As If To Prove My Point

Procrastination meter

After my last blog post, writing about how hard it is to consistently blog, I thought I’d go and prove that by not blogging for four months.

Which is decidedly un-John Chow of me.

And decidedly unlike those folks who go off and somehow manage something new each and every day to review on their blog – and do it without screaming or losing their mind, cranking out a minimum 1,500 word post on whatever the heck obscure MLM or Clickbank product they can dig up for today’s post – which reads just like a plagiarised, spun article of their own previous writing.

But, as the cool kids say (or maybe not so cool), “my bad.”

I should’ve written. I like writing and I like this blog, and it does bring me in a little money, so neglecting it is hardly wise.

It is, however, human.

Life got in the way, or rather the Christmas season did, and coupled with a new job, trying to sell my house, and a relationship crisis in my love-life (such as it is), I somehow never “had the time.”

Which I did have, what I meant more accurately was I just wasn’t in the mood.

At least not for this blog, as I did a fair bit of work of my adult site, and focused on that as it was “easier” in terms of producing content as mainly tube site, and the traffic was growing steadily… and then last month there was a major Google update and we saw ourselves cut off at the knees, dropping from 16,000 views a month to 5,000. Ouch. But that’s another blog post on what happened there.

And also, to be honest, that hill in front of me, in terms of creating a successful blog (with this one), just seemed too high a peak, with too long a journey, to reach.

Which is bad thinking, as you should do this for the love of it, not any reward, as the reward part is far from guaranteed, and a John Chow-esque sized reward even less so (think winning the lottery).

Actually, forget monetary reward, just a readership and the reward of a comment: even pursuing that can make the time spent surfing the web and Youtube all day on pointless shit seem more worthwhile. Or at least rewarding in terms of enjoyment: you don’t expect anything and you got it.

So here’s my first blog post of 2018. My blog is still alive, even if undernourished of late.

I think I may start waxing lyrical on a wider range of topics, too. Mainly because I do like writing, but I don’t like writing on something just for the sake of it, like the next MLM.

Unless there’s some particularly devious or smarmy element to it: like Tai Lopez or Chris Cobb or some such. Tai Lopez, I don’t think I could ever tire of as he’s almost self-parody at this stage, and an unending source of material.

Plus… I think I’m going to allow through more of the troll comments, or ones that disagree with me in an insulting way. Or just disagree with me so I can insult them. Whatever’s more fun. It won’t be “professional” but it’ll be fun anyway.

And who knows, maybe even add a particular “voice” to my blog? If I’m lucky… and after several hundred posts…

But like anything you get out of the habit of, getting back into it is the hard part. So we’ll see how this goes.

Or I will anyway.

At the end of the day of this is what the early stages of blogging are all about, and as the internet ages, the “early stages” increase in time too, and what else better have you really got to do?

So fart up a few posts. It’s what Gary Vaynerchuk would do. And he seems to think it’s your own fault if you can’t make money off the net.

Here we go then 🙂

Speaking of John Chow (and I was) here’s his musings on the path to blogging success.

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