Getting Round Ad Blockers

Monetising a blog sounds so grand. It sounds so sure and bold, to take the decision to “monetise”. Except it’s kinda like declaring you’ve signed up to the gym. It feels good and you’re aware of all the potential facing you in that weight room, imagining your Herculean (athletic at the very least) physique to come… but the reality is, […]

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Reality of Blogging

When it comes to blogging, it seems as easy a way to make money as breathing or walking. In that it’s natural. Expressing your opinions that is. So what could be easier than that? Except… how many opinions do you have? Because, let me tell you, when you exhaust that five or six topics that you know really well, have […]

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WordPress or Wix for Blogging

WordPress or Wix

I use both WordPress and Wix for blogging and websites and sacrilege though it may be to some, when it comes to recommending one over the other, it’d depend more on the person than the ultimate intended use if they’re set on doing it for themselves. Wix Wix has this rep as being ‘easy’ because it’s very much a WYSIWYG […]

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Blog Post Length

What the optimal blog post word count should be in order to make the most of SEO is something of a thorny problem. Probably best that can be said is what it shouldn’t be: under three hundred words. Actually, some sources say two hundred and fifty words, but let’s play safe and err on the high side. And erring on […]

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Why Most Blogs Fail

Why most blogs fail

For “blog” read your affiliate marketing business: they’re the same thing. Given this blog of mine is so young, it may seem a little early to be writing on the subject of what makes a successful blog (after all, what’s to say this blog will be?), but as this isn’t my first and only blog, I’ll continue and risk the wrath […]

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