What You’ll Find Here

Hello! Welcome to Lazy Money Making – so called because you make money while you sleep!

Eventually that is. I’m successfully involved in affiliate marketing and there is a ton of misinformation about how to go about making money in that business. To address that I’ve started this site, in which I intend to address the good, bad and ugly of the process.

First thing I’d like to say is that it is no overnight get rich quick scheme. You’re going to have to be patient and diligent. And work, despite the name I’ve given this site. That work will be in researching and writing quality, relevant articles and providing value to your readers. It’s not too onerous though and something you need only spend a couple hours on a week. Hence compared to the office that sounds lazy! And when things get going the return to effort is enormous.

But it’s making things get going that’s the hard part: the discipline. And the patience. Continuing to post and do your best to create an authority site, while for a great time you feel like you’re posting into the void and just speaking to yourself. Ignoring that, and trusting in the process, seeing the traffic trickle and then flow to your site, and not giving in to apathy and despair is where you’re tested in affiliate marketing. You want the oak tree but you have to start with the acorn and tend to it, nurture and grow it. You can only count progress in months, not days.

So all those “drive massive traffic” to your site ads on Facebook and across the web look great, don’t they? We’ll it’s here that I’ll be discussing those, saying what’s good and what to steer away from. Same with the various affiliate programs and sites.

You’re online to make money and you don’t do that by “investing” it in the wrong things.

This is a place to talk about the right things.


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