Best SEO Fiverr gigs

Website traffic for free

What are the best SEO Fiverr gigs?

This is an easy question to answer: none of them!

You’re no doubt looking at these gigs because you want to drive additional traffic to your site, pick up some new customers or subscribers, boost your Google ranking in the process (all the way up to page one according to some Fiverrs) and the promises of quality traffic and back links seems so tempting, and all for $5.

Too good to be true


There are some things you should go to Fiverr for but website traffic is not one of them. At best you’ll be wasting your money, at worst you’ll destroy your Google analytics and get your site booted from Google search results.

Do you really think $5 buys 100k quality, targeted human users, directed to your site? Or maybe a bot that effectively hits “refresh” on your site every millisecond until you get a 100K “views.” With 100% bounce rate, zero engagement and an average visitor duration of 00:00:01.

It’ll take weeks, if not months, for your Google analytics to recover from that and you’ll only have succeeded in dropping your ranking with that sky high bounce rate which will be interpreted as there being nothing of interest on your site.

‘Killer’ backlinks

If you’ve added in backlinks to that Fiverr gig then it’ll be from no site that will do you any good. Again, it will be low quality sites that will only serve to discredit you in Google’s eyes, and it can prove very difficult to get the links removed from the web as you’ll have to track them all down and contact each individual site’s moderator to do it. If he or she hasn’t done it already as a spam post. But you’re going to be talking maybe thousands of sites that your gig’s bot has posted to. While those links remain out there, your website traffic is going to be affected.

The only easy way to negate that is to use the “disavow” feature in Google Search Console, but that relies on you having a listing from the gig provider of all the sites targeted as a backlink. If you don’t have that, you’re in serious trouble.

SEO improve your ranking

It gets worse

Scam alertSpeaking of trouble, I have seen horror stories of people then being effectively blackmailed into paying way more to the gig provider to undo what you paid them to! A lot of it will be very specifically forbidden Blackhat techniques that can get your site permanently removed from search engine listings. The guys doing the gig know this, and will inform Google of just what they’ve done if you don’t pay up.

Gaining traffic and backlinks takes time. There’s no $5 wand that can be waved and magically boost you to the #1 spot in Google. Wouldn’t just about every corporation be earmarking that five bucks to cover a major part of their internet marketing and SEO strategy? If something’s too good to be true then it probably is. Identifying the scams is a big part of staying safe and making some money on the net.

And doing that is like the gym. It takes work and time, but if you put it in, you get the results. That work is creating keyword relevant articles with quality content, and time is needed for it to grow and sprout in Google rankings. There is no quick fix or fast route. There’s no “six pack abs in six days.”

It’s not all bad

Fiverr is great for some things. You can get can some good work done on the cheap for things like graphics (and even then you may have to try a few people as the quality varies greatly), but stay away from the SEO stuff. The experts in the field charge hundreds of dollars for a consultation, not $5. You’ll just end up in exactly the opposite situation that you wanted. Losing your money in fact would be the getting off light option in this scenario.

There’s plenty free online resources to advise on SEO. Make sure they’re recent though, as Google updates its algorithm frequently and information from a few years ago will be out of date.

If you’ve tried any SEO gigs off Fiverr, let us know how you got on Comments.


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