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I think this is going to be another quick review a la Aspire Today… because 45 Minute Paydays isn’t its own system, it’s another (flimsy) front for one of the bigger money making ‘opportunities’: MOBE.

There really should be dramatic music whenever the curtain’s pulled back to reveal MOBE.

This home-grown site is a variation on getting away from MOBE’s own templates, which new users are told are part of the “done for you system,” but not told that that the only “done” in these templates, is that they’re done to death – by other newbies just like you who use them. As such they’ve very little chance of getting anybody interested in on staying on them or reading the copy.

At least these days, after several years of saturating the Web with the same page but on a different domain names.

Meaning these pages will never be indexed or come up in internet searches as they’re the very definition of “duplicate content.”

So the person behind 45 Minute Paydays is trying to circumvent that (which is a good idea) by producing their own capture page to funnel you towards signing up to MOBE (which is bad idea).

That person, according to the sales copy, is Raena Lynn.

The webpage copy paints the usual life sob story, but the video is more of a sales pitch for MOBE; perhaps because it’s produced by MOBE.

I gotta say though, that for a teacher, Raena doesn’t strike me as one of the best examples of life’s educators… at least until very recently, and prior to her association with Matt Lloyd anyway.

I also have to say, she doesn’t strike me as being ‘that’ bright.

But therein is the real inspiration when it comes to making money online. If folks who look like they’d consider it an achievement to get their shoes on the right feet on the first attempt can make that sort of internet dough, then you should be able to as well.

Statistical anomalies like Raena Lynn and Matt Skelcher are a boon to their respective organ grinders in the shape of Matt Lloyd or Timothy Marc.

And Raena is a statistical anomaly, and includes a handy link on her page to MOBE’s earnings disclosures stats to prove it.

But, hey, she was a lifelong loser – worse than you – according to what she writes on her sales page, before she discovered this system of hers that will make you $10,000 a month from 45 minutes work a day.

And if you’re dumber than Raena looks, you’ll help her make that figure by that signing up under her MOBE affiliate ID so she so gets the commissions to be made on your joining fee and all the upsells you’ll be advised to buy to get to into her league.

That’s where the money’s really at in MOBE, not in your piddling monthly base member fee.

That’s just to get you in the door and get a hold of your email address…

Once they get that, and your phone number for your ‘coach’ (someone as inexperienced as yourself but desperate to get you to signup for more products so they get the kick-up in commissions) you’ll be introduced to the sort of high pressure sales calls that’d crush a fish that lives comfortably at the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

You see that $500 “guarantee” on the front page? It’s so loaded with conditions as to be worthless, but it’s where the upsells start.

It’s billed as a 21-step program, but to get past step 9, you’ll have to start shelling out $$$$, and more again to complete the program.

Which is the only way you’re eligible for that $500 payout: after you’ve spent more than that in trying out the system.

And you won’t have tried the system hard enough, no matter what you do, to ever see that $500, and all of MOBE’s products are non-refundable…

Still tempted?

Because Raena also hosts Automated Daily Income and if anything, the bullshit is heaped even higher on that site than on 45 Minute Paydays.

Which is saying something as there’s a dinosaur pile of it on 45 Minute Paydays.

Lethal if played while reading aloud a MOBE sales page

Such as, the claim that within three months of joining just such a scheme as the one Raena’s offering you, she was “one of those people” working forty-five minutes a day and earning significant sums.

Well, she says in her in video she first met Matt Lloyd back in 2010 and was into internet marketing even before then, so maybe she had the list to push this shit to.

What’s for sure, is that you don’t.

You’re coming to this cold and going to be told that all businesses require “investment” and that’s how you have to look upon MOBE’s overpriced products and training – those same products you have to purchase first before you can sell ’em for the juicy high ticket commissions – and which you’ll base your business on selling…

Which will be recruiting new folks to the scheme via a page like Raena’s and then attempting to get them to buy the same products you did, on the same promise of the commissions to be made – not for whatever value they may bring to anyone or their actual intrinsic worth.

But MOBE isn’t a pyramid scheme. The MOBE mafia gets very upset if you say that. You can find pages of theirs that need hundreds of words and all sorts of infographics to explain that – like you can find pages explaining how the Earth is flat.

But the MOBE mafia is so rabid, it’s the reason why I don’t use any screenshots or graphics to be found on members’ sites, as they have an annoying habit of complaining to Google, and to web hosts, to try and get such pages removed on the grounds of copyright infringement – and never mind fair use of images when it comes to criticism or review.

Just like never mind actually telling you the truth of your chances of success when it comes to putting your money into this bottomless pit of financial despair called MOBE.

Or the truth with that claim of the one time investment of $49.

That’s the joining fee, not any “one time investment” because thereafter you’ve got your monthly membership subscription to keep your account active – which Raena neglects to mention.

Then there’s the “Everything You Get” section, wherein the stock elements of joining MOBE as a basic member are priced out to sound like you’re getting a great deal…

That’s marketing at a similar level of proclaiming that every car you sell, comes with tyres.

If you didn’t get access to those areas, then what the heck would you be buying? Access to a blank screen members’ area?

But that’s not all – you get the bonuses.

Well… maybe they are genuine bonuses because I seem to recall they were upsells, those items… unless they’ve been superseded so you get them for free now or there’s some other catch.

Whatever, they ain’t worth the listed price, that’s for sure. If you believe that, I’ve got a tin of outer space ether priced at $99 I’d like to sell you.

It costs thousands of dollars to try and have any chance of making significant money with MOBE! Read my review to get an idea of what this program could potentially cost you.

None of this is discussed on Raena’s sales page. It’s just a carny-type sales pitch, at best neglecting to mention,  at worst lying, about the reality of achieving the “dream lifestyle” she promotes via her front page facade for MOBE.

“So, for that reason you won’t pay $3,276. Or half of that … $1,638. Or even $997. You can sign up today for … A Special Limited-Time Investment Of Just $49. NO hidden fees. NO monthly fees.”

That there is some shameless huckstering. As I said, WTF does she get those prices from, and MOBE is LOADED with hidden fees and monthly costs!

In my opinion, MOBE should have a health warning on it.

Don’t suckered, or sucked in, to this front site for MOBE that doesn’t even mention the company in its less than accurate sales pitch.

UPDATE: As of June 2018, MOBE has been shut down by FTC.

If you went looking for a review of 45 Minutes Paydays, then you’re probably interested in making some side cash on the net. Nothing wrong with that, and it’s certainly possible.

But you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to make a bit of money. I didn’t, and I make money with this site and others.

Check out Wealthy Affiliate. It’s free to join, no credit card required for “verification purposes” BS, and you get a week’s worth of full membership to check the system and resources out, see if it’s for you. Read my review here.

And if you do decide to join you won’t be getting told to empty your savings account or max out credit cards in paying fees to Matt Lloyd – yes, he really advises that.

Anyway, check it out for yourself, don’t take my word for it – it’ll cost nothing but your time.

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  • Sheree

    45 Minute Paydays? I’ve been seeing this system a lot lately.
    $1000 everyday with only 45 minutes of work? I wish! But it definitely seems too good to be true.

    That’s why its always good to do the research first before joining these systems. Thanks for the very thorough review! You have shine the light for many people by writing this review.

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