Best Way To Make Money

best way to make money

You want to know what the best money making idea is?

Having a job.

Any job. It’s that simple.

That may not be what you want to hear, but it’s the truth. And because it’s the truth, you don’t want to hear it.

I don’t want to hear it, either. Heck, I’d much rather hear how I can become a millionaire through selling health shakes, or drop-shipping novelty coffee cups, or how dumping my life savings into some big-ticket MLM is a guaranteed 1000% return and no previous experience necessary!

And hey-presto, for $997 you can buy the magic formula to do it, too!

I mean, the folks touting that formula, they earn several hundred thousand dollars a MONTH, and say anyone can do it!

Only in the small print do they become less sure, mainly because they want to cover their ass against being held to their bullshit and getting sued. So down at the bottom of the website in small font, or in the terms & conditions that they’re hoping you never read, it’s very quietly stated that you should be prepared to make no money at all, and that the person saying how easy it is means just for him or her, not you.

Now, I’m not saying abandon the idea of making money on the net, because there’s definitely money there to be had.

I’m just saying abandon the hucksters with their get-rich-quick systems, who couldn’t make a dime with them either. If they’ve got money, and most don’t, then they made it by selling a dream, not a secret.

It’s always the same script, too. They proudly proclaim they never went to college, or dropped out, had a dead end job, but look at them now!

Yeah, just look. You’re basically saying you’re a dumbass and bullshitting on the internet is all you’re qualified to do.

These are the folks who claim they’ve figured out the “secret” to tapping the internet for money. And they’ll tell you – for $997 reduced from $4,997 for today only!

Damn, they’re good people! Not only sharing the map to buried treasure, but discounting it too!

And just like a map to buried treasure you can buy in a Moroccan bazaar, it’ll be just as genuine as the designer bags hanging from the next shelf over.

It’ll be just as detailed as you’d expect, too.

Treasure map

This is how you make $10k a month

Extra detail will be available if that’s not clear enough for you, and it comes in the flood of daily emails offering further up-sells and marketing tools.

Emails if you’re lucky, calls if you’re not.

Once you buy in, you’re invested and they count on you to rationalise you weren’t just played. I mean you’re an intelligent person after all, you wouldn’t get hoodwinked, you looked into it: this works.

So maybe you should invest just a little more in your “business” like your new friend the guru says… who you hadn’t heard of till you watched his pre-recorded webinar last month. Businesses require investment, right? You’ve spent nearly a grand so far and that’s lost if you give up. A little more wouldn’t hurt. It’d be wise in fact. And your new guru friend is there to agree and congratulate you on your commitment and farsightedness. You’re going to go far, he can tell!

However, even the most ailing of businesses bring in money, too. You don’t just keep pumping money in and get nothing out.

But these hucksters are counting on you not knowing any better, and failing to realise that you don’t have a business, just an expense (a sunk cost really), and that the only person with a business is them – and their business is selling the idea, not dealing in it.

What they deal in, is extracting money by fronting in whatever business fad is currently trending. One week they’re selling a drop-shipping course, the next an outsourcing program promising you can make $10k a month writing CVs.

But it’s all nothing more than freely available knowledge packaged up in a cheap bottle they’ve labelled ‘secret sauce’. They’re telling you NOTHING you couldn’t find out with just a little research.

And really, like the gym, even if the method works (and that’s a big if), it works over the long term, not in a week.

Charles Atlas

Yeah, that transformation happened same summer season

That there is the turn off for most folks: having to put a bit of effort in.

This is why all those pitches that claim you don’t need skills in web building or copywriting or marketing, look so appealing. And why the hucksters of this crap paint themselves as even dumber than they hope their customers are – because if that guy made it, then so can you!

But instead of making money, you lose money. Sometimes more than you can afford.

The hucksters wringing it out of you don’t care, either. They’re like drug dealers. They’ll bleed you dry and leave you in the gutter when you haven’t another cent more to give them.

So never, ever, join a program or buy one, when you need money. Not when you’re broke or unemployed. It’s not the answer.

Getting yourself a job is the smartest thing you can do to earn money. As unglamorous and boring as that may sound.

If you get yourself a career even better. That’s advancement and more money at each step. MLMs like to ridicule the notion, but it’s the best thing you can do. Better than buying into their bullshit.

Now, I don’t suggest forgetting about making some money off the net altogether. There’s obviously some folks doing fantastically well at it: influencers, bloggers, YouTubers, marketers…

But they’re mainly a select few. Realise that. And most of them got lucky, they didn’t have a plan. They may backwards rationalise their success, but most didn’t work to anything but the flimsiest blueprint.

A blueprint to be found as the trite advice you can read on any website sporting an outsized font, and stuffed with pop-up ads and banners.

You can do everything “right”, follow these folks advice to the letter, and still get nowhere.

So I reckon you really do have to be in it to enjoy the process mainly for itself, and run with it without much expectation.

It’s what I do with this blog. I like writing (I really do), so I blog.

I also like taking a hard look at hucksters, scammers and pyramid schemes. They pop up in my Facebook feed all the time, and to this day I admit I can still get lured in and find myself clicking on one of their links… because maybe this is the “one”.

Just like you, I want to believe as well.

I want to believe in UFOs

Ticket to Venus $997 today only

And then I look closer, and I’m glad I did. Then I write up what I found and share it here. So this medium suits me.

It’s a nice bonus that I can make money from it and I do. It varies though, and I don’t worry about it or seek it. I just indulge what I enjoy.

As long as my costs are covered (hosting etc), that’s still a good month as far as I’m concerned.

Because I don’t rely on it, I have a day job. So I ain’t stressing my Google Analytics or visitor numbers.

I’ve written this for the pleasure of tinkling on my keyboard and getting my thoughts down: nothing more. I’ve written as if there’s a Dear Reader to play to, but maybe I’ll be the only one to ever read my loquacious prose.

It’s the nub of what I’m saying, though: if you’re going to get into the net biz, do it for the pleasure of it, and not because you need it. The only “need” you have to possess, is just the desire to get it out of yourself, and into the world.

So long as you’re not desperate, looking to this as an answer or solution to your money troubles, you’ll severely curtail your chances of being exploited or exposed to financial harm.

For me, this is a hobby, not a chore. Sure I’d like to be the dude making five figures out of this a month, I was reading a blogger claim that just the other day, but that’s not where I am.

Where I am is just plugging away at it, and let the chips fall where they may.

It can become a full time income, but don’t ever do this hoping it will become your income when you don’t have one.

For me, I’m getting a nice bit of extra money every month. Even when I don’t write. And as can be seen, I’ve taken some long hiatuses from working on it. It still made passive income just sitting idle, though, having what is written floating on the net waiting to be hooked.

Hence why I promote Wealthy Affiliate. I like their monthly price and I like all the tools and community and help that comes with it. I reckon it’s a good deal, and one that isn’t harmful even if folks decide it’s not for them.

If you want to take a look-see, check them out: membership’s free and comes without any “credit card required for verification” bullshit. Name, email, you’re in. You get a week’s worth of full membership for free, which is more than enough time to decide if it’s for you, after that you revert to free membership and you haven’t spent a dime.

You can read my review on WA here if you want more detailed info.

If you’re realistic, it can work.

If you’re not, well I know a guy who’ll tell you the secret to making millions by next week – for only $997.


  • Al

    Happy Vday Adam! Thanks for the honesty. It’s not glamorous but its true

    • Adam

      Thanks, Al, same to you.

      Yeah, a job can be far from glamorous but if it’s happiness you’re looking for, you’ll be a damn sight less happy without one!

  • vijay

    So WA business is actually hosting websites for thirdparty business ?

    • Adam

      No, it’s an affiliate marketing discussion and teaching resource first and foremost. However, it comes with WordPress integration so you don’t need to purchase hosting in addition to your membership. There’s also discussion groups on all things WordPress such as programming and general help, and a professional helpdesk for anything that goes ‘bang’ on your site that you can’t fix.

      Some folks do join WA just for the WordPress hosting, but it’s a core tool, not the core product of WA.

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