact same. He is a [defamatory remark redacted] and one of the people who ruin the internet marketing industry. He certainly is a good marketer, albeit a dishonest one in my opinion. At the end of the day, I believe people are more and more starting to sense those types of [defamatory remark redacted] and people like him are getting out of the industry.

    • Adam

      Thanks for your input, Antonis. Apologies for having to edit your comment but those remarks may be enough for Chris Cobb to complain to Google in an effort to try and get this page removed from search results. I’m just erring on the side of caution, because as per my article, he has a demonstrable history of that behaviour.

      I don’t think he’s getting out of the industry anytime soon, though…

  • Anonymous

    I too have come across and have been [defamatory remark redacted] by Chris Cobb, I told him from the outset that my husband has cancer and that I had been made redundant but he still took my money and didn’t deliver as promised. I also paid for him to drive traffic to my website and he kept stopping this with various excuses. I have done some digging and the house that he lives in is not his it is rented and his company High Profits has a loan secured against it of £75K. I live near Chris so may well make a visit to see him

    • Adam

      Sorry to have to edit your remark as well, but it’s simply to prevent any sort of attempt or intimidation to have this page taken down.

      In the ‘Scandal’ section of my article, there’s a link to an alleged photo of Chris’s real home, but it’s from 2012, and the house featured in Chris’s marketing then looks different to the house he claims to live in now. I don’t know what the truth of his living arrangements are but you can’t secure a loan against a property you don’t own, wherever he lives.

      I have a link to the charge registration made against High Profits Ltd in ‘Internet Millionaire?’ above, and it is undoubtedly secured against something for sure, but £75k for a guy who claims to have made millions online is chump change, he should have that to hand – a simple director’s loan – so that doesn’t look like the action of a company, nor company director, worth what it claims in my opinion.

  • Anonymous

    Hello , my partner has invested in High Profits with Chris Cobb . Since than our life is one nightmare . He is completely different person , Chris Cobb is his Guru, my partner is not honest at all how much he invested and for now he earns nothing . Even today he went to this secret course how to earn more clicks . Please SOMEBODY HELP!!!!

    • Adam

      Until your partner wakes up then I’m afraid there’s little anyone can do to help you. While he’s still got money to give Chris Cobb don’t expect any understanding to your plight from him.

  • Essex

    I actually handed all my saving to Chris Cobb about 10 month ago nothing in return. There’s more people out there that he did the same he needs to be stopped.

    • Adam

      If that’s true, that sounds like breach of contract. That’s also very expensive to try and get any sort of legal recompense from, especially as all internet marketers are careful to point out in the small print that “results aren’t typical” and no results should be expected at all.

      If others consider themselves defrauded then I’d urge them to share their stories in comments sections like this, make contact with others, and take a jointly shared case to the authorities/court.

      But Cobb would likely wind up his company in the face of any real legal threat, declare bankruptcy in the event of losing a fight (and never mind any “millionaire” claims in that eventuality), so you’d be on a hiding to nothing – and Chris Cobb knows that.

  • Hi Simon,

    Interesting website, and I only search for Chris Cobb as another comment for him came through to our website just last night. I’d actually forgot about him before that.

    But there are a couple of comments on our website as well about him, and one of our researchers actually DID purchase his AIS System, which was rendered to the bin shorlty after.

    This comment is not for a link, or anything, because we all know that does not work anymore, but more for the fact that this guy (Cobb) is still advertising, and still sucking people in with his false claims.



    • Adam

      I wish we could all forget about Chris Cobb but while Facebook still run paid pads, unfortunately that’s not a possibility.

  • Martin

    Hi if anyone has any information on this guy it would be appreciated, ie place of work etc

    • Brett O' Donoghue

      Do you still want some info on this idiot? I recently had the misfortune of selling him my house so i know EXACTLY where he lives. Let me know..

      • Kevin

        Hi, I also invested with him on a Crypto ‘Mining Rig’ and he has suddenly decided to ignore all requests for updates and I now realise all is not it appeared to be. I’m being careful with the langauge and would very much like to know where I can contact him.


        • Adam

          Jack suggests it’s to be found in the docu-sign crypto contract summary.pdf file. At least his address is. I’m assuming this came as part of the package of his bitcoin sign-up process.

      • Gary

        Did he do you over as well Brett buying your house?

      • John Nielsen

        Do you have his address since I too have issues with him

      • Brian Emuss

        Hi there. Yes I might need his address please if that’s ok?

  • Chuck

    Good article on, in my own personal view, of DISGRACED internet marketer Chris Cobb. I keep an eye on him from time to time to see if he has been sent to prison or not for his working practices. It made me laugh as you quoted me from several years ago in your review.

    It’s a shame there isn’t an actual way to make money online without resorting to sleazy practices.

    • Adam

      He’s just taken a massive knock with MOBE getting shut down. I had a feeling that loan of his was taken out to purchase more MOBE licenses (ie so he can sell the bigger ticket products) and that’s just gone – his ‘investment’. If that also finally shuts down Chris Cobb then the FTC was truly an agent of righteous karma…

      • Chuck

        Wow, if he has indeed taken out a loan despite his self-proclaimed “success” he does indeed deserve all that righteous karma kicking him up the butt!

        I forgot to mention in your review you actual quote me from several years ago! Glad that some people have got use of it.

        I hope Chris Cobb doesn’t release a new “frauduct” in an attempt to cover his losses.

  • Martin

    This guy has over £20k of ours invested in his company, has paid little back and now doesn’t respond to any messages.

    We are going to trading standards and the fraud office, words fail me.

    He still advertises and runs events but won’t be for long, there will be a ‘few’ people getting messages of proof on what he’s done, not out of revenge but wouldn’t have anyone loosing money the way we have.

    • Adam

      He’s a piece of work, Lord Percy (Chris Cobb). You’re not alone as you say, and I sincerely hope you get some resolution. Though it may not come about from Lord Percy selling that Aston Martin he likes to stand beside…

      I agree it’s high time for this guy to get shutdown and looked at by the authorities.

      • Martin

        Well I have been doing some enquiries and a number of people have responded to me on their losses with me Cobb, if you are reading this don’t touch him with a bardge poll.

        • Adam

          I haven’t seen any marketing out of Cobb since MOBE went tits up. Since that got shutdown by the FTC – and unequivocally labelled a “scam” by the agency – he hasn’t been seen, has he? Not that I miss him or anything.

          Anyway, keep us updated if you can, Martin (legal practicalities allowing). I’m sure a lot of people would like to see Lord Percy in the stocks.

          • Martin

            Trust me he’s up and working, not that I want to advertise the guy but he uses this link every month he draws people into his weekend


          • Francesca

            Hi Marin

            I attended Chris Cobb workshop in January 2019 Chris Cobb is continuing to do these workshops every month. He is DISHONEST and MUST be stopped. I paid £2,000 for a crypto product from Chris Cobb with a ROI agreed for by March 2019. I have made many contacts to Chris Cobb but no response. He wanted me to hand over £50,000 I am so glad I did not!!! I wanted to see what he could do with £2000. Clearly NOTHING. I am able to do so MUCH MORE myself and have done so. I hope this helps some else not to be scammed by this fraudster and liar.


        • Adam

          Ah, okay, he’s back to that shit again – that tack-on promo vid that can be recycled to front whatever new “high ticket” commissions program he’s trying to funnel every person in the room into.

          Wondering what he’s pushing now he’s lost MOBE (and all his investment in it).

  • Ali

    I too get no replies to my questions as to what I’ve earned from mining. He avoids my calls and I have invested a load of money which I’ve asked to be returned. He needs a good talking to. It wouldn’t surprise me if he didn’t invest my money but paid off a debt which is why he’s never answered my questions. Arsehole big time.

    • Adam

      He needs a talking to, but by a judge.

    • Martin

      Yeap, total [defamatory remark redacted],
      I have posted messages on Facebook to those that link in with him and 3 others have responded to me they he owes them a min of £10k, mines £22k so I have no idea how one guy can loose each and everyone’s money in one go.

      He’s had it to pay his own stuff of, I have asked for proof that he actually invested it but get no answers at all.

      I will continue to point this out to everyone and everyone so they don’t loose out with him, if I could be bothered I would pay for one of his weekend tickets just to go along and make this clear to anyone who’s looking to invest with him.

      And if anyone does want my email address I am happy to leave it on here.

      • Mark

        Yes please can you send me your email address, and if have a contact number and his home address that would be great.

        I gave him money to trade the Crypto market a few weeks back and have not heard from him since.

        He will not respond to any of my emails. This should not be allowed to continue to steal people’s hard earned money.

      • Dominic

        I went on a quick start up seminar of Chris Cobb’s in October 2018, when I foolishly invested £5000 in Crypto Mining rig and also $5000 in a JV affiliate package.
        I enquired in Feb 2019 where the promised mining profits were and was told via a video
        recording that no money was being made in mining because the electric bills were more than the money being made. I have spoken to others on the same seminar who have also lost/not made any money. I intend to report all this to Action Fraud.

        • jack

          It is true that crypto mining computers are power hungry. They are not like normal PCs. They have specially made processors which consume a lot of electrical power. Such a computer might consume ~3Kwh. That’s 3,000 watts every hour, the same as a 3 bar electric fire, and they need to run 24/7.

          See my post below with his addess

        • Kevin

          I’m in the same position and would support the reporting process.

    • Brian Emuss

      Do you have a contact telephone number for him?

  • M Ram

    I am also been [defamatory remark redacted] by CC and a number of others. We all as a group are fighting to get our money back through taking him to court.
    Join our group “Chris Cobb mastermind attendees” search it on Facebook and join you will be surprised how many he has [defamatory remark redacted] and as a collective we are bring him down.

    • Adam

      Good luck, Malkit. I’d urge others to join your group and get involved.

      Sorry about having to edit your comment, but as per previous replies, Lord Percy seizes on anything he can to submit a Google take down notice and get a page removed from search results – I’m just not giving him the opportunity.

      Keep us updated on progress, though. I’ll happily re-edit and restore your full comment if the judge sides with your assessment 😉

    • Marcus


      could not find any info at “Chris Cobb mastermind attendees”.
      Would like to join the facebook group. Is there another link or more information
      i can receive about Chris Cobb. Transferred £2,000 to his account a few weeks back
      to trade Crytpo, and now he is not responding to any of my emails and i do not have
      any other contact details for him.

  • Cdhj

    I sadly invested 2k with Chris Cobb and got nothing in return. Chased for six months and the money back guarantee for this means nothing to them. Single mother of three. All I can say is I wish I had stumbled on this 3 years ago and invested my money elsewhere

    • Martin

      There are many many people in the same boat as you and are after him, and he in it for way into 6 figures through every one.

      Admin, is there any way people can exchange contact details as this would benefit those that are out there by themselves with CC

      • Adam

        It was mentioned there was a Facebook group (which no longer seems available)? Perhaps create a private group for you folks to talk in etc.

        • jack

          Chris Cobb’s home address, as extracted from the docu-sign crypto contract summary.pdf file.

          Most people wouldn’t see this information, but i did.

          Does he actually live here do you think?

          Envelope Originator:
          Certificate Pages: 5 Initials: 0 Chris Cobb
          AutoNav: Enabled
          EnvelopeId Stamping: Enabled
          Time Zone: (UTC) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London

          • Adam

            Sorry, Jack, I have to remove the address as doxing Lord Percy may give him a hook to hang a take down notice on re this page.

            Of course, if folks want to look up that document themselves…

        • Alan Dodson

          The facebook group is still active and receiving anyone who has been defrauded by CC

  • jack

    I agree Adam, you were right to do that. It was remiss of me.

    Since i too have been a victim of Lord Percy, by investing in his Crypto scam, i plan to contact my Bank and also Action Fraud on I urge other victims to do like wise.

    If you transferred the monies to his account there is a possibility that the Banks will refund you.

  • Adam

    I’m no legal expert, but folks banding together and pulling resources or presenting a documented case of a multitude of “aggrieved” consumers could only be a good thing for all those concerned.

    There was a Facebook group (now defunct) so perhaps creating something similar would help put people in touch? I’d recommend not calling it something like “People Scammed By [name] & Out To Get Him”, though! 😉 Maybe just something generic, something that Lord Percy can’t whine to Facebook about and get taken down, where everyone can congregate and share their story and pass personal info etc in private messages where need be.

    And link it up in Comments here for folks to find.

    Expect Lord Percy to join too, under a phoney Facebook profile.

  • jack

    Just to say i submitted a report to

    If anything transpires i’ll keep you posted

    • Adam

      I hope your report achieves the deserved attention and suggest everyone do similar to add to the case.

      But I fear Cobb’s no stranger to this sort of attention, as per the original article, complaints about him have abounded for years and he’s showing no signs of stopping: getting worse if anything.

  • Alan Dodson

    I have his CC’s home address and mobile if anyone is interested…

    I am also am in the facebook group looking to take him down

    Get in touch if you need any of this info

    • Gary

      Hi Alan, do you have the details of the Facebook group?

    • John Nielsen

      Hi yes a I would like his contact details please since I fear he has defrauded me with his Done for you trading

    • P.J

      Hi Alan

      Could I ask if you could send me Chris Cobs details.

      Many thanks in advance



      • Mr C

        Hi PJ, I believe we cant post details on here but there is a hidden Facebook group and we have his full details, some properties on land reg, home address and much more

        • Adam

          You can share your group if you want, not an issue.

        • P.J

          Hi Mr C

          If you can offer some details or a link to your group…

          can you find a way to send them.

          I have asked a question to Adam, but unfortunately he has not replied yet..
          on How we may be able to pass on certain information to each poster who make a request
          to others… in the event he has not suggested we post such info on the thread.

          I was asking if he would be able to pass it on for us ?
          as I Adam is the only one who gets access to posters email details.
          Adam has my real email address…

          But for this post … I am using another one for now to at least reply and make a request..
          and raise some further comment…

          Mr C If you do obtain an email address when I make this … can let me know in this thread.
          and do not reply to it as it will not be one that I would answer to or its a false one just to make this post… as I am still not sure who can see the email details when we reply and have enter email details on each post we make..

    • John Nielsen

      Do you have his address since I too have issues with him

  • P.J

    I would be interested if you could send me Chris Cobbs details.

    I did know where he used to live, but that was a year or two ago..

    I believe that Chris Cobb has closed down all of his Internet Marketing Companies inc his AIS system.

    I have only just found this website… but other than this on trying to search for other information on him..
    there does not seem very much.. othen than maybe Facebook sites… (That I dont like to use)

    I believe he has other businesses..Property for that are suggested in , but on trying to find more about them.. I could not find anything about them.. ie no website etc.. or ref to them.. so whether they are in nomal operation or not I dont know.

    It is quite unbelievable to find out how many people he has not satsified ..

    As regards to him misleading… he has in certain ways…

    but also some may say that he has taught many about the basics of I.M and more on and off during his carear.

    I do believe he made it as a Millionaire within 2 yrs from his start… as I attempted to start a similar biz thru Andrew Reynolds when he 1st started and he excelled in adwords at the time and I made a fortune when google ads were cheap ….I had to give him credit for that…

    but later he just seemed to take on too much and ignored looking after his customers…other than maybe ones that he had higher interests with.

    The thing is he was much cleverer in sometings than his sales letters made out..

    I think he was university educated and at teacher level..and not just some lower working class person.. that
    I think he earlier tried to make out..

    • Adam

      Looks like High Profits Ltd is now High Debts Ltd as it’s in liquidation.

      Of the two property companies, COBB PROPERTY MANAGEMENT LIMITED and MPE PROPERTY LTD, both are overdue on submitting accounts and both have an active proposal to strike off the Company Register.

      One can only hope Cobb is finished, and experiencing the sort of financial ruin he’s inflicted on others.

      EDIT: spoke too soon. Cobb’s posted an update to his Vimeo account two days ago:

      All of 95 views at time of posting this, and claiming to be making money for clients. So he’s still at it.

      • P.J

        Nice Find Adam,

        Was you aware of C Cobbs trading videos before today..

        if so do what he claims his trading system is or he has a website on it

        and aware of people who have joined his program assuming he has one .

        He was doing some sort of trading some years ago, but I dont know what happened to it.
        I think it later came to an end.

        I wonder now if he making a sucess of trading or if hes just selling a trading program as a scam ?

        • Adam

          I came across that Vimeo account hosting trading vids from Cobb back in 2017.

          There’s an earlier comment about a ‘Done For You Trading’ system that Cobb’s running, but I’ve been unable to find details on it. That vid I posted is obviously being linked to from somewhere, or maybe even distributed in an email. I don’t know, but he’s obviously at something.

          Chris Cobb’s presented himself as an expert in a number of different program niches, the odds of him being a genuine self-taught and successful Forex/Crypto-currency/Share/whatever trader, are about the same as the charts and spreadsheets he uses showing client profits, being genuine too.

          • PJ

            Thanks for your explanations and comments.

            I did see something about DFYT in an earlier posts but at the time I dont think I considered exactly what it may had been and without rechecking I dont think there any
            worthy ref to any other info on it.

            In relation to Chris Cobb who had followed on and off over some years since around 2009 / 10 …My own views on him initially was he impressed me when I think he first started with some of early marketing sales letters to promote and Andrew Reynolds product..and then he later started doing some of his own related ideas to offer higher cost IM promotions which he did for some years. in I do believe he made considerable money with CPA offers and you have listed many of his products on this website page.

            IM became so flooded with similar products and later there were numerous changes with the likes of google etc…

            Chris later got involved with other things and after 2013 / 15.. I had some problems and was not able to keep up with things and stopped following him like I used to..

            But I was aware of people having issues with him and his higher cost products.
            and I lost some faith in him after that I am sorry to say.

            Then later he got involved with Mobe. maybe around 2014/15

            then he also got involved in properties…/ real estate.

            I looked at the vimeo link you gave me and I can see some of the things he has done
            over the 6 years he had joined vimeo…

            and he has done some really good looking videos that look remarkably impressive I can see..

            I was not really sure what his High end profits had been .. on one of the videos he shows some scenes of him holding a workshop and teaching people with their laptops.. under High end but he seems to be also showing something to do with trading the stock market or maybe cryptomarkets..

            and then I can see he has done quite a few videos on trading .
            He claims to be making 2% a day I think he says in his trading..
            I know hes been aware of trading stock market in someways maybe since 2010.
            but in his early days he new nothing..

            With all the money he made .and influencial people he seems to get connected with… You would think he would sooner or later find some top traders who he could get trained by or learn fro or J.V with…

            So I would have thought chances are there is a good chance he could be doing what he claims…

            But whether or not he is now capable of trading successfully himself.. that I don’t know. It maybe he relies on some advisers..

            but when I see some of the comments on your webpage.. some posters have had issues with him and I know he can disappear for some time and not answer peoples emails or phone calls.. or give poor replies..

            and maybe not have too much patience if you are not in his take time to
            help you.. I think he tends to gell more with a certain middle class..

            It was a real surprise to see him close his IM businesses…
            but maybe he knew something we dont…or expected a market crash.

            I suspect he no longer perhaps can make IM pay or its no longer worth his while..
            as I think it is a lot harder now or requires a lot more to succeed.

            and if he can trade the markets… that maybe easier for him.
            but how much he trades his own money on it.. is had to say.

            I am also surprised that I /we cannot seem to find any other websites that promotes his present type of interests… be it trading or other things that come under his name.

            It seems so far only Vimeo indicates ref to him…

            and overall his videos dont seem to have that many views on many of them..

            unless he posts them elsewhere maybe on facebook that may not show up on the or certain search engines.


  • PJL

    Can I ask Adam in ref to both a message that Mr C posted to me in another post above..
    and another where I asked Alan Dodson if he could send me some details as he has offered

    IF one makes a reply to another posted other than you..

    Does that person obtain email details of the sender .. ie my email address…

    so that they could reply to me..

    Or is it only you that get a sender / posters details.

    and if so…. are you able to email information on behalf of them ?

    Thank you


    • Adam

      Emails are hidden for privacy reasons. I can see them but many folks don’t supply a real one i.e. I wouldn’t advise making an email public as bots crawl sites looking for open emails and add them to spam lists.

      Giving a link to a closed FB group should be OK, as new applicants have to be vetted by the moderator.

      • PJ

        If I was to reply to one of the other posters message such as to Mr C or Alan D..

        As I have to fill in an email address each post I make..
        does that not then get sent to those people ?
        if not…. so does the email I use to reply to them… some how come to you instead ?

        I was under the impression that we cannot posts certain personal info on the website ..
        but I thought we could request to ask for info in our posts and maybe that our email address may show up to those we reply to somehow..

        or if not .. can between us send info to you to email directly on our behalf to who we request
        it to be sent to.
        So for eg.. Alan Dodson offered to send info to anyone for Chris Cs details ..
        some of us have replied to ask him for the info…

        From doing that… what happens from now ?
        Would an email be sent to Alan… or does he have to return to this website to be made aware..

        and if so …. can he still somehow go about passing on the info requested somehow ?
        I would assume thru you if you have posters emails !

        In such cases no doubt we all would have to post genuine email addresses if we want to share things between posters..

  • Tomas

    I just receive an email from Chris Cobb. How he can compound £10000 in £80000 in one-year using forex trading.
    You just need to give him £10000 and never hear from him again.
    Check the link

  • John

    This guy have stolen £2864 from me as my balance for “done for you trading”Ver unscrupulous.This was after depositing £2500 with him to do “done for you trading” He took 20 percent deposit each month for the service.Failed to provide the monthly reports each at the end of most months unless chased for them.He has taken our complete balance made though trading most part of the year and clearly used our funds after threatening him.He still failed to do this for most of August 2020 when he informed us he would no longer trade for us since he noted I put a comment on this site which he didn’t like and he wanted to get this site removed.Not to be trusted!

    • Adam

      Cobb’s wanted this page removed since it went up. I’m told he believes it affects his business negatively… and never mind the customers whose bank balances he’s affected negatively.

      Speaking of which here’s one of Cobb’s MOBE customers relating their negative experience. That was the scam get-rich-quick-quick scheme the FTC shutdown that Cobb enthusiastically shilled.

      Sorry to hear you’ve received the Chris Cobb treatment too. Let us know how the court case proceeds.

  • John

    I have applied to take him to Court as it happens

  • Brian

    I have been one of Chris Cobbs done for you trading clients since May 2020 and every time I have requested withdrawals I have received them. Chris hasn’t answered every single email I’ve ever sent him but he did come through when I needed him to. I know that doesn’t help a lot of people here but I just thought I would post my review

  • Bill Dawson

    Here’s a recent scam from Mr.C
    I hope you’re having a great weekend.

    I just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know that soon…

    The doors will be closed!

    You see, when I first started the fund I had a target in mind.

    A HUGE target for the fund to hit.

    And in the next few weeks we’ll be hitting that target!

    Which means I’ll be focused on trading and trading alone.

    No more emails.

    If you’re not yet with us – make sure you complete this application now

    Do this right now.

    Talk soon,

    P.S. Our minimum is currently £5,000. If you’re not quite there yet, shoot me an email and we’ll see what we can do to get you started.

    Automated Income Stream

    Suite 20, Dorset House
    25 Duke Street
    Chelmsford Essex CM1 1TB

    Unsubscribe | Change Subscriber Options

  • Bill Dawson

    Hi Adam, how can I connect with (Alan Dodson
    December 6, 2019 at 2:21 pm) in here to get details on offer? unable to find hidden site on facebook

    • Adam

      I couldn’t find Alan’s Facebook group, either. I suspect if it existed, Cobb would’ve found it and reported it, so it may not be available anymore.

      I’m afraid I don’t have contact details for Alan, and if I did, privacy laws would mean I couldn’t provide them without Alan’s consent.

      If Alan reads this, I hope he updates us.

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